Instant and Consistent Growth through Sales Funnels

With the arrival of so many sales funnels on the market today it’s hard to imagine which funnel is best suited to your business and how it will drive sales to perfection. If your awareness is 100% effective in showing the authority of your niche you should be fine.

Let’s start with the basic sales funnel that begins with your content for awareness and how to deliver marketing activity into your sales to create leads. Your authority is your knowledge of your niche and becomes the awareness of your funnel delivery the first point of access for customer interaction.

By knowing your niche and offering a free eBook will somewhat prove an attraction to your customers following the path into your funnel. Once customers have entered into your funnel your email marketing system should keep them around to take note of your main Core Offer and Continuity Offer at the bottom of your sales funnel.

How Does the Sales Funnel Work?

By means of nurturing customers into a funnel explains much about the real needs of its existence as part of your business strategy. Maybe you are offering a free eBook and rely on collecting emails to sell your main core offer which comes later in your sales funnel.

As potential members pass through the narrowing funnel, unlikely subscribers are filtered out while others are nurtured until converted. By collating emails through your system your emails should be triggered to send emails out one after another to enhance the customer buying experience.

The conversion takes place with your email follow-ups after the free opt-in from where customers will decide if your product offer after the opt-in is worth their time, effort and of course if they can find trust in your strategy to purchase your quality products driven by your awareness and authority of your niche and the initial opt-in.

As a reminder, I’ve added a couple of links to assist the learning of various funnels one being the less technical to implement funnel known as the Four Offer Funnel and the more in-depth Five Offer Funnel.

Both funnels work well alongside driving sales of products and can be utilised to increase sales within your campaigns providing your offers are unique, affordable, quality-driven and can be triggered with the skills of creating effective sales through the funnels to master the art of being customer orientated. 

Customer Relationship Management

Understanding Funnel Marketing

Why do I need CRM software? Good customer relationship management (CRM) software enables your business to better manage customer interactions, provide support, and maintain relationships through reliable systems and processes.

Businesses these days like to keep their eggs in one basket. With the analysis tools available today and with software that can maintain a higher position for campaign driven activity, it is hardly surprising why businesses coincide so well with CRM and funnel marketing.

Funnels do not have to cost an arm and a leg to create with the free software and platforms that ask you to trial for free until your email campaigns reach a certain amount of emails collected.

Popular Businesses that deal with CRM

  1. Monday – lets you handle all your work in one place.

  2. Freshworks – Discover the best leads, boost customer engagement, drive deals to closure, and nurture existing customers with a smart, comprehensive solution.

  3. Pipedrive – Pipedrive users close an average of 28% more deals after their first year

Depending on an organisations framework and the need for CRM software depends on the actual sales methods and the reason for keeping track of data analysis internally or through external forecasts to keep track on sales or internal management campaigns.

How to Keep Track of Funnel Sales

The Authority of Funnel Marketing

How to Understand Authoritative Website Content

Introducing the authority of your writing via well-written content to attract customers is your main requirement to lead customers into your sales funnel. By means of the explanatory content on how the customer will benefit from your product or service is the main goal to achieve higher leads.

Writing with authority is about acquiring the ability to carry the reader with you as you present your argument and make them willing to accept what you say to become a happy customer and a friend. By turning intrigued customers into initial buyers and friends depends on the overall development of your funnel.

By creating a magnet that draws customers in to be enlightened to learn more takes an in-depth look at what your niche is and what you are selling, how much you know about it and how it can change a person to become a customer.

Introducing Your Fiver Offer Funnel Opt-in

Your opt-in depends on the type of funnel you choose as the marketing backbone behind your essential online business requirements. instant and consistent growth through sales funnels often comes by giving away something that will draw customers further into the sales funnel.

There are always customers interested in eBooks, presentations, webinars and training material designed to teach and push customers towards the later part of the funnel called the core offer. If you give away something exceptional expect more from your customers in return.

Your opt-in does not need to be something you are going to spend a year creating but most definitely should be a gift that enhances the customers funnel experience to be attracted by your thank you email that arrives in their inbox straight away accompanied by a link towards your Micro Offer.


