Affiliate Marketing 14 Most Common Mistakes

Thinking You’re Going to Get-rich-Quick

So what are the affiliate marketing 14 most common mistakes and how can we repair them? We’ve all been there thinking of a prosperous future of travelling around the world with a Laptop, Phone, and Ipad working on our fantastic travel blogs thinking we’re going to be able to afford to remain on a paradise island for as long as we want. Let me explain that nothing in this world exists where you can earn a lot of money to become rich quickly. So what are the 14 most common mistakes for affiliate marketing?

Freedom to Roam Marketing acts as a gateway for affiliate marketers to make decisions on various programs that I have in place that can make you wealthy. The key here is not to have too many common mistakes many of us fall trap of today. read all about the 14 most common mistakes.

You have to read the content I’m delivering to you and make notes about what it means to you. You’ll be asked by me a few questions when we meet and I’ll show you the secrets and the direction to find you the answers you need to start your own affiliate business online.

Finding Wealth Via the Internet

I’ll remain in touch for as long as you want and make myself available for you as long as your under my wing and you need help with decisions. Training will be added to your decision in creating your first online business that is going to work as long as you remain calm and patient. The reason for my assistance here is to make sure you are not part of the most common mistakes for affiliate marketing today.

Finding wealth on the internet isn’t easy unless you have a physical or digital product of your own and even then you’re going to have to learn about marketing so it’s better to arrive at my door with nothing but a real ambition to become successful before you become rich not now but in the future.

If you work hard at understanding and learning new skills with writing and implementation of content into your website, your business will become successful in due time. Affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone but for those that can learn in order of training schedules and lesson duration where you can become excellent candidates for success.

Assuming People Will Just Come to Your Site

I know the assumption is your going to enter into the training and implement your new skills and find success and reap the rewards. There is nothing wrong with this mindset apart from the assumption that people will come to your website and automatically purchase from you or utilize your services.

You’re better than I am if your projects and business ideas work the first time around’ Well let me tell you it’s a game of trial and error not the implementation of great ideas that work from the go. You’ll become a hustler one day and that day will arrive much faster if your assumptions are added more as a question more than a statement.

Here’s an example, you could ask me: ‘I assume that I need to learn search engine optimization to find customers, is that right?’ I would tell you that you have assumed right. if you automatically make an assumption in your own mind for example that you watch one video in training that will teach you to collect 1000 emails to your subscription form you’re going to arrive at a real long rocky road.

I’ll work with your assumptions as a team but it’s not good to assume that something is going to work automatically, it just never works that way this day and age with technology for example been so advanced let alone coding and other attributes used in the internet world.

Bombarding Your Audience

You’re in the middle of a project and adding a post that has taken you three days to write but you know what you’re talking about. This is your learning curb right here. There will be a time one of your posts, written well and one that has ranked on Google, Bing, and Yahoo all on the 1st page that will lead to a whole bunch of subscribers.

Maybe not a thousand but quite a few emails are accumulated from your post and off you go with your autoresponders that send out 30 emails to each customer. Don’t bombard your customers with your excitement, more show your authority with a few emails telling them about your product and how it can change their future. You’re the boss at this point so show your authority in a calm approachable way and sell to your customers.

Not Providing Enough Material

You’re working on your affiliate business and thinking about how much content to give to your audience. You’ll notice from this website that there are lots of posts but all have been written for my audience, that’s you.

I’m thinking about you when I write and what I want to express to you in the form of training, that’s what I’m doing now training you but if you had to read all of my posts you would learn enough to start a business for content marketing but not make money from it at the start. It’s all about one step at a time.

To become a super affiliate you’ll have remained with me for the duration until I can teach you about the needs to progress with my free information into full-time training. The key here is I have enough information to keep you busy as a new starter for weeks. If you build an affiliate business you need enough content to drive your business forward with search engine optimization.

Not Measuring Your Campaign’s Performance

You’re working hard on your content and have written 133 posts for your website where you have plenty of interesting reviews for products but you’re not sure if your site is reachable for your audience to reach you, I mean how would you know right?

Measuring your website’s performance is vital to your business so that you can make changes or include more content, copy repeat reviews and make more money it’s as simple as that.

Google Analytics Console and Bing Webmaster Tools will give you the progression you need to make results happen. You’ll know where you went wrong and see up to date activity right there before your eyes and all this can be set up in the training I’m going to place you on.

