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How many times have you searched the web, tried out a new training platform, been ripped off or lost motivation? There’s more and I’m going to cover it right here in my Wealthy Affiliate review to guide you towards something special. There are a million platforms offering community care and training to become an expert entrepreneur. The problem is once a subscription fee is passed over to the new member the community and tech support tend to drain away and you are left with nothing.

It’s all about believing and joining a community that cares and with my Wealthy Affiliate review for building affiliate businesses it should give you the motivation to begin your journey to make money online. Starting up your business is free and you can begin the free entrepreneur certification training to earn as you learn from the huge amount of training. You even receive a free fully hosted and secured website to start.

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review about community care awareness from where I want you to think about an entrepreneur’s characteristics and the kinds of people you can expect to find on a platform that motivates, protects and nurtures its members towards what I can only describe as a success. Moving towards success sometimes leaves us blindfolded and we never know what’s around the corner until we try it.

The most important value for learning is to learn from those that are willing to help, those that will share ideas, those that will offer training and finally those that will be there for you when times become difficult. Wealthy Affiliate surpasses all of these and takes the word community into a completely new level. A level you will achieve on and become a successful affiliate marketer if you become a community member within the platform and get stuck in.

  1. There are a million platforms to choose from so choose wisely.
  2. The most important lesson is to learn from a platform that drives expertise.
  3. Choose a community that cares, protects and nurtures you.

Who Runs The Show at Wealthy Affiliate

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to talk with those that run the show and to able to approach the managers and owners of a platform always getting answers and gratitude for being a part of the community? Kyle and Carson are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate a huge part of what makes it work with their approachable mindset towards all members that need help.

If you are looking for guidance and support, motivation and appraisal for your hard work these pair are excellent role-models and offer you their time and effort to make your business work. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in Sept 2005 and Kyle and Carson have never looked back since. Kyle and Carson are active every day in the community sharing new training, chatting with members and giving moral and motivational support.

With great support and assistance from those that care the community reflects the caring attitude of those that count. If you a good honest, well-balanced, webmasters or business owners there is so much to learn from Kyle and Carson.

Wealthy Affiliate Review of the Community

The community and help centre within Wealthy Affiliate’s platform offers a tremendous amount of support with tech support running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter what technical question you may have site support will assist you.

The chatroom offers great support and passes over much training written by members. That’s right you get to chat, have fun and paste training into the chat window to assist others that require assistance and also create training for the community.

I don’t know of any other platform where you can rub shoulders with those that are living off their business revenue. Members that will teach you and support you until you have succeeded. It’s an amazing feeling been able to mix with entrepreneurs that followed all of Wealthy Affiliates training to become successful. I can’t explain enough how important a well committed, polite community changes your whole mindset for learning.

There are various channels for learning that are important to think about such as community awareness in knowing how to address members from different parts of the world. There is a lot of training from the internal training portal from where you can build and host your business with over 1.4 million members to rub shoulders with. There really is no downside to becoming a member because you will be treated with respect and honesty throughout.

There are four steps from where your new membership training will start. You will begin your training with the Entrepreneur Certification Training right through to the more in-depth lessons about Social Media and (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation and much more. Here are the steps you must take.

Choose a Niche

By choosing a niche you are concentrating on something that will revolutionalise how your content is delivered, what you will express to your customer and how you will guide customers towards your products. You don’t need any experience to enter into the Wealthy Affiliates training platform just the ability to learn. Think about something you love speaking about doing or a hobby you know more about than others and decide if this is what you will choose as your niche.

Website Design

If you are worried about your abilities to build powerful, interesting and great content based websites then don’t. The whole meaning of learning in a community is about learning from each other. Getting answers to tech support questions is easier than you may think. All the training to begin from scratch is driven into the learner with on topic training, in order of need and on time.

Building Traffic

Building traffic is difficult for some and the thought of spending hours and hours on Social Media is daunting but can be overlooked as mentioned in the training. In fact, some of the course content explains that we should not spend unlimited amounts of time on Social Media. The training explains more about content creation where you will learn how to drive traffic to your website via SEO.

Making Revenue from Your Website

The big question is always about making money and how long it takes to earn enough to live on. Making a revenue does not come immediately and often depends on how much great content you have on your website. As mentioned the training will show you how to build your content, how to place pictures into your pages and much more about the keywords required for search engines to find it.

