What is The World’s Greatest Affiliate Platform 2020

Name: Wealthy Affiliate Review | Worlds Best Affiliate Program
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: £49 Month – $299 Year | Free Starter Package
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100

Wealthy Affiliate Review | World’s Best Affiliate Platform

I’m going to complete a Wealthy Affiliate review here for you to create a clear message for yourself in making a decision in becoming an affiliate marketing expert with a niche that you choose to deliver as a content driven website owner or a product launch driven project that is designed to sell. All this with my review about Wealthy Affiliate and its significance on the market as one of the greatest affiliate marketing platforms around. There simply isn’t another comprehensive. a technological advanced platform like it.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Look no further as I unfold the real perspective on creating an affiliate business that will work for you to earn a second income and even more with the time you place upon it. Many members at Wealthy affiliate can afford to work full-time on their websites driven by sales that are created from content and keyword structure for deliverance.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for some years so I’m wondering why it took me so long to find it after trying many other platforms that I failed to achieve on with the goals and objectives I had to succeed it still didn’t work for me. I read a Wealthy Affiliate review some time ago which lead me to the platform. Let’s talk about Kyle and Carson the creators and owners of Wealthy Affiliate and how they approach members both paid and those on the trial version of the platform.

If you have already tried to complete training on another platform as I have you’ll realize that there were too many problems such as platform migration to upgrade it on the system, communication, and general support and live chat.

Kyle and Carson are there for you pretty much all the time if you want to speak with them via the platform’s service area or you can even post a message direct which always gets a reply in personal messaging. Kyle and Carson are Wealthy Affiliate and are the ones that created this amazing platform for us.

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, I’m going to cover the community that keeps the platform ticking over with posts, comments, reviews, and general chat. These days it’s hard to find time and answer to all requests but it doesn’t bother Kyle and Carson, they are always there to find time to answer your requests or questions.

I was amazed at this approach given there are 2 million community members that could at some time all want to ask a question to Kyle and Carson. Basically, they are extremely helpful owners of Wealthy Affiliate and always find time to answer your questions. Kyle and Carson are Wealthy Affiliates and everything about it is related to the hard work they have placed upon it.

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What do I Receive for my Membership?

Upon applying for the trial version after you’ve read this Wealthy Affiliate review, you have two free websites to play around with which are free and both are hosted with all the tools to build them. The websites are offered for you to start your business.

You don’t have to complete them in a week and Kyle and Carson will be there to help you during your first week and thereafter. That’s a fantastic deal getting two free websites and all the tools needed to produce your affiliate business with a 10-lesson course to help you.

Kyle and Carson at the end of your 7-day trial will ask you how things are going and if you would like to save lots of money by taking on the full version of Wealthy Affiliate as a one-off payment which is £299 or a monthly subscription of installments at $47 a month. Of course, you can see how much you can save if you can afford the yearly subscription but it’s fine to wait.

My views on this are simple if it’s at a time you can’t afford the one-off payment you could wait until you get sales and could pay then so, for now, $47 is just fine. Kyle and Carson are both aware of this and never seem to push you with your decision which is a breath of fresh air.

I’ve added am image below of the Jaxxy tool for keyword search and other website tools that you going to be using during your training and thereafter so take a look around and see what you get.


The Wealthy Affiliate Community

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, I want to give an honest opinion to make it clear that it’s not a scam and you’ll enjoy it more if you enter the community with a smile and motivated enough to get started as soon as you can. Like I mentioned before there isn’t another comprehensive, technologically advanced platform like it.

Wealthy Affiliate networking is easy, and you’ll soon have hundreds of people following you as you become popular with your community posts, your profile that should read well and your blog building activity within the platform. Your blogs even have an affiliate link so you can post your blogs on Social Media.

The community members are aware of the rules and regulations and tell you what’s right and wrong. I’ve never seen a bad review on my website yet from members that post to help. It’s a friendly place and most are amazing people that are willing to help you with your affiliate website and business building plans.

That’s right you even get help with reviews and posts on your comment pages been your posts or pages. The best way to delve into the community is to deliver great content to teach others and you’ll get a high ranking and become an ambassador before you can say boo to a ghost. Check out the badges you can receive below.


