The Four Offer Funnel

How to Build A Four Offer Funnel

The Four Offer Funnel has been around some time and even though impermanence that suggests the inevitability it is ending sometime soon masses of webmaster around the world swear it’s a proven strategy that still works.

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula still stands today as a proven system that works and has earned businesses millions. Jeff Walker has accumulated billions in revenue for online businesses overall and he started from his spare bedroom.

So what about the Four Offer Funnel and how does it work? It’s a sequence of various strategies like an ingredient that when placed together works as a full-proof system that works in a sequence that delivers a positive end result.

Freedom to Roam Marketing & The Four Offer Funnel

There are many recession-proof business ideas around but it’s always on a time limit until something quick-witted and prosperous arrives at our fragile doors. Fragile because it’s easy to fall behind and break your stride in website creation and online business development when so many unique ideas arrive at our doors each and every day.

The Four Offer Funnel is a simple strategy that is easy to learn, implement, automate and make money from. The hardest part about it is creating content in the form of authority which is stage one. Building your authority means preparing your niche and building it for stage one of your Four Offer Funnel. In the first stage below you are going to learn about the authority of your sales funnel.

How to Find a Niche Market

The Authority of the Four Offer Funnel & How to Drive Your Content

Learn How to Proofread Your Authoritative Website Content

The organisation of your content is the key element and procedure for a content writer to create content that requires you to be in the right frame of mind, excited to learn and ready to write exhilarating and trustworthy content that grabs the attention of your customers.

Your content should be claiming fame to making customers know what you are talking about, what you are selling, that the price is right and that you are sincere to the cause so much so your customers read, bookmark and return for more sales.

By brainstorming ideas to attract your audience you must find a niche that you love to talk about, write about and share ideas with others perhaps from a community. You may choose to spend time with customers via the phone, online or in-person so learn to represent yourself accordingly and always attract through authority.

Your niche is something you know more about than anyone or should seem that way. Some day in the future you may want to create a video channel for creating videos about your products or services. By choice not because you have to from where you will be asked to involve a Q&A into your webinars. It’s a nervous time but with all the time you have building your website completing the content and learning the ropes, your knowledge will grow enough to help you succeed with live webinars and live video coverage.

Your writing and niche are really important for your authority to take charge of your sales funnel. It’s what gets a customer interested enough to think about staying around to see what you have in the form of an offer. It’s a good idea to revert back to SEO here in order for your website, posts, pages, articles, and blogs to get ranked to direct potential customers to your page to enter into your sales funnel.


Day 1 – Opt-In. First Point of Sales in the Four Offer Funnel

Your opt-in is the first point of sales within the Four Offer Funnel from where your niche and authority sell. This will be proven if customers go for the offer to buy. This might be a short eBook for around $25 and you should feel 100% proud of the accomplishment of attracting customers into your funnel.

Once you have their email you can create an automated email system that sends out emails to those that have not gone past your authority content but you have their email from a simple subscription. Once a customer has purchased your eBook remember to send them a thank you message via a web page telling them about the up and coming Core Offer. The eBook would be generally be speaking about your overall niche and cover some great information about what the product does and how it can make life easier to enhance other people’s lives.

Authority to Micro Offer

So towards the end of your authority, you should throw your customers a link once they have entered the funnel by reading and subscribing to your newsletter or offer in general via your authority content. This is where you begin making a calculated sales forecast once the customer is in your funnel but there is still a lot to do in terms of creating anticipation for sales and building up the hype for more activity.

Day 1 – Community

Creating a Thank You Page

When you customers Opt-In redirect them to a Thank You! page and send them a welcome email. You will be surprised that connecting with your customers throughout the funnel will help you create sales more often.

You should invite them towards your community, perhaps Facebook or any other Social Media platform you may use. By creating a place for people to meet you are creating a well-being atmosphere. 

You could even subscribe for my eBook from where you will receive a free week’s Entrepreneur Certification Course, a free fully hosted website and a chance to meet 1000’s of other Affiliate marketers that run their own online businesses.


Day 1 – Foreshadow

Now you have a community it’s time to foreshadow the members and invite them to know more about what is on the horizon product-wise and what you are going to offer them next. These days it’s common to have a countdown on your website to attract customers by means of time. If they know there is a time limit the more attracted they become for buying under a limited time before it’s too late.

These days customers are looking for a bargain so be competitive with your price and always keep your opt-in to around $25 maximum.  The Core Offer is soon to hit marketing shores for customers to need your product. The creation of foreshadowing and explaining to customers via an exciting atmosphere, especially for yourself will open the flood gates for sales. This is where a sales funnel begins to have multiple streams of traffic and your funnel needs to be automated and then later monetised. More about that later.

