Transfer Your Ideas Into Profits with Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to Freedom to Roam Marketing an information resource for helping people make the right decision for online success. Here you can transfer ideas into profits with great training and online web tools to drive a business forward in less time and 100% focus. That’s right you will need to focus 100% to learn about search engine optimization to transfer into a profitable business. I’m happy you found me here at Freedom to Roam Marketing so I can teach about the facts of success

Here’s a short lesson. Write down some notes (Five Minutes)

  1. Remember my name I’m Stephen Peter Jones. (Remember I’m going to Mentor you)

  2. Grab a Piece of paper and a pen.

  3. Think about ten things you have always wanted to do.

  4. Think about 5 times you have felt or have been let down.

  5. Find a quiet place where you can make a decision to write down why you think you were let down.

  6. Try to find something you wrote some time ago and match it with something you wrote recently.

  7. Here’s the important one for me to express. Write down all the things you dream to have or own.

I want you to keep these notes for our meeting when you get the chance to meet up with me inside my Facebook group in messenger so that I can help you decide a future for you in affiliate marketing.

Transfer Your Ideas Into Profits with Affiliate Marketing

It’s A Pleasure to Meet You!

I’m glad you found me I’m Stephen Peter Jones and have been blessed and directed on transferring my ideas into profits through many things in my life not just online but other ventures that make my life exciting and blissful through travel and meeting hundreds of people that all wished for the same thing such as success. I tend to mix well with people that want success in their life so as a teacher that has taught success in business to bring such success for others I consider that as a great achievement and so it should I have written hundreds of successful lesson plans.

Finding Success in Something You Love

I want you to grab a piece of paper and transfer some ideas for the future into possible profits and write about what would make you happier if you could find success in something you love. I want you to find a niche in a few sentences and tell me why you chose it and what it means to you. Make sure you write it down because I’m going to ask on my Facebook page as to why your niche means so much to you. My Niche is teaching and even though it’s more retrospective to what I’m achieving now I still love it.

Think about ten things you have always wanted to do and keep that list somewhere safe. I’m going to ask you about this in my Facebook community or in messenger to find out how I can help you achieve everything you wrote on that list and how you can accomplish them one at a time.

I’m going to break the transformation of your thoughts now into positive ideas because you don’t need any negativity to enter your mind in any shape or form now you’ve read this far. Here are some ideas to help you think about because I know that this can often be a problem when searching for success.

  1. People are not against you. … Sometimes this is a common feeling with affiliates.

  2. Failure builds character. … This is more than true and reinforces your future if you stick with it.

  3. You’ll never be lonely if you love yourself. … Remember to love yourself and have little treats when you have succeeded.

  4. The greatest risk is to do nothing. … Don’t sit back and let someone else sell you niche.

  5. Motivation needs regular reinforcement. … Standardize all work from day one and continue to do so throughout your progress.

  6. When you raise your standards, others follow. I’ve raised mine to help you as others did for me do you get me?

Have you ever kept books from years ago or perhaps a diary or even schools books in the loft? All these have evidence that at some point in your life you must have been at least fairly good at writing. I have read through every school book from the past and was quite astonished to find that I was better at writing when I was 16 than I was when I started affiliate marketing In 2002. I’m 48 years old now.

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Turning a Customer into a Friend

When speaking there are a million different questions you could ask customers bearing in mind the mission is to transfer ideas into profits. You want customers to be your friend as mentioned in a great book by Jeff Walker called The Launch. This isn’t because you want them to be the best friend you just want them to return to buy from you. The best methods could include such questions as:

  1. Do you like to go to the local shopping mall? So does everyone else.

  2. Do you hate being in traffic? Guess what, everybody hates traffic.

  3. Do you love relaxing and being able to just have no stresses in the world? BOOM, that is relevance.

  4. What about alarm clocks, do they drive you nuts. ME TOO.

  5. Do you want to be able to travel to places you have never been to before?

  6. What about childhood memories? People can relate to.

Transfer Your Ideas Into Profits with Affiliate Marketing


The Similarities People Have for Success

Most people enjoy the company of those that have something in common so success is driven by an ability to communicate with others to spend more time listening or reading about each other. It’s similar to the method I use in writing a little like this landing page but that’s because deep down inside I feel as a teacher I can help people and nurture the best out of them to find motivation and success.

I suppose many of my customers or students have taken their businesses further than I ever could but the attraction of money hasn’t always been my reason hence the love of teaching Business English was successful. I have never learned as much as a teacher because we learn from every single lesson as the students do too.

