The Negatives and Positives of Affiliate Marketing

What are the positives and negatives of Affiliate Marketing and are we all able to achieve if we push enough through the ranks to receive a decent income and become keyword masters? By raising an argumentive point will not get us anywhere about knowing if Affiliate Marketing is a safe bet or not. By learning the core needs of online business development such as content building and learning basic website design can be difficult but millions of others would agree with me that we all have to start somewhere.

You can start your affiliate business with little or no money other than paying for a host and domain name. It cost nothing to create informative well-written posts and improve over time. Sure, you will want to invest at some point, however, this may be a few months down the line when you have become proficient with content creation. Also, there are millions of platforms out there offering tools for landing pages and email list software for free. You can even organise your autoresponders for free with some platforms.

Interlinking Your WebsiteThe task ahead is often painstakingly long and the amount of time placed into writing and website design extremely challenging. There is no other explanation other than taking on tasks you are capable of achieving.

If you don’t understand what you have set out to achieve it becomes far more reachable to research, implement content, trial and if it works repeat. There is nothing more exciting than knowing your procedures for writing. When you are creating posts and it becomes almost routine you know the hardest part has been achieved and from there on in its far easier.

The hardest and most noticeable negativity is the overall challenge of writing and creating content into your pages to receive great reviews, comments and feedback. These needs are priceless and with the amount of time, it takes to implement such content with keyword research to rank in search engines it can be a whole lot of work from where many fail. It doesn’t have to be this way if you read, research, practice, write, trial and repeat and above all be involved and gain access to training.

On the positive side let me argue a point about motivation and momentum from where rewards can challenge any doubts you may have. Time is of the essence and if you understand that Rome wasn’t built in a single day and that it’s not a race it’s a marathon, you will get there much faster.

The Continuity of An Affiliate BusinessAnyone that says it can’t be done lacks motivation or has failed before. Don’t hang out with doubters, however, in saying that don’t go the journey alone. That’s why I’m here and I’m never going to doubt someone that uses my digital library to learn when it took me 11 months to create it.

I believe that most people lack training from others that have been known to succeed as experts in their niche, those that are in a perfect position to make money online. I’ve noticed many people achieving alone through research, however, for me, that’s no fun. I think meeting like-minded entrepreneurs and webmasters is the key to finding the best mind-set and teaming up as you build your businesses together. That’s how I learned to write over 100 posts on Freedom to Roam Marketing.

Of course, finding such programs for training is not easy and can cost an arm and a leg. I would steer away from programs that ask for ridiculous prices until your confidence is ready for you to up your game. Even then there may be no need to fork out hundreds of dollars to be told about something you can learn for free. Remember the internet is a massive resource and there is enough information out there to assist you with all the lessons for business creation. You could also think about joining the training I received to write this post for you today.

Choosing Affiliate Programs Wisely

The main problem that people rarely talk about is affiliate marketing programs and the lack of contractual needs. It is an easy living once you have noticed success but only if you have a decent relationship with your program owners that pay for your sales service. Not having a contract can leave you with a gaping hole in your business if a program pulls the plug. It’s that negativity that overshadows the affiliate marketing industry lots these days.

Click to JoinIt was only recently when Amazon cut their affiliate sales earnings without much warning. I have nothing against Amazon and have used their program, however, if it were me losing out on my website’s earnings I wouldn’t have been happy. On April 14, 2020, Amazon sent a notice to its affiliates regarding changes taking effect on April 21st. The changes were dramatic cuts to the affiliate payouts. For example, the Furniture and Home Improvement categories were slashed from an 8% payout to only 3%.

Choose your affiliate programs carefully and concentrate on the Power Behind Your Niche. Learn it throughout by continuous improvement in everything you set out to accomplish. I haven’t written about too many negatives here but I know they are around. It’s far better to be around positivity than negative so read and learn all the positive areas surrounding your niche and elaborate on those important points to sell.

It’s all about choosing wisely and choosing programs that have never-ending projects with some kind of trust between you and them. It’s never easy knowing that one-day a business may rap up and move on to leave you shipwrecked. Looking at it from a positive side if you choose a program that has included training then the experience and money-making journey will be far more effective. By using this strategy you will learn how and where to include affiliate links and what type of content works for you to succeed with far more efficiently.

Remember there is no guarantee of revenue and no contractual rules other than what you can and can’t do unless it’s a real well-thought-out program that cares about its affiliates. I’m talking about programs that offer training and those that reach out to affiliates to succeed with them to improve sales for those that follow the training and patiently wait for results. There is no time to start other than now and even though some affiliate programs won’t let you onboard without at least 30 posts it’s always best to start soon.