Freedom to Roam Free Opt-in – Communication (Example)

How to Find a Decent eBook on the Internet

After several years of pondering on marketing decisions to find a niche market and trying various affiliate platforms out, this year I have constructed over 130 posts and managed to create a free eBook with the limited time I had between writing posts with the new program and platform from where I learn and build websites today.

Freedom to Roam marketing touches on many variations of marketing from Affiliate marketing to down to earth general marketing ideas almost anyone can understand to learn the basics to become successful.

With the implementation of all posts, the key agender for me is to learn more about affiliate marketing, what types of people are attracted to it and how I should approach my ever-growing idea to become professional to teach online through content writing and learning marketing techniques that work.

You can read through my Freedom to Roam Marketing archives and eBook to see which posts you can adapt to, learn from and take some kind of lesson from to achieve much more in the future with online sales.

Most people ask me where I find the time to write so many posts for others to read. It gives me a sense of achievement learning as I progress and helps me become more adapted to write more openly each day.


Five Offer Funnel Micro Offer

Micro offers these days are not as common, however, can be effective to return the money it cost you when setting up your program for funnel marketing and selling products. A Micro Offer can be as little as $29.99 to attract customers further into your funnel to purchase more later.

Remember to keep the price of your Micro Offer affordable, competitive and of high quality to attract those that enter through the funnel system via the Authority and Op-in and so on.

Many webmasters tend to leave out the Micro Offer and go for Authority > Opt-in > Core Offer > Continuity Offer. From my experience when learning about funnels it remains a good idea to sell a cheaper product but of great quality as a Micro Offer to return some of the expenditure from marketing costs.

The Micro Offer could be extra training courses and videos as shown in the Opt-in, however, they must be more in-depth from a learning point of view. You could do a sequence of teaching videos or even a live webinar that breaks down the secrets of marketing your niche and how it can change a customer’s life.

By now your funnel should be doing quite well and have a continuous flow of customers entering and leaving at different stages all linked up with your campaign email system with thank you pages right from the Opt-in at the beginning where you collect emails to the final funnel phase called the Continuity Offer.

How to Include a Fiver Offer Micro Offer

Five Offer Funnel Core Offer

How to Create a Five Offer Funnel Core Offer

At this point, customers are inside your funnel and may have done the following: opted in, followed your next email to buy the Micro Offer from where you recuperate some money back for the cost of launching the funnel. Then you would have sent a thank you email and page with a link to your Core Offer. You may even think about making videos for your pages of welcoming and nurturing to the next sale. 

Generally speaking, most of the time spent on your funnel is on your Core Offer. For example, I once created a funnel for a recruitment website which was to be fully hosted with a domain name of choice. That was my Core Offer for that project and something I had spent a lot of time on so cost more money and was the primary product of my sales funnel. I know longer follow this project due GDPR restrictions.

Most people would imagine this hard to set up but given the free platforms around that allow for trials to build your funnels and email campaigns to complete a whole funnel project that works it is workable to say the least.

Five Offer Funnel Continuity Offer

Your continuity offer is a real money-spinner for your campaign where customers subscribe each month for the content you have created to reach their inbox for download each month where customers can pay each month or year for a subscription.

Generally speaking, you can implement continuity into online or offline sales. For example, you may want to sell the secret winning formula for Affiliate Marketing each month for a set monthly fee. The platform I use includes a monthly membership with all the tools and training needed to become an online business owner and I am happy paying the $49 each month to continue my quest to build businesses.

Your product and content must be impressive to keep customers on board for them to continue paying each month or year. You can put a timeline on the continuity such as 6 months for them to receive your training which gives you enough time to build more training and offer an extension on the six months.

Your continuity must be on-topic with your website authority and niche via your Opt-in and Micro Offer that leads people through the funnel to want to buy at each stage. These are your buying stages and if created with expertise and hard work can result in your business attracting many prospectus customers.

How to Make Money from Continuity Offers

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