Travel & Work Decision


During my early years, I was always excellent at geography at school and contributed to well-written coursework which impressed my teachers throughout high school and I am sure this interest in Geography was the reason even at school I knew one day I would be overseas not just on holiday but on a more permanent basis visiting countries, learning about cultures and finding new wonderful places to travel.

My first initial holiday alone was in Portugal and been only 17 and was obsessed with being able to travel so far from home with my new independence which was tested in full. I met a family from Manchester, England and always remember the times, the delicious food and also the first attempt at drinking beer with grown-ups away from home. It wasn’t by far my favourite holiday but it was important for me to mention it because it opened doors for me for the future.

The following year I went on an 18-30 holiday with ten friends from the local pub, we saved all year for the holiday and it was so exciting for me that I became addicted to holidays and being able to travel twice a year was exhilarating,  partying hard with the shenanigans that go with young men been able to drink, dance and meet beautiful ladies all night made it all perfect. I have been to Tenerife 16 times in total in my earlier years and it was from here I wanted to become a travel representative for 18-30 but after several attempts at securing a job I gave up. Rule number one, never give up on your mission to achieve your dreams it’s something that’s important for me drive forward on this blog because if I had been successful at being an 18-30 Representative in my teens I would have been travelling the world much earlier than I did later on in my life.

When you rewind and organise your memories in sequence or order you may remember the ways in which you changed as a person and as a teenager just like I did from where my memories now reflect as I write for you. I knew at this point in my life something in the future would reassure me that all those earlier years abroad for a week or two were the kick-start to a life of travel on a more permanent basis, the problem was something big was about to happen in my life that I really never expected and that was the rave scene in the early nineties.

All those illegal parties in fields, barns or aircraft hangers were the answer to keeping me interested in at least one thing in my life. The music, the culture and those friends stay with me forever when I partied all over the United Kingdom because it was one of the most incredible times of my life and the music still stays with me to this day. I am one of those people that has a tune that triggers a memory of one certain place and time and I have lots of favourite tunes.

Here’s a travel tip to remember before you have that freedom to roam wherever you wish. Always take your favourite tunes with you and place them in order of time in your player library for you to drift away and remember the time that tune most came into your life and think about how those memories connect with what you are doing now.

Thinking back, however, I was Stuck in a job for ten years which contributed to funds for my holidays so I can’t complain after all it kept me financially stable. healthy and also able to afford a mortgage with my then girlfriend who I really loved but my partying and social life took the relationship to its toll and I simply couldn’t settle down for more than a year. I had everything at this point, a nice car, my girlfriend, a beautiful house and great friends but there was something missing because that’s what been trapped in the daily routine does it destroys your freedom to learn more outside the bubble.

There was a dream somewhere out there that drove me to make a decision and it took me many months walking on my own thinking and wondering what life would be like without a daily routine that meant turning up for work each and every day, controlled by the system that made me feel that I had  to leave my job, my house, my car and the most hurtful decision to leave my girlfriend of five years in the first place.

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