Here are some attributes you will learn from the community I’m going to Mentor you from:

  1. Honesty and Integrity. Honesty and integrity is something you value highly. …

  2. Kindness and Compassion. If anyone ever needs a shoulder to cry on or help with something, they know they can turn to you without fear of judgment. …

  3. Knowledge of Wisdom Great wisdom can often get you into a much better light for wisdom to unfold

  4. Creativity and Spontaneity. Create something fast and out of the blue that works and make this a habit.

Training to Become an Affiliate Marketer with a Niche You Love

I’m not asking you to contribute too much time, energy or money but I’m hovering over the above text that you just read in the hope you understand that to become a teacher you have to be able to teach. Most entrepreneurs call themselves teachers but can they transfer ideas into profit?

My idea is to transfer your ideas into the direction by making you make the right choice. I’m going to leave a list below of what you can receive from the direction I give you for free.

My Niche is also to travel and after teaching English as a Foreign Language for some years in Thailand, China, South Korea and Bangladesh. I’m far Happier to teaching more about making money online as a teacher and a leader so I hope you enjoyed my post here and I’ll see you over at Freedom to Roam Marketing Facebook.

Here’s what you get for free

  1. 1 Week Training Course for Entrepreneur Certification.

  2. 2 Free websites both Hosted with Online Security.

  3. 1-on-1 training for a full week.

  4. Live Help – 7 Days

  5. Personal Affiliate Blog

  6. Website Backup

  7. Video Walk Through

  8. Earn While You Learn

Create Your Own Website

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  1. If you are eager of something to do during this lockdown to help you solve your financial issues then you are on the right spot. Here you will be trained on how to turn that your astonishing business idea into cool cash and you will never regret it. We all have what it takes to be successful, all you need do it put that ideas into use and you will get the Best of them

    • HI Evans,

      SEO is not the end all I promise that and the time that it takes to be continuously ranked in Google for some is not worth the time or money to advertise via keywords. It’s a poor man’s game to get rich much later but it does work if you learn writing you’ll always be better at internet marketing so SEO for me is important I just don’t like the waiting game with Google changing the goalposts. I’m learning more about the market maybe you should too here is some help.

  2. I have found particularly useful what you mentioned concerning the similarities people for success. Yes, finding a mentor is key but being aware of which were the traits that made successful people successful is even more important. I would like to highlight honesty and integrity as the foundation for long term success.

    • Hi Paolo,

      Indeed, the importance for me after so many years teaching abroad is helping people from abroad with entering into a program that I know of that might be not just affordable for them but also easy to follow and understand so they get value for money.

      In Friendship


  3. Oh! These are some very basic secret that can prove to give one an edge in this never ending market here and I really appreciate you for sharing such offers here. To be honest. I really appreciate this post and I will love to make good use of it. Learning to note down what is worthy and learning g how to do it right would really prove to be the difference overtime thanks

    • Hi Ella,

      I’ve kept it basic so I don’t get people from FB ads entering into my FB Business Group telling something I don’t know. It’s all good though as I want people to share what they have been up to and where they are with there lives and if I can help them with a new venture I can get them into which is free for a week. I’ll mentor them for a few weeks to if they like what they experience.

      In Friendship


  4. Hey man, would you happen to have any useful resources for learning more about SEO and keyword strategies? I feel like things are changing all the time and it’s hard to stay current because Google is constantly changing their algorithms. Please let me know if you have any good references to master SEO, thanks bud

    • Hi Joshua,

      Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket, my friend, remember SEO takes time and time is money so If you work out that together you have to work out if it takes you a year to break even with WA using SEO then you should think about also throwing a few FB ads out if you have something cool to offer. I’ve been looking at this post to that you might like. NEW TRENDS HAPPENING TODAY.

  5. Hello,
    I’m 54 and it’s possible I’m a little too old for this. However, I decided to develop my own internet business anyway. I found a lot of good tips here for someone who is a total beginner in this business. You have described everything in an understandable way and you have encouraged me to embark on the development of my own internet business in these years of my life.

    • Hi Aleksander,

      Thanks for your comment and just wanted to mention that I don’t think age comes into it so to speak. I’m 48 and as this is my second round at affiliate marketing I have seen success before some years ago around 2002. I am training to learn more so I hope that the training keeps me going and I see light at the end of the tunnel. I also your successful too with your project and business implementation.

      In Friendship



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