You will learn about affiliated products and services and there is even a portal within Wealthy Affiliate that guides you towards some of the best affiliate programs to earn great payouts. Stick with the training plan with everything that is set aside for you, join in with the community and learn as you earn.

  1. Choose a niche of interest that you love and work on learning it.
  2. Learn how to build with a website that is free, fully hosted and secure.
  3. Learn how to attract new visitors to your website.
  4. Learn how to make revenue from your website and it’s niche.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training will guide you towards excellent training courses starting with the pure basics. If you are not able to build your website you will be shown in the first lessons and then taught how you can learn and earn from the system. The picture below shows the initial entrepreneur’s certification training course you will enter into on your first week and it’s free for you to try.

How to Get Your Entrepreneur Certification Training

To explain more in-depth your business will have 7 additions as shown from the diagram below but for now, as Wealthy Affiliate’s owners Kyle and Carson will explain concentrate on the four above that I have mentioned. The training platform is designed for commitment, drive and motivation to think about how many hours you have to spar on your new business. The training takes some time but the motivation drives you to want more.

I am adding a picture that explains in order of events about what you should be learning while you make your decision to enter into training with us at Wealthy Affiliate. It is a little more complicated but its something I want you to think about before you enter into the training. There are seven lessons to learn from and all of the information can be found within the platform via the training portal although in a different order.

7 Steps to Building Your Website

Sometimes reviews forget to mention that some of the training can be mind-bending which, however,  let me explain that if your motivation to learn is there and you take the lessons one at a time and build on your ideas through each lesson you will enter into a far better mind frame each lesson at a time. You will be given tasks to accomplish after each lesson to practice what you have learned.

By having the tasks you will tick off in the boxes provided so you can calculate what you have achieved so far. Sometimes you may wish to skip classes but for me, that is not the correct method and is something I did until I knew I had missed something. Stick to the training courses and lessons one at a time in order and learn as much as you can. If you feel you have already completed this training somewhere else I still think you should practice.

There is simply nothing better than becoming a great writer. It was something I wished for myself. It’s now possible for me to write for my customers on a daily basis all learned from Wealthy Affiliate’s training platform. I have written over 110 posts in 11 months and my writing and word processing speeds improve every day.

Rewards for Your Hardwork and Commitment

Imagine being involved in a community and platform that receives appraisals via certification and reward badges. Each time you conclude a training initiative or have reached a certain level either with your help in the community or via training you will earn a badge for your hard work. It might sound somewhat childish but it really does work for members that spend a lot of time helping others.

How to Earn an Appraisal Badge

If you are looking at spending some time in the chat room having fun, building bridges or helping out with training you can reach ambassador status from where you will become a senior member that is known for his or her hard work helping others. The motivation gained from these badges for appraisal work well within the community and there are various badges you can receive.

Rewards on any other platform do not exist and your hard work often goes unnoticed to other community members. It’s known that when people read your profile they will take note of your personal achievements and ask for permission to be added as a community friend. Having community friends is a great way to share information, build bridges and chat live online to those that follow you.

The Power of Wealthy Affiliate’s Hosting Facilities

The power of Wealthy Affiliates hosting is endless and interacts with your website needs and performance. Hosted by WordPress with enough tools, plugins and widgets to accomplish any website task are all available from the WordPress dashboard of your website. Your website will have a Wealthy Affiliate internal log in which is secure and fast loading. You can change your password on a daily basis with one click and you never have to remember your password.

It’s about trust and I know that you are thinking about this as a venture worth trying. By gaining trust for Wealthy Affiliate will mean a stronger relationship in the community as your website becomes noticeable to the masses. I have left you an image that explains how your website’s performance and security will be enhanced throughout your business construction and for as long as you are a member.

How to Secure a WP website

Without hitting you with too much information you have to take a look for yourself. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is an all-in-one platform that uses strategies and high-end information to teach you, build your website and market it. There is no need to search around the internet to find tools for website construction or content application. By learning in a community that has everything you will save a whole lot of money.

There is nowhere on the internet that has as much training in the order of learning needs from where you will build a well-structured website with great content as you introduce all the tools needed to succeed. The whole platform of your website is via WordPress where you can download as many plugins or widgets as you need to make your website automated and monetised.

The whole point of this training is, in fact, to automate and monetise your business so that it works around the clock. Please consider reading my eBook for lots of information about affiliate marketing and join us today in our platform and community.

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