The Freedom To Accomplish A Predictability For Success

What is it like to have the Freedom to accomplish predictability for success? To accomplish means having that freedom to be what you want to be, to roam around on the internet making a living or living a life on the outside world it really doesn’t matter but starting a business today online today will change your life, not just for today but for many years ahead.

You can only have freedom in your life when you leave stability and predictability behind you. You cannot be free unless you step into the unknown. If you’re not willing to step into the unknown, then you’re a hostage to what you know. You’re a slave to your current circumstances.

Creation of Internet Businesses

Creation of internet businesses will not just give you an incredible future it will also unlock your mind to other avenues. The writing of reviews will demonstrate how good you are after just a few months. Stop comparing yourself to others and find that free will to drive your ideas to an online venture for your future.

Free yourself from people in your life that don’t raise your energy and stop thinking about the reason for going alone. I’ve had many people ask me what I’m doing now and I just say ‘Your know my internet business stuff” and they change the subject because they simply aren’t t interested in it.

Your fiends of the past are unlikely to be your customers as you hustle into other people’s lives to help them become what you are. This is selling your idea and why not you have earned it I’m sure. You have to make a committed decision about something that you have been putting off for a year and if not you’re about to now.

Showing Others You Have a New Passion

I’m about to take you on a journey that will drive your ideas into a clue about what to accomplish in your free time online. That’s right it’s not about sitting in front of the computer all day, every day it’s about getting out there and showing others you have a new passion  Affiliate marketing is where you’re going to start as you learn from me in this post.

Freedom to Roam Marketing has written over 132 posts about affiliate marketing that will get your business ready to go. In a moment I’ll tell you where to start. and where to get the best information.

First up let me tell you about this website. Freedom to Roam Marketing was at first a trial website but I started to write about affiliate based subjects and the more I did,  the more I learned myself. You see I found out that with researching what to write I also was expanding my mind into other areas of marketing that I didn’t know about. I can say that you can do this too if you’re looking for the freedom to earn good honest cash.

I mentioned about Freedom to Roam Marketing the place your residing now to read this post. I’ve been at it for some years but I had to take a break and make a big decision and that was to help others succeed like me.

Where Do I Start to Learn & Earn Living Online

Get all your to-do’s out of your head and schedule them into your diary (including the good stuff!) Don’t waste time on something that you did yesterday think back more about something you used to be passionate about. if you get this right it could be your niche so think carefully.

For example, I loved fishing so I started a course fishing business with videos that I edited from my days at the carp pond and how to tie hooks etc. I travelled to Ireland to fish some of the greatest places on earth. That’s right you can turn a hobby into a business in a day with a short blog about what you love to do in your spare time.

Making a Committed Decision To Accomplish A Predictability For Success

Make a committed decision about something that you have been putting off for years and think why. Maybe a sport of training to become a snooker player and winning a few matches. Whatever it is you can blog about it all day. Stop setting yourself unrealistic goals, make a pact with yourself not to constantly do things you ‘should’ do, free yourself from other people’s agenda and don’t be available for gossip.

I’m now going to write about the key factors of why I believe you can become successful online. Entrepreneurs at an early stage spend a lot of time planning the future just like we all do when we are driven by success. Success is what you’re about to read below so think for yourself and master out a plan if you would like to be like me an entrepreneur that cares for others to follow in my footsteps.

All About You & What You Want To Do

Stop looking back at perceived past failures, the past has gone, the present is now and the future is in your hands to be created so by starting your business today means less of yesterday as you move forward to succeed. Get a coach that you resonate with who can help you strip back the conditioning that is not serving you or wasn’t.

Create non-negotiable time for you every day when your idea is the idea that people must follow, you’ll become a much better leader this way. You can start a diary today about how to free yourself from self-judgment, write down 20 things that you love about yourself.

Stop putting yourself under pressure to have everything perfect, done is good enough but beware tomorrow can be a long time away from your online business if you’re going to keep it running so make plans about how you’re going to check your analytics to save you time, all it takes is one click to check. Of course, mobile phones are great for working on the road so just have the day off and feel that freedom I promote to you knowing if you have a new customer you can call, email or write to him/her.

If you thinking about learning more about affiliate marketing and need to read more, why not download my eBook that covers much about affiliate marketing and the Five Offer Funnel and lots more. You can subscribe below and have my eBook sent directly to your inbox with an invite for a week’s free training to build a website.

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The Right Tim Is Now

Have you ever felt like you always have to explain your right? Believe me, there will be times after the training I promote you’ll know that you are right. Free yourself from having to prove yourself right, sometimes just knowing it is enough.

Book something today that you’ve always wanted to do but have been putting off for the right time, the right time is now and you can learn a lot from doing what you want rather than what others want you to do, that’s what freedom is about.

