The Reason Why You Should Integrate SEO with PPC

What is the reason why you should integrate SEO with PPC? The truth is that data is the real need of all good search marketing strategies. Without concrete data, marketers cannot obtain definitive, objective insights into which tactics are working and which are not, how to more effectively reach consumers or how to establish future goals and a true direction to success.

Success comes with studying your market through both SEO and PPC to see where you can improve on both collecting valuable data as you build your online business. Knowing what works best will lead you to spend far less with hitting results faster, Let me talk you through SEO first.

Understanding About SEO

(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation is one of the greatest methods to a ticket to great writing. If you’re struggling to write you need to think about what you’re writing about, the keywords you’re competing for and how well you can become someone that writes great reviews, posts and builds great website articles.

People that become great at language comprehension and writing skills generally become far successful given they can include less competitive keywords into their content but still be found by Google through trial and error and hard work with straight forward easy to follow writing that covers a readers understanding.

This could be how to succeed if you concentrate on your writing first and deliver easy flowing information with examples in the form of graphs, pictures and bar charts. You’ll have to be concentrating hard if your a sole trader because big companies hire people to do both jobs separately both SEO and PPC. Most people that become excellent at pushing forward reviews with both go it alone to run their own businesses.

However, it is not bad to have separate SEO and PPC teams, as each team should be highly knowledgeable and skilled in their respective disciplines. In saying that most sole traders learn both PPC and SEO to enable a down to earth, easy to learn understanding how about how it all works content-wise for them to find or create a great product or service.

I don’t like running around the room with a whiteboard and a million dollars to show I can succeed. I am involved in a great program that supports me so I can reap the rewards at been attentive and switched on to learn more every day. if you want to be the same read on.

All major search engines such as Google and Bing have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos, images or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users I want you to be a part of that too with a real business that works. Don’t forget that it’s a marketers definitive, objective and insights that succeed.

Search Engine Optimisation & How You Should Integrate SEO with PPC

If your a great writer be it freelance or not you’ll get better results if you can learn to structure, incorporate knowledge and facts into your content. This is what SEO is all about, it’s about knowing your niche and being able to write about it all day every day. Of course in the real world, some have mental blocks so if this happens revise and take notes ready for your next SEO campaign when you have a fresh mind.

Search Engine Optimisation for many is a thing of the past because people are forgetting to write as we taught at uni or school but can afford to send out many ads to capture the shopper’s attention.

I mean who cares since I started SEO I have never felt better about how I am now creating better reviews as an affiliate marketer and actually saving money on ads. But once again both can work together given some logical reason why? let’s look into this.

Keeping You Customers Interested or Intrigued

keeping your readers intrigued about your stories, reviews, services, articles or products is the only way for an SEO expert to learn a set of techniques which are mainly focused on increasing visibility in organic search engine results. With the inclusion of SEO strategies, you can increase the visibility to your website ten-fold. I’m working on many aspects of this each and every day and I hope yo follow this too.

There are many aspects of SEO like on-page, off-page, link generation, etc., The basic plot of Search Engine Optimization is making sure you throw a spark into the review your writing telling people how much you know about your niche. Don’t just throw an add up from Amazon with a link that doesn’t have you interact with you customer about the reason it’s a great product.

SEO is important because it keeps the search results fair. It reduces the ability to manipulate these results as much as possible so that the sites appearing for each search are there because they deserve to be there. For this reason, being honest and above board with writing about a true niche market is a real method to win over your audience.

Keep your customers intrigued, interested and reach out to them for them to reach back. Tell your story, write an eBook about your travels and how they can travel to or a cookbook with a hundred recipes. Play around with your niche the best it suits you but don’t get bored because it will create a bad area in your reviews for your program’s products and the future of your business.

Understanding About PPC

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC.

Facebook has made billions from their PPC platform and it’s constantly changing to compete with the market. I personally feel this is unfair due to the amount of time revising and testing the platform for success and Facebook changing the goalposts.

Facebook’s Algorithm

With PPC click and the amount of information, Facebook knows about us, it’s scary. With all the information that is driven by Facebook’s platform with data that coincides with our private lives all about us is massive, It’s understandable how now they can create an impossible algorithm that stands its ground to make massive amounts of money and for us to fail, spending our hard-earned cash. I’m glad I don’t see Facebook as my main advertising tool.

Google AdwordsDon’t let this worry your plight to gain momentum in creating successful strategies that work. There is always a time that you may feel it’s all too much to comprehend but with some guidance and continuous practice, you can overstep the hurdles by opening doors through the collection of data from both SEO and PPC campaigns via Analytics.

With Bing Webmaster and Google Analytics being at the forefront of website data collection, you can see there is a lot of good from something that comes for free. Checking your daily reports becomes the norm as you strive to reach high traffic to your website. It’s fun and it becomes almost an every morning procedure to check how well you are doing via Analytics.

