Mastering You Affiliate Marketing Competition Via Jaaxy

How to use Jaaxy Keyword PlannerIf you haven’t heard about Jaaxy yet let me introduce what it means to affiliate marketers. Jaaxy is the only stand-alone keyword platform that coincides with affiliate marketing research and enables you to compete with your competitors as far as keyword search and domain positioning goes. It was built by Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Study your marketing competition via Jaaxy you can’t go wrong to get the results you need to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the world’s longest-standing communities and platforms to allow you to build your affiliate marketing business online with all the training placed upon you from both Kyle and Carson and community members. The training is updated daily so training improves with age.

There are presentations in the form of webinars and affiliate based training which if taken step by step and can really improve your experience on the platform. Most of us need groundbreaking training to compete in today’s competitive climate. The webinars are interactive and allow you to drop a comment or two about each topic that is covered each week.

Breaking Down the Marketing Competition Via Jaaxy

Jaaxy has several functions and is a very powerful keyword research tool to analyse search engine ranking and is known to be a required tool for an affiliate marketing business as a necessity today. You can dissect your searches to implement it into your website’s needs via keyword implementation. By breaking down your search you learn how to write online to hit better rankings for your domain name is something you are always going to need.

The tool can also be used for individual posts from where you get to know their ranking too. By dissecting your content you can reach out towards breaking down competitors posts as you would your own domain to search for a better search engine ranking. There is a chance for you have Jaaxy as a tool within your Wealthy Affiliate account if you wish to become a member subsequently building your own online affiliate business.

How to Implement KeywordsBy understanding your website’s ranking you can dissect each word or phrase that you incorporate into your content and push for better results. For example with this website, we would be looking for keywords for Freedom to Roam Marketing. By entering the domain name into the search box along with a keyword you will get many variations of that word from where you could get ideas for posts, reviews, articles or domains.

There is a site rank opportunity from where you would be predominantly searching to see how your whole websites ranks. Due to competition and search engine alterations, I’m sure you agree this is a necessity when building an online business. You can input any keyword that you see appropriate for your website to get an almost direct, fast response to your search query.

With Jaaxy you have the critical most advanced tool that any affiliate can own and it comes at several costs. If you want to own your own business now is the time to jump on board from where you receive a 100 searches a month. This gives you enough time at some time in the month to dig down deep into checking your keywords and it comes on a platform that has all the tools to build your affiliate marketing website called Wealthy Affiliate.

Efficient, Fast, Powerful Keyword Data

Jaxxy can also be used for external businesses or other online content-driven businesses that are not solely for affiliate based, selling for online programs for a fee or commission. It’s a forward-thinking necessity for search engine requirements that are open to almost all online businesses worldwide. The difference of Jaaxy is that it was built by affiliate marketers originally for affiliate marketers but has now branched out towards all businesses around the world.

Jaaxy is run via fast, efficient keyword data and although comes at a cost Jaaxy produces the keyword data you need in a matter of seconds. Traffic, competition, QSR, ranking and domain data are available for billions of search terms right at your fingertips. Every affiliate marketer that implements keywords into content requires this to maintain or create a website ranking.

How to Use Jaaxy for KeywordsThe beauty of Jaaxy is your competitors most likely use another keyword research tool that could be outdated or not efficient enough. Microsoft has recently implemented a tool that works with excel spreadsheets called Microsoft Advertising Intelligence that allows real-time searches from your excel Bing advertising account and offers free training via Microsoft advertising tech support. They are also spending 30 minutes for those that want to learn about it via a free phone call.

I’m a massive fan of Jaaxy because it comes as part of a platform for affiliate marketers so I tend to stick with what I know and can’t mention how great it is due to its powerful onsite capability from the Wealthy Affiliate interface. If you wish to try to build an online business try out Wealthy Affiliate. With the continuous growth of millions of keywords, Jaaxy competes well with the best.

Jaaxy even though offered to members of Wealthy Affiliate under membership it only competes for anonymous searches so there won’t be any repercussion for searching for keywords from the platform? I hope your privacy is safe if you try it out and that your keyword searches stay under the safe umbrella for your business to thrive.

Analyze your SEO Competition

As mentioned the importance of analysing your competition is second to none and relates to how improvements will be made to your online or external business whichever. You need to be hitting the best keyword phrases or single keywords searches for a successful business.

How to Understand Google for ContentAnother attribute of Jaaxy maybe that you are starting a new business to compete on the market. You will have the ability to search for competitive keywords to hit higher ranks online. Many people consider Google as the only search engine that can uphold their business needs.

However, Yahoo and Bing still own a huge slice of search engine results. With Jaaxy you get to see how you rank across the board for all three search engines so that you can monitor where you need to play catch up with Google. Google’s algorithms differ from Bing and Yahoo and although related to similar software that supports them there algorithms are harder to compete with.