I call it going blind for results and I know people that have never used these tools but there is nothing more attractive to the eye than a huge leap in your clicks and website hits than seeing it in your analytics.

Not Gauging Your Competition

Your one in a million right? Come on we’ve heard the saying before and it reminds us of our parents but can also be used right here in my training for you. if your post was one in a million its niche isn’t too broad and can result in great results if you play it right. So, what do you do to improve this situation that your post is, in fact, one in a million but no one can find it?

Your competition is where you can find the answers and studying their activity on how they are getting results and where they are getting their customers can make your business super successful. You don’t have to copy your competition but more use your content or affiliate training to outrank it.

Not Providing Quality Content

It’s three o’clock in the morning and you’ve been working on an article for four hours but something is wrong with your content and people are not staying on your website long enough to keep them engaged.

Your four-hour content building days are taking its toll. You need to provide enough content to keep your customers onsite and engaged enough. To achieve this, you need to show your authority and understanding of the content you are implementing. A little how I’m writing this for you tonight.

Your customers need to be involved and you need to ask them questions as I am tonight in this post to you. When you write a post I want it to attract people because of their ability to engage and learn from you. You need to always provide enough content to keep the plan open to attract customers for sales.

Not Understanding What You’re Promoting

learning your niche is the most important aspect of affiliate marketing whatever it maybe. You must always research your niche and products and make your potential customers understand your authority. Your mission is simple don’t create a niche that sells boring products that your not interested in. Choose to talk about products or services in-depth and make sure you are fully aware of what you are selling.

You might one day ask your customers for feedback but if you ever had to communicate with them you will need a full understanding of what they are asking about your product or services. There is a word called gibberish in term means talking nonsense because you’re not aware of what your selling or talking about. I’m never going to let this happen to you because that is not the direction freedom to Roam follows and never will.

Working On A Niche that Doesn’t Drive You

You’re sat at your computer with your head in your hands thinking what are you doing right? Don’t choose something that does not interest you the reason I chose affiliate marketing as a niche of all niches, it’s more of an information resource and I simply will never run out of things to write about it hence I love what I do.

You don’t have to spend months on one website and if you run out of things to write about to drive your content. If your niche is boring it’s never going to work and your whole time will have been wasted.

However, if you create a website with one page of content and drive that with content and leave it to mature then that’s fine but you’ll have to make small adjustments to make it work and then you can move on to something that makes you really motivated, excited about and one you are driven by.

Never Recommend What You Don’t Trust

You’re sat at home watching TV and an advert comes on selling something you think is a load of rubbish and off you go into your office to write an article. You are sat there thinking about an article your writing and a product your selling and the advert you were watching on TV is stuck in your head because you think customers might think about your product or service in the same way

Never have one doubt about what you are selling, make it exciting and attractive to learn about. Love your product and become a massive part of it and those doubtful thoughts will soon fade.

I would like to offer you access to a free membership to receive some free training for a week from where you can build two websites to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer. By joining my email list I’ll show you what you need to do to own affiliate business by signing up for an affiliate program that will change how you work be it from home or on your travels.

Free Affiliate Training for Business Startup

If your not fully aware of a service or product and have been told its a scam don’t change your mind if you’re sure. if you do your research well and find out great reviews your on to a winner. On the other foot never go with a product or service that stinks outright. Don’t recommend anything that you don’t trust on the internet because it will play on your mind that others may find out. So if you don’t trust it don’t even try it.

Ignoring Helpful Resources

You’re in your office and your phone starts beeping about a schedule you have noted to watch a webinar about what you’re going to be implementing into your website through training on how to accomplish it.

Your feeling bored and think not to watch it. This is never a good sign because nine times out of ten you would have enjoyed the webinar and your boredom would have been taken away in seconds. Don’t ignore the resources they are there to help you especially with training.

Not Trying Things Out

Trial and error are always something that can take time away from your projects if your working on a timeline. Experimenting is fun and you’ll learn lots from testing new techniques to drive your business. I know that time is sometimes hard to work with especially if your a person that wants fast results.

There is nothing better in this game as an affiliate marketer than utilizing your time for trial and error, you must always be open to new ideas and techniques because this is where you will be a more forward advanced business owner always looking at areas for improvement known as continuous improvement.

Not Doing SEO?

Your three months into the construction of your website and testing your content and keywords with Google Analytics but something isn’t quite right. You haven’t been using a keyword finder, perhaps skipped a few training lessons and thought that it would not be a problem.

