Professional Vagabond V’s Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Let me explain about the Professional Vagabond V’s Wealthy Affiliate Platform About an 18 months ago I entered into the competition from professional vagabond’s platform that promised success and a venture into a new world of Facebook marketing.

Ryan Sletcher the founder of professional Vagabond compiled a competition for making sales using the Five Offer Funnel and using his cart to sell products online. Don’t get me wrong it was a great idea but it was launched from SA which seemed a bit odd to me for someone that was so keen to live in silicon valley. That was his dream and he had worked hard towards it creating an online training platform that although had it’s problems was a great platform.

The training started off well but soon it was plain to me that it would never work. The favourite person that won the Indonesia holiday paid by Ryan was always in front of sales. Quite easy when you think about the amount of time they spent chatting with each other.

When it comes to competition lets talk about competition Vs completion and look at Wealthy Affiliate’s a millionaire selling bike parts. I have joined in the fun to win first prize and it seems much more of a possibility than before with the professional Vagabond competition. Professional Vagabond’s platform exists as does any other competition website but I choose Wealthy Affiliate to be my prize trip to Vegas because it goes from year to year so I have time to win as we all do in the community..

Dealing with False Claims to Success

There was nothing wrong with the Professional Vagabond deal it just seemed that the winner was chosen before the contest was complete. Ryan the entrepreneur did more than three migrations to the platform that wrecked my business it would have been OK if he wasn’t so hasty to upgrade while the search for his customers. For me, all I wanted to do was sell software for a recruitment business but it folded because of the promises of being able to make it happen.

I still have the website and the whole business ready to go for those that want to recruit English teachers worldwide in the future with more than 40+ functions for recruitment but not at the moment. If you want to know about this please let me know in comments and I’ll get back to you soon.

What’s Was The problem?

The Professional Vagabond V’s Wealthy Affiliate Platform is more about when you enter into a competition you need to know how you’re getting on right? But with the problems with the cart’s migration this was at most overlooked and with favouritism in the FB group it was hard to compete with. With WA I never get that do I think you know where I’m going with this it’s about been promised something will work or not and when it doesn’t most people will leave.

I don’t see Ryan’s dream of living in LA to true as that was his one dream to us that he could achieve if we took his training. Don’t get me wrong the training was really good but the platform let it down. With Wealthy Affiliate, there is far more activity with members than Professional Vagabond and that’s why I trust that soon I’ll be going to Vegas on a trip to meet the guys be it tomorrow, next week or in five years time I will get there as you will too if you join.

Let’s weigh up the odds even if I don’t I still have unlimited training to get onto my goals before I fold which isn’t going to happen and that’s the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate you never feel you’re going to fold for the dream. It’s far more about SEO and improving one’s writing to become successful.

It comes with a price but with less promise than Professional Vagabond and that’s what makes it work better. Basically, take the training and learn the SEO side of things and profit from the internet when you get noticed for your work from a search engine basis.

Five Offer Funnel Vs SEO

Ryan’s theory was to train us up to sell online just like any other platform but he missed a point that we need to have a product that could sell that could be pushed into a funnel which none of us had apart from me. It was all about funnel marketing whereas Wealthy Affiliate is not it’s about lots more and at most SEO, free traffic and learning more using the brain, not just FB ads that don’t work unless your FB expert.

Wealthy Affiliate’s platform gives you a huge amount of knowledge if you’re a pro or not it’s there to learn but with Professional Vagabond it is more about buying the training and following the instruction, it was about favouritism something I have never seen in WA.

Get Your Free Website, Domain Name and a Full Week’s Training

I have had enough of competitions let’s get to work and build great websites again that are really helpful. I know there are far too many wonderful websites out there that work but let’s make yours be one of those.

Download the file below and follow the instructions it follows for a far better path to finding a sales funnel for your business it’s there to help you. Keeping your customers and making them return is what you need. I know that was the great thing when taking the training at Professional Vagabond and Wealthy Affiliate.

Please posts your comments below and click the pic to join me in full colour of solving problems. Look at this Four-Offer-Timeline below it’s in poster format for you to pin on your wall and it’s helped me lot’s in sales. If you wish to gain free training for an Entrepreneur Certification Training please subscribe.


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