Day 1 – (30-60 Days) Engagement 

How to Create Anticipation

It’s time to send your tribe a sequence of emails after a week of launching your product on a countdown. You should be creating anticipation making customers pleased that the product must be what they have been looking for. You must believe this to for your business to work. The more trust and quality you have in your own product and building your website and four offer funnel the more your customers will notice this because it’s a smooth transition from the first subscription to the overall sale. Always remain happy and cheerful and full of charisma.

Continue to engage with customers during this 30-60 day period whichever suits your niche. The more you interact with customers the more others will come along to see what is going on. People like to talk about what they have found deal wise so word spreads quickly and sometimes others might show friends and family for support so show your real charisma and likeable personality.

Monday – Collaboration – After 30-60 Days

On the Monday following the 30-60 day engagement ask your tribe to ask the most pressing questions related to the countdown, the actual product or service. Ask your tribe to ask you their most pressing niche-related questions via email, survey or Social Media. If it all works out by now people simply can’t wait for the release day.

If you are not sure how it all works think about Play Station 5 and how many millions of people had to wait for ages to buy one and when they came out the stock did not last. The anticipation was immense and people were paying ridiculous amounts of money to own one.

This is a clever marketing strategy and works for most major brands that top the market. At this time customers will be feeling they can’t wait and lots of people will be talking to each via your Social Media platform. This means your business is about to launch and become successful.

Five Offer Funnel Collaboration Day

The Following Friday – Collaboration 

How to Get Free email Campaigns

At this point, you need to thank your customers and explain to them all will be revealed when the Core Offer is live and customers can begin to place orders. Whatever the product by following the Four Offer Funnel strategy your sales will increase tenfold. You will need to set up your email system but there are many companies that allow you to try for free for the first 500 emails subscribed.

AWeber has a deal going, however, after the first 500 emails, it’s around $16.95 a month for your landing page creation, email campaigns and much more. Also, you can contact me by subscribing for my eBook and I will show the best platform to start for a free week’s training and a free fully hosted website.

At this point, there is no reasonable doubt on my mind that you will have butterflies in your tummy. If you have managed to create a community and filled it up with customers for correspondence and community webinars, group chats and Q&A’s your most likely ahead of the game. 

Monday to Sunday – Anticipation

At this point, you will run a week-long anticipation campaign that counts down the release of your product launch. This is near to where you also release the indoctrination content. Be creative with the campaign and be as excited as possible.

This may be your first attempt to learn as much as you can to create more funnels with more products for more customers. It takes time to learn this and even I had to learn it over again after splitting with a platform called Professional Vagabonds from where I had a year training to set up an online store. I’ve placed a post for more about the (Five Offer Funnel) slightly different from the Four Offer Funnel which you can read more about here

So next we will be looking at indoctrination from where you will learn the next stage of the Four Offer Funnel. We have covered some techniques you may be familiar with and some that intrigue you and you may want to try. These days there are many different types of funnels but seems as I have used this strategy myself I thought only fair to share it with my audience and customers.

How to Master a Campaign Countdown

Monday – Saturday Indoctrination

  1.  Monday – Release the first part of your indoctrination series. Add value, foreshadow part two and ask for engagement.
  2.  Wednesday – Release the second part of your indoctrination series. Briefly summarise part one. Add value and foreshadow part three and ask for engagement.
  3. Friday – Release the third part of your indoctrination series. Briefly summerise part one and part two, add value and present the Core Offer as the best path to your customers desired outcome.
  4. Saturday – Run a live Q&A session in your community to build trust, overcome objections and prepare your tribe for the Core Offer registration.


Monday Initiation #1 – Give your tribe access to the Core Offer sign up page. About two hours later turn up with the ”social proof” email. When a member of your tribe signs up send them to a Thank You! page from where you will offer a continuity offer.

Tuesday Initiation #2 – Direct your tribe to an F&Q page that answers common questions and objections. Include a link to the sign-up page. When a member of your tribe buys, redirect them to a thank you page that presents them with a continuity offer.

Wednesday Initiation #3 -Direct your tribe with a content page that delivers value and offer additional bonuses. Include a link to the signup page. When a member of your tribe buys, redirect them to a thank you page That presents you with your continuity offer.

Thursday Initiation #4 – Remind your tribe of their desired outcome, courage them to take steps to achieve it, and remind them you will be there to help them every step of the way. Include a link to the signup page. When a member of your tribe buys, redirect them to the thank you page that presents your continuity offer.

Friday Initiation 5# – Warn your tribe about the impending deadline. Follow up about three times in the twelve hours of the initiation phase before closing the offer. Include a link to the sign-up page. When a member of your tribe buys, redirect them to the thank you page that presents your continuity offer.

Monday (Preservation) – Connect with the members of your tribe who didn’t join and give them some valuable content as a thank you for taking part in the launch.