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My first product launch with Freedom to Roam Marketing is a finalized website that has a back-office for content creation from where each page can be added with various niche market content depending on which level of teacher and school you wish to have as your core website drive for teachers to use as there main recruitment service.

The website has various services added to the admin area (Back-Office) from where the site’s pages can be created depending on which kind of content for that page you require such as resume upload service or school advertisements. Imagine your index page which is the homepage from where teachers connect with your business from search engines and how they meet your website for information about your business. Your index page is your main page of contact so I’ve added tools from where you can write about your business and tell teachers about the services you offer for them to find a new job as a teacher.

Your homepage is your customers first port of call and must be clear and advise potential teachers about your services on how each service works. Your services are all added to your homepage from the top menu for them to view each service. You can arrange these services as you please and have them grouped together for a clear understanding of each service. I created an example of how your website may look and read below.

Security & Awareness

The security of your website is the main attribute and reason I have made TEFL Art Recruitment Platforms because without the added security on each level of your website there would be no reason to sell it as one of the world’s finest English teacher recruitment website.

Your website is coded in PHP and every single page has a security code written within it to improve website performance and to keep your website safe from external hackers that may wish to steal your information and documents. Also, your admin area known as your website’s back-office has a double encrypted password sign-in procedure from where you can enter into your admin area. This area is where all your website’s functions are and where you will build content on each page.

As per GDPR Guidelines, every site must comply with EU Rules concerning cookie declaration and how we use data collected from visitors and clients. The Cookie and Privacy statements are grouped to just one page on the site & you may choose whether to display the privacy statement – The cookie statement will always display when you activate it to show or not.

Reason for TEFL Art Recruitment Platform.

The world is full of hundred’s if not thousands of  English teacher recruitment websites that are not necessarily better than each other but at most outdated or unable to offer automated services within the website. I’ve added functions to the website to keep services internal for security purposes but such services are displayed on each page when you add them so it’s your mindset to know you have control over what you display or not.

Tefl Art websites have been built with a desire to move forward with continued updates and service improvement. I’ve built the website and promotion of the whole business with a special mindset and mentor. The exact mentor that helped me with advertising my business and he owns the world’s most lucrative travel blog.

I have been taught to introduce my blog from the best creator of blogs as mentioned in the last paragraph to give you a clear a motivated mindset on why you should choose TEFL Art as your recruitment website as a whole business startup package. You can now view two special parts of my business from where you can purchase your start-up package and begin recruitment of English teachers.

Below are two links from where you’ll learn about the website and how each service can be added to the website for your business to grow fast and secure to gain the best place on the TEFL market. The first link describes more about each function and how to build your services on each page. It’s more like a business plan that you can follow to secure your place as a great recruiter.

Website Example – ESL Teach Abroad

The link below is the sales page I’ve created for you to learn more about me and what I’ve been up to over the years not just as an English teacher but far more. The blogs I’ve added are a fantastic reach out on how your life could be as an owner of one of my recruitment business websites mentored by my genuine self to assist you in your business for future launch.

My business is to mentor you and guide your website into the limelight of the TEFL industry and lift your services to a fantastic future for English teachers to use around the world. It’s what I do and I’m proud of my achievements and want you to reach out for the best teachers for schools around the world.

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