You All-In-One 123FormBuilder Platform

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You All-In-One 123FormBuilder Platform

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have all your forms in one place including an email signup interface from where you gather all emails from your online forms? 123FormBuilder’s forms are easy to integrate and can be connected to your website with the minimum of stress.

123FormBuilder is your trusted partner in data collection. Your entire team can collaborate effectively through streamlined, highly secure workflows. Set up processes, reduce the number of tools that you are using and manage important data with ease.

The 123FormBuilder lets you integrate the forms so you can connect with the apps that you use every day with ease as an added tool to create fantastically organised forms that look great into your blog, website or cart. You can even set up your payment options via PayPal and other payment solutions.

Get the facts and customize sales inquiry forms so you get the information you need from prospects. Set up appointments to make it easy for prospects to schedule an informational call with your sales team when it’s convenient for them. Automatically book time in your sales reps’ calendars by integrating forms with the third-party apps your sales team uses.

Send Data where you need It and Create multi-step application processes to better evaluate candidates. Implement a quiz and even request uploads of relevant samples directly within application forms and keep team members focused to easily assign new leads to sales and team members to ensure complete coverage, and automatically notify reps of new opportunities.

The Mobile App Ensures Ease of Use and Efficiency

In many cases, fieldwork requires assessing a situation, inspecting hardware, equipment, buildings or infrastructure. Taking pictures and documenting inspections is vital. The offline forms functionality enables the user to take pictures which are stored on the users’ device. Once connected to the internet, the form submission is triggered and all images are sent and uploaded to the server. Any other types of file uploads are also supported.

Regardless of what operating system is installed on the device, the mobile app ensures ease of use and efficiency for all processes on both Android and iOS.

123FormBuilder is by far one of the better form building software companies that I have come across for its ease of use and the tools available to implement great forms into your business be it online or on the office intranet.
The forms come as a trial for 100 emails to start with and after that prices aren’t too bad at all considering what you get for your money. 123 SiteBuilder is for all business big or small from marketing to e-commerce there is a form for just about anything office or web-based which makes it one of my favourite form building platforms to date.

Web forms let people who come to your website send you important information. An online form may be someone’s first interaction with your business, so your form design and content should make a good first impression that will lead to future conversations.

Create a web form without coding and use it for any data collection scenario you need. With 123FormBuilder, it’s simple! now take a look at the prices to see what you get for your money bearing in mind if you’re trialling it’s free you can store 100 emails to start with.

If you go for one of the paid packages you won’t feel let down. I have thought about one on my website on a trial and it looks great and is so simple to add to your contact page by entering the code.

Streamline data-related processes across all of the departments in your organization. Accelerate productivity through workflow automation and manage your data beautifully. If it’s a simple form you need and if you need some assistance there is site support via the messager on the right-hand side when you enter onto 123SiteBuilder’s website.

Offline Forms are Designed and Built with Field Agents in Mind

Fieldwork that implies data collection through mobile devices runs the risk of having low or no signal in order to input the data that you need.

Offline Forms enable users to fill in and submit a form which gets automatically saved on their device. The second the device reaches a coverage area, all submissions and data are synced.

With the easy to use 123FormBuilder mobile & offline app, users are able to view forms organized in folders, to download forms for offline use, to view and manage form submissions and to create new submissions both in online and offline mode.

Automatic syncs are made when the user is online. Data collection and deliverability is more secure and reliable than ever before. With all security features working and protecting data, all submissions are encrypted on the mobile device.

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