Let me explain a little about Quantity Vs Quality. The argument online these days is: Are long posts as effective as a short one? It depends on the content, topic and nature of the content. I prefer to write around 2000 words but I have no doubt that 500 words can compete. Writing becomes natural in due time and I’ve noticed that some of the posts I have written are ranked when I never thought they would. There are many surprises when it comes to writing so don’t take things for granted and make your content flow.

Click to JoinDetach yourself from the negatives such as those that tell you that search engine optimisation is to difficult. It is more time consuming to accomplish and although takes time can be fun when you reach a good performance rate on keywords and search engine ranking. Distinguish what you want to relay to your audience and throw a structured plan into your writing and search for keywords that will improve your content.

Another negative aspect of affiliate marketing to think about is internet fraud and the chances of having your affiliate links hijacked. Let me explain that this is the reason I use a platform to build my business that is safe, secure and far away from hackers. If you have read this website and learned from each post please don’t hesitate to join me from Freedom to Roam Marketing Where I can guide you into a platform that cares. A platform where nothing gets hacked, stolen or copied.

I use a platform for training called Wealthy Affiliate and I’m affiliated with them to earn money. I admire the fact that I can mentor you until you have worked the training out to begin your journey with a free fully hosted website and a free week’s training course to build your business. There are some negatives of the course but at least you will be with like-minded online business owners that are there to help you and guide you through anything negative that crops up.

Best Affiliate Programs Worth Trying Out

  1. Awin.
  2. CJ Affiliate.
  3. ShareASale.
  4. Clickbank.
  5. Wealthy Affiliate
  6. JVZoo.
  7. eBay Partners. …
  8. Shopify Affiliate Program. …
  9. Clickbank. …
  10. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates. …
  11. Leadpages Partner Program. ..

In the end, affiliate marketing brings unique opportunities for your business that results in more site traffic, more customers and most importantly, more revenue. The learning curb relates to the time and effort you are prepared to place on your business. It took me 11 months to write a hundred posts, however, when I read back through my digital library I see an enormous improvement with post layout, structure and content. It takes some months to master but once you are writing naturally with keyword-rich content the rest will follow.

Building You own Affiliate Marketing Program

Several disadvantages exist when you try to set up an affiliate marketing program yourself or through other people. At most this would be those that focus on their own products or services unless you have a decent working relationship with your affiliate programs to bring fresh traffic to purchase your goods or services online. There are several types of issues you need to look out for if you plan to make this an effective and profit-enhancing way to market your business.

When you’re a new affiliate program in the affiliate environment, there might be some initial curiosity, or even euphoria about your product strategy and payouts, which entices new affiliates to market your products or services. But after the initial spike in sales, the next phase of affiliate market programs comes along in the form of competition where a large proportion of your affiliates will move away from you to promote the next big thing.

Choosing Your Affiliate Program Manager

One of the first things you need to think about when starting your affiliate program is how you are going to do it – what affiliate program manager you are going to use? Remember you need to take into account, membership and affiliate payouts, forms, software for tracking and so on. You may choose to go with a third party affiliate manager such as, start your own in-house affiliate program with a script designed by your web developer or use a script you have either bought or got an open-source.

All of these methods have their own specific advantages and disadvantages and take a lot of learning. These days people from all over the world are out-sourcing their work be it call centres or online customer care. It is a common fact that it’s cheaper to have someone that does not receive good payments from there own jobs or even from the country they live in. Many multi-million dollar businesses use outsourcing for many purposes.

Another downfall with affiliate marketing programs and launching one is what people think about the products. I’ve mentioned the time it takes to produce a niche and I have covered on this website enough about affiliate marketing programs but as a newbie with your own product you should create product awareness first before delving into affiliate marketing programs.

Try to learn the basics of selling first then perhaps in a couple of years when your business is running itself try running an affiliate program for people to sell for you. The last thing you want is to lose your revenue through lack of knowledge, overpriced or outpriced products or poor quality.

Don’t forget to subscribe for my affiliate marketing eBook and learn lots about what it takes to start your own business and much more about what you need to be thinking about before, during and after you begin. I can advise you about getting on an entrepreneur certification training course for a week and offer you a fully hosted and secure website via Wealthy Affiliate. I would also like to assist you with content management through mentorship.


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