You’re not far wrong but sooner more than later you will have to be aware of search engine optimization and the results it can bring you in terms of traffic to your website.

Skipping lessons from your training program when I introduce you to it is something I strongly disagree with but I’ll always be open to help you in areas that you missed if it comes up and you have no idea. I feel training is really important and can be the answer to your success.

Focusing On Only One Source Of Income

You’ve built a website and decided to begin another one which is fine I often have more than one project going at one time. If your business is to be a professional outfit not just to make a few dollars then I would imagine that’s fine but if you want complete success keep all your eggs in one basket and keep working on a project or business that is going to make you super successful.

Concentrating on one source of income is the best method of being a success and making more money and when that’s ticking over nicely and Fully Automated your on your way to real success and can concentrate on a new project.

Concentration on One Source

This also goes with concentrating on one source of traffic, your direction here with your business is if you have several lines of traffic pointing towards your domain. This will help you receive as much traffic as possible with marketing techniques that work and can all be learned in training.

Your future is your success and they both go together, if you follow my posts and comment from time to time and subscribe from the top right-hand side of each page you’ll be receiving a free eBook soon so get your name down before it runs out. I’ll be sending you a message also about becoming a super affiliate.

Hit the get started below to begin your mission for resolving your business problems, your niche ideas and your overall success that lies within the community I use today.


44 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing 14 Most Common Mistakes

  1. Wao! This post is packed with useful points. I have just started my journey with affiliate marketing and I must admit I’m guilty of a bunch of the points you mentioned. But one of the most important adjustments I must do is having realistic expectations  about when this business is going to start generating income for me.

    1. Hi Ann,

      We’re all guilty of making certain bloomers or mistakes but I try to proofread most of my writing to make sure it’s not to bad. Sometimes I can check it ten times and still have a small mistake but no one really cares as long as they are learning from me that’s why I’m here.

      In Friendship


  2. Hello there! Thanks for sharing this information, before now I usually feel it’s appropriate to think ‘Getting rich quick’ is a normal necessary mentality for everyone who’s into online business. 

    As a newbie in Affiliate marketing, I have learnt a lot from this article about the right attitude to WA and its sure gonna take me to the next level. Thanks!

    1. Hi Evagreene,

      Thanks for your comment, Getting Rich Quick is what we all want, I’ve worked hard on this website and had some wonderful comments. I treat it as a gateway for affiliate marketers to find the best information to some degree. I research hard to answer questions and now I’m working on an ebook for the subscription.

      In Friendship


  3. Wow really enjoyed you sinusoidal journey story and big ups to you for showing vulnerability as an inspiration to others I hold you in deep respect sir.

    But not only on one count but on a second of professional excellence.  The advice that you give in this latest post is worth Gold.  I am sure that many of us are already practicing many of the habits, techniques and attitudes that you espouse but it never hurts to be reminded and it will be in a laudable to anyone entering for the first time.

    Thanks so much this is a great website, with solid dependable advice and I have bookmarked you.


    1. Hi Hamish,

      Thanks for your comment I’ve been working on my content a little and giving more strength and character for the reader. I used to be an English teacher (TEFL) and love to stand out in front of the class so this niche of mine really suits my character. I love to teach about affiliate marketing it’s really a great niche for me after having businesses back in 2002.

      In Friendship


  4. For every top business that we can see stand,there was really a Trying  time that they faced  which may have been caused by maybe a mistake and thats why we must make proper enquiries before we take any step.

    For affiliate marketing there alot of things that you must do that would positive or negatively affect you conversion rate….For me the problem I have had in the past was with quality content, I had problems with writing proper review…and I was a major set back so I had to Go for a review course and I can now solve that problem…….most time make a mistake is not the killer, but living with mistake and not making a move is the killer.



    1. Hi David,

      We all make mistakes we’re human but it’s all about making fewer mistakes to protect the time we value for writing good quality reviews so it’s great to try to make the best of our time. I don’t call this work I call it fun because I enjoy it so much I just can’t wait to get on to my next project to help other affiliate marketers. I really enjoyed my article yesterday that you may like: How The Internet Has Evolved | Affiliate Marketing Benefits

      In Friendship


  5. One of my very first mistakes was thinking people will just come to my site, I felt I will write one or two contents and people will read and click my links, but I was wrong. Like you said it’s a game of trial and error, continuously testing strategies that will work and give best result while you build your content continuously

    1. Parameter

      It’s normal to think lots of others have hit hard on our niche’s before but have they done it right. The training down at WA  places training in sequence to follow. It’s quite easy to think that in general your not hitting on the right points to think you know about what the training is telling you but it’s all about the trial of errors and listening to what Kyle and Carson relate to you after all they are millionaires right?