This is the reason Jaaxy is so important to my own needs and relates to what my online affiliate marketing needs. Having Jaaxy inside the community helps with my website keyword structure and is easy to manage to be one of the most important tools for (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation. Jaaxy has taken one of the most powerful research techniques and automated it. Take any search term and work out which is best for you.

Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup & Pay Per Click

The Alphabet soup is one of the key functions in Jaaxy that allows you to create a list of 100’s of words used for online (PPC) Pay Per Click campaigns. With the most common misspelt words right through to the most common general keywords including less obvious keywords, you will improve your ads ten-fold.

There are many more powerful words that could change your business on the market. Pay Per Click allows you to create ads based on your business reason, what it sells and brand awareness meaning you can create an ad as easy as your business may be explained to an individual. The ads driving engine relates to keywords that are implemented to sell via Google and Bing ads.

If you decide to use Jaaxy you will find great keywords to include into your (PPC) campaigns. You can set up an account with Microsft and Google and learn more about the (PPC) platforms. Microsoft has fantastic support at the moment as they deliver the all-new Microsoft Advertising software with the mentioned Microsoft Adverting Intelligence (PPC) software.

Find Available Domains in an Instant

Jaxxy is able to allow you to search for domains that will reflect on your business and outlook on the market today. The search includes .com, .org and .net domains so the world is your oyster. Jaaxy will advise you which domains are available for use as a business domain name.  An average search will reveal many high traffic, high-value domains with an average of 90 domains being checked with every search.

How to Understand Domain Name Real EstateIf your business is into domain name real estate and purchases domains to sell later Jaaxy is a great tool to incorporate. By making simple searches you can learn which domains are available to re-sell and begin bargaining on a price.

If your business is a local business that depends on external traffic by having prime local marketing domain search is a competitive method of learning your competitors, finding out new ideas that will make your business far more competitive on the market.

If you are looking for an affiliate program be sure to use Jaaxy to learn what’s available for you to research in order of the best commissions. You can research affiliate programs online with Jaaxy to for the best results and then research afterwards about how much commission you can earn for your content and sales

Domains can cost thousands of dollars, however by using Jaaxy your searches will be more refined and direct to the types of a domain name you are searching for. Just by placing a simple search may save you 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars in the long run.

The Final Jaaxy Explanation

Overall Jaaxy has been a great research tool to implement into my website’s business back office. Working with Wealthy Affiliate and getting Jaaxy for free is an added bonus. Subscribing it will reflect on how important your business is for you. Most people that run a successful online affiliate marketing business tend to swing more towards the Jaaxy enterprise version.

There are over 500 Million “brand new” search terms being searched every day, it is important that you have a keyword tool that can offer accurate traffic, competition, and domain insights into billions of keywords. Jaaxy is that tool.


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6 thoughts on “Mastering You Affiliate Marketing Competition Via Jaaxy”

  1. When I joined WA and started running my web link I had no idea what Jaaxy meant. I followed the instructions and used it normally. I continued to use each post but if it was emphasized in each lesson not that it became clear to me. Now, when I read your post some things became clear to me 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Many things have become clear to me as a beginner and I hope it will have the same effect on the other beginners.
    Thanks again

    • Hi Enaku,

      Jaaxy was something I was not sure about until I started using it so now I find it useful as a tool to know where my posts are ranked on the three search engines. It’s great for a domain name search tool and affiliate programs so you can find that Jaaxy really is a necessity 

  2. Hi there and thank you for this thorough review of Jaxxy! It really is such an amazing tool for getting ahead of the competition shall we say! When I joined wealthy affiliate I never had a clue about this tool but have soon learned about the many features that can be so useful! I love Jaxxy! 

    • Hi Mike,

      A lot of people haven’t even heard of JAAXY but I can honestly say in a year or two this will be the tool, not just affiliate marketers but all online marketers that sell online or off. It’s a great tool to have by your side as you write research and move forward with your business.

  3. Thank you for a comprehensive review of Jaaxy! Speaking from personal experience, I have never enjoyed a keyword research tool like Jaaxy since I became a WA premium member.  This is one of the premium tools we enjoy on Wealthy Affiliate, which cannot be found elsewhere.

    It’s been a handy tool for me personally since I started building my business with this great online business community. It’s such a brilliant keyword tool that helps make content marketing easy for all of us. Thanks,


    • Hey Joyce,

      I wrote this post on the backend of being involved with Jaaxy. I only used it to see the ranking of posts to see where they stood but after using more and more I have become a popular user. I love it’s amazing and sure does open up our eyes to ranking on keywords and posts.


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