Learn all About Affiliate Marketing & Making Money Online

Learn all about affiliate marketing & Making money online. Affiliate marketing has never been easier with the number of online programs that you can utilize to make a great living given you learn from the training I’m offering you today. There are millions of programs that are reaching out to the public to sell their products and some offer a fantastic commission to help you make a great living given you learn how to write great content with solid keywords and phrases to explain all about the product or service.

My Life as an Affiliate Marketer & Making Money Online

It’s amazing to think I’ve been an affiliate marketer from way back in 2002 from where I owned a hotel booking system for the top hotels in Thailand. My daily routine was to answer comments and reviews for various hotels and give feedback to customers about which hotels may benefit their stay depending on their itinerary.

Each morning I would awake and pour a coffee and check my analytics and sales and added new updates to my hotels that have new services and customer benefits or new competitive prices so it was an ongoing process but I loved sharing my knowledge about hotels. I lived in Thailand for five years which was great to enable me to take wonderful photos of the hotels and the hotel rooms.

I was always specific to other ideas for marketing such as a travel forum called Thailand Treasure Trove. The forum ran alongside my hotel booking system where customers could find out all kinds of information about hotels and reviews from other customers. I also had an online silver jewellery store from where I sold silver beads from Chiangmai in Thailand.

Join Our Fantastic Online Business Creation Platform

These days I run Freedom to Roam Marketing to promote various programs including this one to help you receive training for free. I’ll throw in a free hosted website and a week of entrepreneurship training to allow you to learn how to build a website to sell affiliate products. I’ve been a member for around 14 months and never found such a fantastic training portal for affiliates such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Creating an affiliate business is the best feeling, it gives you the freedom to work from home or on your travels so you can choose how to live your life as you see fit. There is nothing more attractive than running an online business making enough money to live the life you want. Its something that takes time and dedication but the rewards are second to none. It’s all about marketing and making money online.

You have to be dedicated and satisfied for your ambition to win and sell as much as you can which takes a lot of patience and ambition. It”s like anything that involves money, you have to work hard at it. I remember the time I got my first referral for helping people just like you enter into the training program. I used the website to reach my own personal achievements and goals to assist others to find the same success.

Learn all About Affiliate Marketing & Making Money Online & Time Affiliate Management

Affiliate marketing helps you become excellent at time management not wasting the time on things that don’t need as much attention. You will learn to manage your time and build an online environment that customers love to visit and buy from. Your websites and business as a whole will implement great navigation for customers to follow links to pages that help them make choices to buy from you.

After some years out from affiliate marketing I knew deep down inside, I would be back making websites and learning new more updated training which I got from Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been there for 6 months and already have two successful websites so the training really is second to none and I can’t express how quickly you can achieve with the given time, commitment and a lot of learning from the training portal.

Choosing the Best Training Platform for You!

The greatest thing about how I work these days with affiliate marketing is the fact I’m not plodding on alone due to the online chat service that Wealthy Affiliate has included on the platform and the blogging facility from where you can grab an affiliate link and add it to the content of your website. There is a 24hr, 7 days a week, 365 days a year support service so you can build your business with full support.

I’ve learned more about the new affiliate marketing requirements in less than 14 months and now can build a website in a matter of days. I can choose to promote a website and it’s products and services given I find the right program to promote in a little over a week. Imagine that a business that is up and running within a week. This is something you can achieve to with Wealthy Affiliate.

In the training, I offer you with Wealthy Affiliate you will find the direction you should be heading to achieve your goals and help you implement content, links, images and choose a niche for you to promote your products. It’s really exciting isn’t it knowing you could have a business with hard work selling goods online pretty soon? It’s all about the training to get your business launched.

Choosing A Niche

Most people find it difficult finding a niche market for their products but you can choose something that interests you something I did with my most recent website which is based on the mental health market and selling herbal remedies and extracts from a great natural source.

Dedicated Direction was a niche I chose after I suffered from a nervous breakdown and had to take time recovering so I chose that as a niche to fulfil my dream of helping others achieve recovery with the help of various herbal remedies and my own account on how I recovered

I chose the domain name dedicated direction as a direction to achieve at the highest level to achieve a happy, healthy life. I believe that my website has already helped lots of people suffering from a mental illness due to my own accounts on how I found a happy, healthy life again.

Turning a Hobby into a Niche for Making Money Online

If you have a hobby or you can talk about a particular subject without stopping you may have a great niche and it can be almost anything that your positive and motivated to use as a selling point as you choose your products.

There are over 500,000 products that you can choose from so your niche will sure cover at least one of them. Even if your niche is slightly saturated and common there is a chance given your content it will be interesting and well thought out so you can still do well. of course, the best niche markets are those that haven’t been used as much due to the competition in the search engine rankings.

Consider writing on a piece of paper about your dreams and what you want to achieve from your affiliate business and keep it safe. Write down some niche ideas and list them into other markets that are similar so that you can branch off into other markets but keep your niche’s on-topic not to confuse the customer when you are creating content.

Building Your Website

When you have chosen your niche it’s time to think about the implementation of your website and a theme. Choose colours that match the theme you want and work on a white background so your text is clear for the reader.

Build your website as a shell and implement widgets for subscription forms and latest posts on the index page. Widgets help you add more theme to your website by adding tools and much-needed requirements to add your content. I recommend using WordPress as a website building tool for its simplicity and amount of widgets and plugins you can choose from.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate to Launch Your Online Business

Joining Wealthy affiliate gives you the choice of over 4000 themes so there are lots of choices for you to make. You can choose a website theme that matches your niche and work with your content to build on your affiliate links for customers to purchase from. Make sure you choose a niche that your 100% sure about because you don’t need the pressure of changing it and it not working out at all.

  1. Determine the primary purpose of your website. …
  2. Decide your domain name. …
  3. Choose a web host. …
  4. Build your pages. …
  5. Set up your payment system (if applicable) …
  6. Test and publish your website. …
  7. Market your website on social media/search engines. …
  8. Maintain your site.

If you are serious about making money online think about choosing the direction I made to make money. For example, the content you are reading is to help you help me and I spend a lot of time researching, implementing and marketing for people just like you. However, I also deliver my content to guide you towards where to get the training and how to unleash your learned affiliated marketing skills to complete the task ahead of owning your own business.

Join Me Today!

Please consider subscribing and to receive an invite from me to the platform I use for affiliate marketing website and business construction. There is a week of free training called the Entrepreneur Certification Course that helps you build your website and business. You receive a free website and a domain name both fully secured and an affiliate marketing eBook that I wrote.

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