The Adventures of Blogging For Success

Blogging has become the fave amongst internet entrepreneurs worldwide not for the reason to sell but more to be heard fast and accurately. Some of the most amazing blogs can be read even better than travel books that’s how good they have become these days. There is no contemplation in holding back on what a travel blog can teach us about a place we all want to go to. I’m going to cover the adventures of blogging for success.

It’s amazing how many people have begun a blog as a diary in telling us their adventures and the fun they are having on their travels. It’s so great that even relatives can keep up with what their kids are up to. Travel blogs are the norm these days and there is no stopping them even to make money.

The adventures of blogging for success are second to none, people love them because they show charisma and a whole lot of memories, love and passion especially when travel and holidays are concerned.

Great Travel Blogger Rule

Great travel bloggers are working as affiliates and including links to their affiliate programs to make money and they are making lots of it especially the ones I read on a daily basis.

  1. A Broken Backpack.
  2. Lili’s Travel Plans.
  3. The Blog Abroad.
  4. My Life’s A Movie.

Other travel blogs are more like personal blogs that record the daily lives of intrepid travellers. These blogs are often accompanied by a vlog or podcast. And stunning photos. Many travel bloggers have Patreon accounts and offer their audience extra content at a small additional fee as mentioned above with links to affiliate pages or products from foreign countries.

These days technology for bloggers has changed ten-fold with super-fast laptops, more internet connections around the world and even drones that take aerial views from 400 feet up of the prestige beaches that bloggers as successful as they can often hang out at for long periods.

Blogging wasn’t big when I started out in 2002 but it was established in a small way. When it kicked in around 2004 blogs were everywhere covering topics from gardening to travel and even car repairs and how to keep fit. There is nothing better however than blogging for success.

Blogging is by far the best method to get a message across to your audience. I simply can’t get enough of reading travel blogs especially for those that live from their blogs to travel. For me, that’s what its all about to live and work for freedom. I’ve heard they can earn as much as $1000 a day to $20.

While this is not a lot of money, this is enough to justify that travel blogging CAN be a source of income provided you consistently learn, grow and patiently wait for the results. Just like no business breaks even in 30 days and no business makes you a millionaire in 90 days, blogging will not do that either at the start but will reach a windfall eventually if you stick with it.

It’s all about setting it up before you leave home and to have a leaving message, some nice graphics and a good goodbye message before you leave and then build it as your travel blog over time. Remember to share the whole experience with your friends, family and relatives. It’ll catch on like wildfire the more beautiful places you visit and how great your stories are.

It’s easy to set a travel blog up just visit some of the websites I have to listed below to get some idea. All you need is a laptop or even a phone if you can navigate to build your content, The best travel blogs come from laptops and Ipads as they are easier to work with. Take a look at where you can achieve a blog with a website server and a site builder program.

  2. Constant Contact
  3. Gator by HostGator.
  5. Blogger
  6. Tumblr
  7. Medium
  8. Squarespace.

Blogging For Fun or For Work

Those are just a few that I’ve listed that will give you some choice. Been a blogger is fun, exhilarating and sometimes a powerful tool to get a message across. The media use blogging these days as a means to grab and spread the news.

It’s ironic how the media need blogs to survive these days but they need to be involved to grab the best piece of the pie and I can’t say I like them much due to the fact blogging was never supposed to be for the media to catch on to. I’m a massive fan of travel blogs because they teach about where to go, what to do and provide me with the cheapest alternative to living life abroad.

Believe me, there’s no shortage of great travel bloggers to follow on the Internet. So, I’ve culled the list down below creating a list of the most interesting blogs I’ve found. this list was arranged for the Best Travel Blogs 2020, by category, as noted below:


Blogging is easier than creating a full website because you can just build as you travel and you have lots of time to accomplish your goal of creating a great portal for others to read about when you’re on your travels. When I lived in Thailand for five years I had the next best thing which was a travel forum but blogs are far better for me now with what I can do to attract an audience.

Some travel blogs are fascinating and incredibly laid out almost like the navigation to a new world with beautiful pictures and drone coverage that only a millionaire can dream of, that’s how much has changed since the old days. We can see luxury at no cost and at our fingertips. With the use of drones capturing scenic views and party lifestyles, it just can’t be beaten.

