Living the Laptop Lifestyle & Overseas Adventures

Most people would have thought living the laptop lifestyle would be a hard lesson to learn to have that freedom of where and how you work. It’s the most satisfying job if you love to travel and although it’s been some time for me I have great memories of being able to document all my travel memories online.

The only reason I’m not on the road right now with my business Freedom to Roam Marketing is due to family health issues. It takes a lot of work to create a website or blog that can give you the freedom to work and travel from wherever you want. When I’m back on the road I’m going to write a new blog and really place some effort into making it an income out of it. living overseas is my future plan, perhaps Mexico as I love the culture and of course the sun.

Working with The Professional Vagabond – Ryan Sletcher

About a year ago I was involved in a competition to win a holiday to Bali with a site build project on a platform that was a standalone business called The Professional Vagabond with all the training implemented with website support. I was really getting to grips with building a five offer funnel when my world came crashing down.

The product I was selling was an all in one recruitment platform for hiring teachers worldwide but because the platform I was selling it on went through three migrations it messed my website up so I left and moved my business over to wealthy affiliate. My recruitment website is still on hold and it’s a home-based project that is a really effective hiring English teachers worldwide. I’ll launch that when I can get the GDPR sorted for collecting information across two servers the other reason I had to place that project on hold. Hit me up for an example in comments I’ll send you the link.

The best thing about travelling is meeting new people on a daily basis and sharing stories of adventures and places you have or haven’t been to. Sharing ideas and plans is beneficial for blogs and also websites that require reviews. Some people perhaps me included have been to places far away from the realms of Lonely Planet. I’m not against Lonely Planet I just prefer to go off the beaten track and meet the true locals.

Living the Laptop Lifestyle

The Hardship of the Game – Laptop Lifestyle

Living the laptop lifestyle isn’t easy as mentioned you still have to have continued work to complete almost every day. Moving closer businesswise when you are affiliated with some great companies the work becomes much easier. If you’re thinking about living the laptop lifestyle think about setting it all up at home before you leave.
This will act as an infrastructure as to what you want to achieve when you’re travelling and you can treat it as a diary.

Let’s say you’re really organized and have an itinerary already planned you can plan the blog ready to input messages and photos etc. Basically you can complete at least half the hard work before you leave home.
I love to place lots of stunning photos so people ask more questions as to where I am but of course I have to do that when I’m there. You’ll laugh but some people have made travel blogs and they aren’t even travelling it was from past vacations but no one can fool me I would no and anyway it’s all about the real fun of running a true-life travel business.

Tell Everyone Before You Go

Don’t forget to tell everyone when you leave to read your blog it’s additive and they will love to no the beautiful places you travel to or from and not to mention you safe. Safety is a huge aspect of travel these days. I’ve been in some real trouble myself so keeping you business devices with you is part of the job I’m afraid unless you have a hotel that can lock them up with a key you possess yourself.

In my experience, I loved planning the lot while on the road it gave me something to look forward to and I don’t laze around in the sun all day I’ve devoted this whole website around the laptop lifestyle to earn as I travel, to make it monetized and automated when I get it sorted out to make it run 100% on its own with just a few posts from me now and then. That’s the best thing about the internet as long as you pay to serve all your websites it’s all done for you if you know anything about automation.

Living the Laptop Lifestyle

The Freedom to Roam Effect – You’re Ready to Travel

If you’re keen to find a solution to having that freedom to roam wherever you want to live the laptop lifestyle take a look at some worlds the finest blogs for travel and study how things are setup. If you’re reading this post away from Wealthy Affiliate please think about setting up your business with them, they have a great community and have all the tools and training needed to build a successful travel blog.
It’s an all in one package from where you don’t have to leave the platform to build your business all for free.

There is a premium version which I suggest you take which I’m on that gives you unlimited training, website security, 24hr support 7 days a week 365 days a year all for $49 a month or $299 a year.
If your not happy and it’s playing on the mind and you really love meeting people and travelling, in general, you should really think about blogging as shown on the Professional Vagabond website, Ryan is now a millionaire through his travel blog and online site build platform for the five offer funnel. If there is anyone that can teach us about the five offer funnel it’s Ryan Sletcher owner and creator of the Professional vagabond

I’m a very well-travelled man and I’ve lived in Thailand for 5 years, China 3 and South Korea for 1 and nothing beats anything for me than teaching English as Foreign language and working a business online.

So don’t be a stranger get yourself into Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll tell you all the other places I’ve travelled to and lived. This is your time to take this opportunity to change your life and I’ll mentor you when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate until your ready to leave with your travel blog and conquer the world with your map.

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  1. This is such an interesting article especially for someone like me who loves freedom, traveling and also working online as my own boss. I am reading this from a wealthy affiliate and I believe its a platform that will help me in going about it and becoming exactly as I read. Thanks so much for taking your time and sharing this. 

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