24 Hour Support, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

In this Wealthy Affiliate review, I want you to imagine having all that support over a year, your first year of subscription where you can achieve all your goals with help from the service team. I’ve had lots of help, but I prefer to search for the training content internal to the platform from messaging the community or searching through the training itself to get the answers.

I like to learn from others that have been down the same road in business and website creation. Wealthy Affiliate has by far the most training content on the internet all internal to the cause and you will have everything you need. Members are all welcome to make training videos and content to help others that get you ranked even better.

By reading this Wealthy Affiliate review you’ll no know It’s exciting to be ranked higher in the community as it shows you have gotten out what you have put in. If you’re thinking about personal mentoring, it’s also there for you from Kyle and Carson and others that have reached the ambassador level.

I would like to offer you access to a free membership to receive some free training for a week from where you can build two websites to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer. By joining my email list I’ll show you what you need to do to own an affiliate business by signing up for an affiliate program that will change how you work be it from home or on your travels.

Free Affiliate Training for Business Startup

What does it mean to you to have 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service support?  I’m always a person that loves to find help but I’m keen to learn as much as possible

Once I learn something, I try to remember it. Having all this assistance inside the platform makes me feel far more positive about my business and building my content with the tools provided. Wealthy Affiliate has placed a lot of work into the community help service and there is nothing you can’t learn.

Having support means your business and websites will always run smoothly and not receive issues with hosting and other problems we hear other platforms have. Your business is safe with the service team, so you don’t have to worry.

Today I heard that there is a team of over 20 that answer your calls for help via the platform and most problems get solved quickly. Wealthy Affiliate has surely gone out their way to support you in whatever you want to know about business creation as an online affiliate marketer.

This wealthy affiliate review is not to drive sales it’s more to show you where to go for a great experience and as I have never had a bad experience, I feel obliged to cover about Wealthy Affiliate on my website.

There are over 18 reviews from me that all cover what you need to know for affiliate marketing. If you want to become a Wealthy Affiliate you have come to the right place by arriving here to read my review. If you need assistance the diagram below is where you get all your support and questions answered and is a great help when your struggling.


What Else Can I Learn About Wealthy Affiliate?

Membership with Wealthy Affiliate is the best method for you to obtain advice on how to use the platform. It’s hard to write a review if you haven’t been on the platform to write about it. You will learn far more if you join up as a trial member or a premium member. There isn’t a comprehensive technological platform like it on the internet so act quickly and get started.

I’ve mastered most of the tools that include, keyword implementation tools, service help, the classroom for learning, video training, the accomplishment structure in getting ranked, profile creation and bio, blog writing and much more. I do spend less time in the community but I will from time to time help others as they help me and I’ve met some great friends in the community that’s for sure.

As you can witness my review is simple to read and easy to follow just like I’ve been taught with Wealthy Affiliate. If you don’t want to jump straight onto the training with 70+ videos and in-depth training content you can trial the platform from here: Wealthy Affiliate Trial  (7 Days & 2 Free Website)  

I hope you have enjoyed this Wealthy Affiliate review and once again if your decision is to trial the platform without making new friends and learning as much as you can you won’t be rewarding yourself as much as you deserve to make a great affiliate business. You will surely learn that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam and is there to help you gain success in as little as a month if you stick with the training.

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  1. Just like you, I had actually been on the look out for a platform that could literally walk me through the process of creating a sustainable source of income online. For the most part, I kept encountering programs that were designed specifically to take your money. But thankfully, all that is now in the past. Great insights.

    • Hi RHian,

      Everyone has to make a living so I agree there are ok platforms and not so good. I had an online business before for selling software like WIX for the recruitment of English teachers in the form of a website but the marketing platform I used kept going through migration tests which meant my website was down or I could not work on it when I want. I worked on Ryan Sletcher’s platform for a year if you’re not familiar with him he has the world’s most lucrative travel blog called Professional vagabond.

      For motivation, I suggest this Affiliate Marketing 14 Most Common Mistakes

      In Friendship



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