These days people are becoming exceptionally good at adding music coverage to their drone shots making the whole moment as surreal as you can imagine. If you take a tour on YouTube there are millions of videos and drone coverages from various blogs and YouTube subscriptions than you can believe. It’s unreal what people can do with videos and blogs these days.

I’ve left one for you to visualise about and how nice these videos are capturing the delights of paradise in life about travel and spending time with friends. It’s the best way to build an email list if you make a brilliant video and a blog to support it. However, there isn’t anything than the adventures of blogging for success

The temptation to lock up the house and to live abroad is easy to understand when you observe these videos with friends enjoying themselves and the prestige waters and beaches that they cover. I love the fact that we can all fly our drones safe and have fun to capture our lives as we have huge fun with friends and our families abroad.

The temptation is real and so is building a website or blog to support your travels but it really isn’t that difficult with the new generation of apps and programs that make the job easier. If you’re like me slightly internet savvy you could build a video coverage blog in two days. It’s simple as that it takes no time just patience and dedication.

Travelling to Make Money

If you love your travels and wish to make money from it a blog is the best method by implementing decent affiliate links to your pages. If you have your own product even better but it must be based around travel or at least travel based. You can achieve whatever you wish if you learn from Freedom to Roam Marketing archives.

The big question ……. Is blogging as good as it was Probably – not because of itself, but more about what’s best for you. Despite claims that no one wants to read long-form content, or that all content will be delivered via video, the fact is, Blogging is still an extremely viable and effective medium for creating content and building an online business.

I’m building my next vacation around making videos and creating a blog with my friends and that’s all I want to show you right now how you can live and create a decent life away from home, where the 9-5 jobs are. I’m no genius but I know that if you want something enough you have to capture that moment to live your life as you want. And let me tell you there is nothing better than the adventures of blogging for success.

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6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Blogging For Success”

  1. I found your article so interesting and inspiring especially because I love to travel and I would love to blog about it. I feel that this is hugely important when we have been so far away from travelling during the worlds lockdown so it will be so good to get back to visiting those unknown places.

    I think when I have finished my present business then I will look to do travel. It would be fantastic to start earning and paying for going around the world and experiencing new adventures which I can share with others.

    An amazingly motivational piece of work that I think will make others feel good and dreaming of going abroad.

    Thank you 

    • Hi Imelda,

      Thanks for your kind words and I agree to travel for me is a big release and I always feel happy when I’m on the road. It’s many peoples dream to travel and work online as it is to be successful at home running an affiliate business so my website pretty much covers everything related to both. My friend and I are going to be running a joint project in the future for travel as both of us want to leave the office we work at and escape the 9-5 routine as quickly as possible.

      In Friendship


  2. Yes, Blogging is fun and great thing to do, you can earn on it if you are capable enough. Me myself, I am doing it for fun too but I do it for history. If I look back then I can remember and see what’s different and what’s not. Haven’t think of it like a jo though, but maybe someday I get feeling that I want to do it. You know sometimes random thoughts are gonna run through your head and make you think, do I want to do that? But overall I think blogging is fun to do.

    • Hi Elari,

      I agree blogging is fun especially with the use of new gadgets on the market such as drones for video coverage. You can make a great video and edit it with some great music and make it into something really special. I’m going to be blogging again soon for that reason to capture some great video coverage and make diary kind of blog to document my travels when they arrive. Thanks for commenting on my post.

      In Friendship


  3. I agree blogging has come a long way since the early 2000s. Nowadays you bump into someone that blogs or vlogs left and right. Blogging seems like and easy thing (which it is) but it does require a lot of discipline and time to be successful in my opinion. My current niche is health and diet on my blog but I always love traveling so I think I am going to pick up on that as well. Will check out all the travel bloggers that you follow and learn from them 🙂 

    I think it is all about the action. Just stop talking about it that you will do, just do it! Sooner or later you will have a successful blog. 

    • Hi Nuttanee,

      I’m selling health products to on health website I say it’s for mental illnesses with natural cures not to cure but to sustain a  healthier life. Freedom to Roam is my fave website to help people understand pretty much everything affiliate marketing based and it gives a clear idea about what to do. I’m on my 85th post most above 1000 words so Bing is loving me I just need to crack Google but I’m getting there slowly. 

      In Friendship



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