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Imagine spending 20 years of your life to find wealth and having that heart ache to have it fail every single time. Have you wondered how the media disrupt businesses and use the news to give false accounts of the world’s wealthiest and why their lies and hacking system has almost made the world so paranoid that it’s so awful to watch. Remember the worldwide telephone and bugging news? It’s happened for years and it happening now there simply is no privacy anywhere in the world and it’s all because of various hacks that have happened over the last decade on the web.

Facebook got hacked, UK Reg got hacked, Wiki leaks sent out chilling reports that were stored from various war torn countries on how people were not just killed they were murdered. It’s all this I want to stop with automation of not just your business or your life. It’s happened to me already and I know how it works but it’s only people like me that understand this and I’m here to help you understand it to so it doesn’t effect you to much like it did me to send out this message.

Newspapers around the world attempted to use old techniques to maintain their position in milking  for money in hacking as much information as they could to unfold what is happening across the globe for their own benefits. It’s the norm for beautiful woman to be spread across the pages of newspapers in marketing like sheep or as the modern technique shows making them look ridiculous with huge breasts and huge pouting lips and also those that have been hiding behind the camera thinking they are protected from the real people like me and you. It’s power marketing techniques gone wrong and it’s not working because it’s wrecking relationships and families. Some of this that is happening is for good reason it’s not just bad because I believe the world is changing and that GOD has a sure mission tin making sure what those that destroyed the plant can never be around to do it again.


The modern world is at temptation and it’s heart wrenching to see what is happening to people across the world with people loosing their lives and businesses shutting down and high streets vanishing even people people starving and animals dying to almost extinction all for what? It’s a simple fact the world has forgotten that those that walk this earth that care about their children’s future attempt not to destroy the lives of those that care but to improve it and nothing can stop me Mr. Stephen Peter Jones from or those that are at will to join me improve education become united in out cause.

High powered marketing is a disgrace and the only ones that suffer are those that can’t see this happening to our people across the globe. Milking those that have done nothing but tried to be a better person, business or family. It’s terrible that animals have also been used for the sake of making money. How does this work I hear you ask and why?. This happens because the United kingdom for example have forgotten how to protect nature and the money is made by learning how animals act in their own environment and they build empires for there families such as ants and where have all the bee’s gone I hear you ask?.

Education in making money from cows is not how it should be done other than the simple health benefits through healthy food from dairy produce. I admit that some animals have to be observed to make even their environment better for them but not to educate ourselves so much that we can use humans to act like animals from learning about them which in true light is and could be human extinction because we will be acting like the food chain not knowing who is at the top or bottom but fighting it out which is how extinction could happen. If we had not intervened with animals in the first place there would be no problem because quite simply we are killing our animals for goods that are sold on high streets in stores and we acting like animals in doing so.

The world is living a lie and it’s meant that in some cases animals have retaliated upon us and caused infliction of pain in various attacks. So what’s this all about then and why is Freedom to Roam Marketing taking hold of the future of marketing. It’s all about education and learning from each other in one language as mentioned in one of my videos that 1 in 5 people across the world speak English but what about the other 4 and how is the English education going to change things with my first fully automated English language recruitment websites as a business.

I’m going to offer my recruitment business that comes in the form of a website with domain name of choice for those that are willing to be involved in creating a better environment and I’m going to offer it for almost nothing compared to the heartache and loss of money it has taken me to complete the website with all tools and services needed to begin recruitment today.

You can be involved in this because I know you care about how if our teachers from English speaking countries are good enough to learn how teach our foreign students then it’s going to improve the state of how we as a world of people can complete a huge awareness for language learning so that environmental issues can be taught in English across the world to improve what has already effected out world so much it’s heart wrenching to watch.

This website is about motivation and trust and it’s all about watching it grow with readers of this website and my Facebook group and my recruitment platform that you could own called TEFL Art. Being a part of my community is to improve the English language and move the world towards a more global understanding of how products should be sold across the world and how we can trade better and earn far more money away from the old system that simply doesn’t work. The Maslow theory and the Hertzberg theory are so outdated that it’s untrue because old systems DO NOT work they destroy hope, faith and also for those that have tried to create a really nice business that your heart was to have you ideas hacked be it for good or bad then you’ll know what i’m talking about.

I’m standing alone on my mission and before you ask I do believe in God otherwise I would NOT be going to do what I’m going to do over the next few weeks on this website because I’m going be making video’s and also posting comments and pictures and ideas of the effects marketing has had to both humans and animals on the planet. I’m going to promote my Facebook page and pay to have it advertised without the thought of stopping others belief in what they believe. I’m going to take control of the whole marketing strategy and unfold a whole new plan because automation without powerful marketing is happening each and every day around the worldwide, it’s happening everywhere but you have to know how it works to understand it.