Start asking yourself better questions, like who am I not to do x rather than who am I to do Y and make arrangements with true friends. Be stable in your quest for freedom don’t punish yourself about who you need to address first and make your days free and easy.

Drop The Drama & Be  Go-Getter

Drop the drama – seriously, you will experience so much more freedom when committing to a drama-free life away from the gossip and the short-tailed stories about what someone else has accomplished out of their own time because it stands a chance they might be ahead of you in their own quest for freedom.

Remove anything in your diary that doesn’t fill you with pleasure its more than likely you wrote it to please someone else this is your time knowone else’s.

Create some space to visualize what your version of irresistible living looks like and stay on the race to fulfil your game be it online or not I’m promoting freedom something I want you to learn from me and you don’t even know me but guess what I’m just like you deep down inside and have done many great things in my life hence my life now is to help people like you and repair the not so good things about how I was.

Free your body from toxic foods – it will pay you back ten times over and I’m sure as we know to look after ourselves is not to waste time looking after John down the road that drinks all day and night. Take a look at my health idea it took ten minutes that I’ve listed below. When I first saw this I had a hangover a few years ago but not now I eat well and drink what my body asks for.

Help’s Been Found!

This is not an advertising campaign from me at all, I just want you to experience a healthy prosperous life and find success as I have done. I’m not a superstar but I have learned so much over the last few years about living my own life.

Free yourself from fear about something by asking yourself, is this story I’ve created around something really true? Believe in yourself and become at home with your feelings and love your surroundings and those you choose to have in your environment.

Do What’s Right for You to Accomplish A Predictability For Success

Go part-time or quit a job if you this is what you need to do to experience the freedom you crave and list all the reasons why you should do something you deeply desire, rather than why you shouldn’t. Quit people-pleasing. You will be a far greater inspiration, and have much more impact on people when you are out there going after your desires rather than spending your time and energy doing ‘favours’ for other people that don’t resemble who you are today.

Ultimate freedom comes from the heart. It burns a teasing desire to accomplish but your mind holds you back. Memories can hold you back even more but your freedom comes with no risks if you listen to your heart,

Success will follow you and people will come into your life and you will become popular so much so you’ll become a teacher. Teach what you have and become something you trust. Basically learn to love yourself even if others don’t at least you have you.

Just to cheer you up I’ve left a video for you to make the best smoothie you will ever taste on the planet. It’s all about natural food and how we prepare it. If your thinking you would like to be just like me please hit the banner below and join our community at Wealthy Affiliate to get your business started. if not that’s fine I just want you to be happy with what you have learned from me today. here is your healthy Smoothie.

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6 thoughts on “The Freedom To Accomplish A Predictability For Success”

  1. I love what you say about not comparing yourself to others. That’s where I failed the first couple of times I tried to start my online business, and I think that’s where a lot of people fail. Not just in online business but in anything. I love the inclusion of the smoothie recipe at the end of the post! Thanks for all this motivational and inspirational tips. I love the idea about keeping a diary of things you need to get done for the day/week/month etc. 

    • Hi Erika,

      I’m happy you like my post means a lot. I put the smoothie on there as a tip for health because if we have a healthy life we have a healthy mind and can work at a better ate especially at affiliate marketing. It’s good to keep a diary of the things you want to do and have done it proves you can do better each day. I had a diary for five years in Thailand and often get it out to read where I was and what I was doing at a particular time.

  2. Very nice post Stephen. what you have said is true, we can have freedom only when we leave stability and predictability behind. And I really liked your idea of putting to-do’s out of your head and schedule them into your diary. This is indeed a very nice idea to identify a niche we are passionate about.  
    The approach you have suggested about working toward building an online business right on spot. Creating a non-negotiable time for every day and keeping thoughts together is a very healthy approach for sustaining business.

    I wish you all the very best.

    • Hi Vinayak

      Thanks for your kind words and comment it means a lot it’s my best duty to educate people about affiliate marketing as much as I can, the best I can and as accurately as possible. it take s long time to produce a website with over 80 posts but a lot of people read them so I’m really happy. Keeping a diary is a great way of keeping tabs on what you achieved the day before so you can achieve more the day after.

      • That’s true! it takes a lot of time and effort to produce such a nice website. And you are doing really great helping people like us getting to know more and build something we love.

        • I think slowly I beginning to realise that people do find my work interesting. My website doesn’t just look good it does have some great information on there too. I tend to find it difficult when thinking about new things to write about but given a few days off I’m back into writing again as I was when I started. I wouldn’t ever of thought I could written over 80 posts but I am still going. I am putting a few ads out for people so if you want one on my site let me know I’m more than happy to allow five free reviews until next week when I close the doors for that promotion. I’m writing ads for Freedom to Roam Marketing to help those that want to learn from with what I have learned and of course to nurture, people, into Wealthy Affiliate to join me and all the great members. Freedom to Roam Marketing is what I expect it to be successful.


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