      In Friendship


  6. Hi Stephen,

    Being a full-time Affiliate Marketer your article means a lot to me and I got helpful insights from your article.

    The first point is one of the main reasons why many people fail online. Many people are looking for quick and fast money but the sad thing is they want to become rich without working hard or by just working 10-30 minutes per day.

    Instead of selling, we need to focus on helping. Helping people is the main thing and making money is the byproduct.

    One of the mistakes I am making is just focusing on one source of income. I will work on it and I will create multiple sources of income for my site. Your article certainly made me think more about the subject!

    1. Hi Paul,

      One source of income is better than ten that make nothing my friend. Kyle & Carson will tell you over and over again as mentioned in training that if you concentrate on one book, project or full-on marketing strategy you should spend the time on that to make a full-on income to create many more. I would like you to read this post I wrote about Affiliate Marketing 14 Most Common Mistakes

      In Friendship


  7. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this vital information, as it’s not just a mistakes but a problem for beginners in Affiliate marketing. For me, choosing the right niche is a necessity as You will gain expertise with each and every client you serve and also serve your audience better!

    1. Hi Chim,

      I think we all have problems I included with where and when I begin to sell. My personality is easy to work out at the best of times. I love helping people. I don’t want or expect my services to sell until someone is ready hence all my training posts unless my audience is 100% focused on what they want I won’t hard sell and why should I? I love people that love me for what they have accomplished and what they can accomplish through me.

      In Friendship


  8. many affiliates ended up their business because they got their hopes up too quickly for whatever reason they got misconceived before joining marketing businessm it is always a gradual process and notjing hapoens by mistake or due to miracpe in affiliate marketing.it is a grafual process that deals with conscious effort. thank you for sharing this post with us here. im delighted you shared it.
    the mistakes are right on spot because most people fall victims for these mistakes. thamks for sharing

    1. Hi Roderick,

      Thanks for commenting on my article it’s refreshing to have people like you comment to make me feel that my article is spot on and that lots can be learned from it. I try to give my writing a reason for my readers so that they can learn from all of them, that’s my niche to include articles for affiliates to learn from.

      In Friendship


  9. In your post is like you are talking to me; such information is crucial for us who are new in the industry. As a beginner in the internet market, I don’t know much about the industry but given the platform to drive myself without a full license to operate.
    Yet, I should do having reasonable assumptions regarding when this business is going to begin creating pay for me. On all ads for affiliate marketing, they said that you’ll make money soon; maybe it is a typical essential attitude for everybody who’s into online business. You just opened my eyes and showed me something I didn’t think about.
    Thank you for the very useful and informative post

    1. Hi Lucky

      With you knowledge so far and what you have learned I’n sure you can become really successful and make a claim for a place as a great affiliate. Thanks for comment it’s great to work togther as a team at least in WA as it’s a great resource for Affiliate Marketing. It’s asl a great community for us all.

      In Friendship


  10. one major downfall of many people who get into online business is the idea of getting rich quick and this is what so many fake platforms use to defraud so many people. effort and hardwork has to be put in to  establish a good business to generate income from. thank you for this post

    1. Hi Benny,

      Hard work is definitely the main idea one must model to accomplish with the study of keywords and great content. Customers want to learn something new from you and by writing authoritative content you’re aiming high to collect more emails and nurture your audience into becoming customers.

      In Friendship


  11. This is one very beautiful piece on affiliate marketing I must admit. It’s one very nice means of making money online if the affiliate is vast in knowledge when it has to do with that line of business. I have seen a lot of failed business which came as a result of not having a drive for your nice. Yes, we all want the fast-moving niche but not everyone can get it right from it and in the end, another failed business. So much to be learned here. 

    1. Hi Benson,

      Failure doesn’t fall into my list but I understand your message or comment it’s about not having patience and having that knack to learn fast and not duplicate content more rebuild it into how you see it. This is a writing code to stick with it each and every day until your hit Google, Yahoo and Bing Rankings.

      In Friendship


  12. Hello Stephen, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. It is great I stumbled upon it because now I can see where I am making mistakes in my online business. You truly said the truth, I have 20 email subscribers and I was sending a ton of emails thinking they will buy my product. I definitely learned something new today, thank you, man!

