Melbourne, Australia

After leaving Sydney after the marketing job and meeting lots of new friends it was time to move down to Melbourne to stay at a real quiet place on a side street where I met some Japanese ladies and a few other likeminded travellers on route to a destination unknown.


I enjoyed a few days in the hostel from where I met Phil and Luke from London again and lot’s more from my travels. We went to the F1 and watched the racing which was fun with lot’s of beers and sunshine and on the evening we went to a neighbours reunion night from the TV series but we heard Toadfish was banned from the night for previously sleeping with an English backpacker which he wasn’t supposed to do. Who Knows, most likely the reason why he became a lawyer in his later years with the series. later that evening we went to a bar which was packed with backpackers, locals and a few famous people from the Grand Prix. I and the lads pulled a joke and put some straws behind our ears and pretended to be from the UK F1 team and it worked. later that night Phil decided to tear his shirt in a fight and we ventured to a gentleman’s club but we got thrown out for taking photo’s. (Gosh I would have thought being in Thailand was enough with the ladies of the night) BTW! I have no idea why my eyes are always closed in photos like the ones below.




I had fun in Melbourne even though it was very much like living in the UK at times with the weather and lot’s of British living there but it was a nice place. I visited Phil and Luke at a small house in the Greek area of town which was rented by a few others for a night of pizza and beer and then we said our goodbyes for a day or two as we met later on our travels up the Great Ocean Road on route to Adelaide. I filed my taxes whilst in Melbourne which cost $50 but I was excited to see how much-promised tax I was to get back. BTW! If you have a valid working visa for a year in Australia always keep your payslips and your tax number safe for the reason of tax returns. It takes a while but it’s a nice little paycheck when you get it which I’ll explain later.

I was excited and travelling this time totally alone up the Great Ocean Road with the really satisfying thought of meeting my aunt and uncle from the UK who moved to Adelaide many years ago. It was the next few months that really made me happy to be learning more about the key factors of been able to travel alone. I rented a car and moved on towards Adelaide with the stunning views and the CD player blasting out music by the Smiths and some 90’s dance music. I met Phil and Luke in a pub along the way nearer Adelaide from where we kipped for the night. They had a tent all set up and I slept in the car all night. That night on the Great Ocean Road was the very last time I remember meeting Phil and Luke. If you know a Phil and Luke Bell from London let me know perhaps it’s them.




Adelaide Bound (Barossa Valley) Section Six


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