What is The Real reason for PPC & SEO & How You Should Integrate SEO with PPC?

The real reason PPC and SEO work together is firstly for PPC to drive traffic to your SEO friendly reviews, posts, articles or services to keep your audience and the customer on board.

This is the real reason to use both techniques but please don’t be shy of using SEO only for now because your time will come when your writing gets noticed with practice and patience where Google will pick up on your expertise as you persist and then you can throw various paid ads out.

Some people have mentioned to me to use PPC only but for me, that would be a waste of my time after recreating my whole niche to sell using both. I’m not a big fan of PPC at the moment but love the fact I can work with both at times. I love writing and mastering SEO for now.

I’ve been through the PPC technique many times and feel it’s not what I want at the moment and I don’t want you to go out and spend all your hard-earned cash on ads. If you’re just starting out deliver SEO first.

How to Integrate SEO with PPC

By bidding for keywords to complement your organic listings you’ll stand a chance of reaching page one of Google sooner or later be it 6 months, a year, two years sooner or later with the training you’ll win.

Think about taking some training up from me at Wealthy Affiliate to open up your future to the training you need to accomplish and to succeed. It’s hard work but you know you can compete, meet fellow entrepreneurs and become successful. Learn how to rank organically at the top spot for your content.

Leverage internal search function data for improving both SEO and PPC. If there are a huge number of visits using your well-written content. Uncover which of your most profitable keywords to target from previous SEO campaigns by running PPC ads for the customer to be directed by easy navigation to your well-written content about your niche with the keywords you choose.

Launch Google display ads and remarketing ads to solve yours. You might already know that 132 posts are a lot but I do actually remarket them from time to time to create a new audience with more in-depth knowledge for SEO improvement to reach a wider audience but not PPC at the moment.

Work & Play Hard and Push Towards Success

Integrate literally all data you have into a plan from PPC and SEO campaigns, then keep marketing and learning. Bypass the things that annoy you and keep enjoying your work. Integrate all your ideas into one plan and create an unreal piece of work only you can claim the fame too.

You can always come back later to find success with posts or reviews that had no coverage on search engines. Never step aside thinking you’re a failure. Most marketing techniques can be used simultaneously and if used correctly at the right time are successful. Remember it is marketers job to obtain definitive, objective insights to succeed organically.

If you are interested in joining a free weeks Entrepreneur Certification Course and receive a free domain and fully hosted and secure website then please subscribe below from where you will receive my free eBook and an invite into training.

6 thoughts on “The Reason Why You Should Integrate SEO with PPC”

  1. Hi, I now see how a post that has good SEO and is placed in a PPC campaign may result with better ROI than a post that’s not optimized for search engines. I know that building our SEO experience takes time but I find interesting that this platform teaches it. I would like to check them out to see how they approach this topic.

    • Most masters of PPC & SEO don’t work as they once did in an office for one company that would be insane. if you have the experience of both why not teach both to others or run with your own business. it’s quite obvious that sole traders that learn their trades online are becoming much better at making money online than huge companies that employ hundreds of people. It cuts costs, makes those that can’t get jobs more unlikely to get jobs until they find the path and get employed online somehow. JAT!

  2. Hello! 

    what a great article you have got there,  I’ve loved it. 

    I never new that the search engine  optimization (SEO)  and the pay per click (PPC) can help one in the engagement of visitors. 

    My question  is PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Does this means that the more clicks you get the more money you get to pay and how much do you pay per click? 

    Thanks a lot for sharing. 



    • Creating more clicks does make your sales more realistic as far as sales go but there could be more than one step of the referral you aim to solve. Generally, speaking clicks means a better outlook on your business. I take it as it comes at the moment if I get clicks I’m happy if not I keep working that is the golden rule to continue until your business is running automated, monetized to make money and with less work from yourself.

  3. Hi there and thanks for your post about SEO and PPC.  I see that there is still much for me to learn.  Until I read this I actually was misinterpreting the correct meaning of “Pay Per Click”.   I did a bit of research and found a site where someone explained how the bidding works.  A key component being how well the quality of the add is ranked.  The better one becomes with SEO the better the quality of the adds you will be able to write and you will be able to score both higher in the bidding process and pay less for the add.  At my current level of development it think it most prudent to hone my SEO skills.  That way I’ll be able to stretch my advertising dollar further.



    • Hi David,

      I think getting involved with SEO comes before PPC because you have your content ready if you’re paying for ads and getting people to your content. It always pays off eventually when your writing is really creative and reviews become easier to write. I have over 80 posts for my niche which is affiliate marketing and what a difference time has made with my writing. I do however think PPC can get you the traffic you need if your willing to pay but once again it seems pointless until your content is really good. Thanks for your comment.

      In Friendship



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