    1. Hi Danijel,

      If you sent up your autoresponders correctly to go out once a day and round your sales pitch up at the end then you should be fine. Showing your authority is vital in your emails, showing customers that you really know your niche. I’m sure you’ll be fine with your websites but try cutting down a few emails and build a thank you page for the customers that hit the buy links.

      In Friendship


  13. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I work online for a long time, a marketer will go and I do this from Wealthy Affiliate.And from there I advertise the products by attracting them to the product and they buy it and I earn a commission from there.And those who are new to Wealthy Affiliate are taught the job through various training.And that is a matter of a long time.After reading your article, everyone will know about affiliate marketing and find out if it’s right or wrong and share new experiences with you.

    1. Hi Shariful,

      Indeed affiliate marketing can change your life from a normal lifestyle to a real hustler, someone that can handle over 25 websites and monetize and commit to writing reviews for all of them for them to reaching ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s exciting times ahead with Wealthy Affiliate from where to training covers just about everything affiliate marketing based.

      In Friendship


  14. I’m really glad to come across this article. I honestly think many if not most of these points were not given during the training I received. I wish they were included and stressed it’s importance early on especially the SEO part and choosing a niche that you’re passionate about or have some experience in or at least know a little about or else it can turn out to be a chore. 

    Thanks for sharing this well written and informative article. I hope future aspiring affiliate marketers read it 


    1. Hi Sonny,

      I’ve been learning a lot from the training and this post and its information. It also comes from what I already know and what I have researched over the years. I tend to have a great method of keeping information for my posts and remember everything I have learned.With the gamble here it’s all about patience and small things happen at a time hence a little patience is a key recipe for success.

      In Friendship


  15. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with me and I have been working in the online world for a long time. Personally I am affiliate marketing through the Welsh affiliate website and I am a successful affiliate marketer .To be a successful affiliate marketer, I must avoid making some mistakes and I have benefited greatly from your article. The Wealthy Affiliate website has provided me with many tutorial videos to learn about Affiliate Marketing Place’s work. It also provided many tools to take my website to a good level .I think this is the best place to make money safely in the online world .Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge. I think your article will be very helpful for beginners. Because by reading this article they will understand what mistakes should be avoided in affiliate marketing. 

    I will definitely pass your article on to my friend because she is new to the place and she will certainly share her new experiences with you. Can I share your article on my social media?

    1. Hi Shanta,

      Thanks for your information about your affiliate marketing success and being in the game for a long time. It’s not an easy place to make money but it’s exciting to know one day we can. 

      In Friendship


  16. Hello Stephen,

    Beautiful content you just cover! I’m also newcomer in this affiliate marketing. So, couldn’t realise how to maintain my business. I think it’s human nature to become Rich quickly, I’ve to admit that I’m also thinking this way at first time. But I realized this is not a way to run a business and your content makes me clear about this sector. This content just filled up with useful points from now I’ll think in realistic way.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this content. Keep sharing.

    1. Hi Hmilmee,

      Thanks for your comment it’s never easy to start off with but does kind of improve when you begin to see your website and business climb the ranks. It’s all about patience and commitment to achieve. I have committed lots of time on Freedom to Roam Marketing and want t to be a gateway for WA members.

      In Friendship


  17. Thank you very much for your instructive article which is very helpful for the affiliate marketer. your article content is affiliate marketing common mistake.Anyone who does affiliate marketing online wants to be successful. But most of them fail because of some mistakes.

    I am an affiliate marketer, I also have a website where I earn through the affiliate.At the beginning of affiliate marketing, I did not respond much to my mistake which is very consistent with your article. At that time I did not know what product I was promoting and my content was very weak.Gradually I corrected my mistakes and started doing a running affiliate marketing

    For those who want to do affiliate marketing, your article will serve as a guide.So if you like me, I will share your article with everyone so that everyone can read the article and correct their mistakes.

    1. Hi Md. Asraful,

      Thanks for your comment and your right affiliate marketing takes time but I’m your gateway to success taken I have written many articles you can send to your finds and keep for yourself and learn from them. I hope you enjoy them they are designed to help everyone that it’s not easy but it viable to become an online business owner.

      In Friendship


  18. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started my online business for a while and have been trying affiliate marketing. I feel it is hard to achieve success and think about why, but never take time to reflect.

    Here comes your article, which include almost all the mistakes affiliate marketers make. You said it right that I always think that people just come to my website naturally. As a matter of fact, I have been working on my website and only few people come to my site daily. 

    I certainly made mistakes by just add content to my website based on my own thought, not customer’s demands and how to provide value to the potential customers. 

    You provide valuable information for any affiliate marketers who want to succeed on affiliate marketing. I bookmarked your webpage and will study it in more details.

    1. H Anthony,

      I’m not best friends with google at the moment we had a fallout but it’s just a temporary thing that we go through. When I look at other websites I have I’m ranked quite high. I spend all my time on this website at the moment as i throwing a few Facebook adds out at the moment.

      In Friendship


  19. Very in-depth article highlighting the do’s and dont’s for doing successful affiliating marketing. I did not quite understand your concept “keeping all your eggs in one basket”. I agree you have to start off with one project and focus on it. Why not start a project on another niche which you are also passionate about if you have the time to do so. This may break your monotony and may be more productive in both the projects.

    1. Hi Srinivasan,

      I think if you want to make things perfect if you are monetizing and wanting to automize more than one site it’s a good idea but my site is a website with a lot of articles and pages, not just a click-through page so I spend a lot of time making it unique. 

      The good thing about controlling more than one project is you get used to applying all the training needs over and over again which means you won’t forget.


  20. Learning what to do in affiliate marketing is just as important as learning what NOT to do. Your topic is very accurate and measured. I totally agree with everything that you wrote here, especially that this is not a “Get rich quick” because in my opinion that is the reason that most people start in this industry and finish off very fast. 

    Thank you for this topic, every affiliate should be aware of those mistakes, for the people who have done something wrong, mistakes are the best teachers.

    I’m just curious, which mistake do you think is the most common within affiliate marketers?

    1. Hi Victor,

      My personal mistake was giving in when it started to work. I had a Thailand hotel booking system and it was really a good website but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind and suffered burnout with too much hard work. I think it’s important to never give in more step aside for a few weeks and just concentrate on the leads bookings you get during that time. 

      Rule number one for me is not to disconnect yourself from the real world it can damage your health. I know this happened to me. I had a silver jewelry website, a hotel booking website and a travel forum so it was too much to handle but I look at as a lesson well learned. 

      I have learned this lesson hence can write for WA now and hope to one day win that trip to Vegas to meet Kyle and Carson the founder of WA.

      In Friendship


  21. I thought it would be worth checking to see how many ‘mistakes’ I was making, it never hurts to check yourself, every now and then, just to make sure you’re on the right track. I can’t bring myself to say how many applied to me, let’s just say that it’s more than I bargained for.

    That said, I feel that you have provided solutions along the way, which for me, is a very good thing. I am very guilty of not keeping an eye on my ‘performance’. I have all the analytics set up, I’ve just never got round to utilising all the features that they offer. Moving onto the next one, you could have written this post specifically for me. I never check out the competition. It makes so much sense to search and see which sites are taking the top spots and then visit them, just to see what they are doing to get themselves where they are.

    I am very grateful to have found yout site but it looks like I have my work cut out, if I am going to make my business a success. I might be visiting a little more often from now on. 

    1. Hi Twack,

      Thanks for your kind words and please don’t demotivate yourself because things become much more naturally when you have watched the videos and worked out the analytics in honesty I only use one tool on the Google analytic and that the one on the home page that shos how many hits your website is receiving the rest baffle me too .

      I use the Bing console more but it never seems to reflect what my google analytics and I find that strange although that might be they are two separate search engines lol. I think just because I’m doing well in Google I should be with Bing but it doesn’t work like that and just to top that all off when I check out my posts and website on the search engines they seem to be great on Bing but not on Google so that’s what I’m up against.

      It’s all about getting it perfect on both but how we do that hopefully is in the rest of the WA training. Thanks for commenting means a lot and good luck with your website and business venture.

      In Friendship


  22. It’s about nine months since I started in affiliate marketing and I think I’ve made most of these mistakes, the exception being that I love my niche (tea). It’s a low traffic niche but at least I’m passionate about it so the traffic is building gradually month by month. And I definitely notice how traffic flatlines when I don’t publish for a couple of weeks (so I’m not making the mistake of not doing analytics!) I will keep this page open as a reminder of what not to do. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Drinkteahub,

      It’s always great to choose a niche your passionate about and learn the ropes as you write to become an expert it’s how I have learned about my niche which is more bout helping others understand about affiliate marketing at least for this site. It’s good to know your traffic is climbing as you write it shows your writing does work and people are interested.

      In Friendship


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