How to Improve Your Affiliate Writing Content Skills

Let me introduce to you some writing skills that will highlight the experience of grabbing your customers attention, to keep them on board and make sure they stay around to read your content and buy your products or services. Whatever it is you want to improve I’ve studied and reviewed some key areas that can help you improve more to strengthen your niche. I’m going to show you how to improve grammar skills for affiliate marketing at a basic level.

Expository writing is written with a purpose of explaining, informing or describing and should be utilized as a unique method for search engine optimization skills to become normal practice to calculate and present what it is you’re writing about be it a topic or subject. Expository writing in affiliate based content is not related to creative or persuasive writing, however, can be interlinked into content to draw attention to the topic in a more direct way without going for the in-depth creative way.

The purpose of the expository essay is to explain a topic in a logical and straightforward manner. It is designed to give more of a report type piece of eventual writing and coincides with a fair and balanced analysis to create an awareness of the subject. It does not cover an emotional or opinionated structure it covers facts with no references.

If the writer is researching how to solve an issue it would be expository issue solving that creates the answers in the form of solution writing and also the relationship between the cause and effect that solves problems about two or more events. When using this in reviews it can be exceptionally effective if a thorough description is not required more relation between the cause and effect of the idea or product on how to use it when purchased.

Some examples of expository essays are Descriptions (for ex. “How was the game?”), Compare/contrast (e.g. “Handwriting vs. Typing”), Instructions (“Steps to finding…”), Definition (answering “What is”), Process (for ex. “How to”) and Narratives (like a story). Hope this helps!

  1. Cause/Effect Writing – students demonstrate a relationship between 2 or more events.
  2. Sequential writing – students make a list of items or events.
  3. Compare/Contrast Writing – students demonstrate how some things differ from each other or how they are alike

Below is an example from a student that represents how expository writing is implemented into content for our younger learners to learn the core basics of writing and although affiliates are mostly adults making a living online it is a clear simple answer to how expository essays work. It can be adapted to content writing for affiliate based projects in a more in-depth technique to capture the readers’ attention without writing a book.

Affiliate Content Writing

How to Write Persuasive Content

There are various forms of persuasive writing that you should consider important which I’m going to cover with you in this post. Being to persuasive as an affiliate marketer can make an audience or a customer think the message you are trying to relay is too pushy.

However, showing authority with some persuasion would be considered fine as long as the topic or review covered is part of a niche you understand. Cover enough about it to show an authoritative and persuasive attitude with plenty of examples about it whether it’s a product or service you are selling. Turn customers into friends so that they return when you launch a new product that would suit various needs.

Giving positive reason about a product becomes part of persuasive writing that reflects more about your knowledge as to how you feel and can compete with other products from the same niche or product line that other people are selling.

Remember to keep it realistic and a little like this I’m writing to you as an example. When showing the power of the word ‘because’ we are showing that is our reason for belief in our writing and it would show a persuasive attitude that reflects the power of thought and how good something is and why.

Showing consistency helps us combine our ideas with a motive in what we wish to express to our customers and that consistency must flow through writing throughout it to eradicate any unsure feelings you may have. Feelings and emotions are an important addition to writing because it gives real meaning to how good or not something really is. As long as you show consistency there is no reason for an audience to disapprove what you are trying to express to them to catch their attention.

Give you writing the social proof that you have gone out and tested you evidence on launch that something is so superb and can’t be missed. Show that you have told and sold your niche on the internet to others that have shown their satisfaction and interest. It takes time to implement this kind of writing but at least you’re learning from this point to show proof of sales and customer feedback.

Make comparisons with various ideas to launch a product that may have different specifications or prices or with a product someone else is selling. These days many affiliate reviews have comparisons of products to show an audience that one product is better, cheaper or has improved functions than the other. Comparing products with a persuasive attitude can be great when trying to get the message forward about quality, price or specifications.

How to Write Descriptive Content

Descriptive writing is something most of us learned at school when writing stories, explaining about something that we know about like affiliate writing content about products and services. Perhaps a niche you have chosen includes recipes in the content of your web pages and you want to describe what things taste like and how you feel after the meal or even what it looks like. Here are some more things to think about:

  1. If it’s not relevant to the story, chop it out …
  2. Match the voice of the narrator. …
  3. Match the mood of the story. …
  4. Play to your reader’s senses. …
  5. Don’t be afraid to use symbolism and figures of speech. …
  6. Be ready to slow down and spend some time being descriptive

The beauty of descriptive writing is that it gives our customers a real close idea what something looks, feels or tastes like and with the addition of some really informative adjectives your writing will be fine-tuned to give your customer an idea as to how something will work for them in terms of making a sale.

To write a descriptive essay, start by choosing a topic, like a person, place, or specific emotion. Next, write down a list of sensory details about the topic, like how it sounds, smells, and feels and nurture your writing into a full descriptive episode as to what you want your customers to learn.

How to Write Descriptive Content

How to Write Narrative Content

Narratives are a popular genre for students and teachers as it provides the writer with an opportunity to share there imagination, creativity, skill and understanding of nearly all elements of writing. On occasion, we refer to a narrative as ‘creative writing’ or story writing. Sometimes in writing whatever level we need to express our imagination and describe exactly what we need to bring light upon what we sell. It’s especially good for explaining characters and books or movies and when used for explanatory content can throw enthesis on writing our overall.

Although narrative writing has little to do with affiliate marketing it does depend on the product or service in question. I knew a guy from China when I was teaching English who had written a novel and although he never got it published he did explain the book to me and the overall plot and conclusion and he knew each character off by heart.

If you sell books, comics or anything that includes narrative-based content it would be great to become one of the characters and explain to me what happens in the story. Children, in particular, learn narratives at an early age for reading skills and to understand the story, however, all ages should learn narratives as a part of life and create a great experience for learners.

Writing content isn’t just an exercise for learning at school it’s something that can represent the core driving engine of our business and help us become excellent in sales. It is how we improve grammar skills for affiliate marketing overall. As an English teacher previous to becoming involved in affiliate businesses I enjoyed teaching English so much I managed to travel and teach English throughout Asia.

I consider all types of writing important for us to improve our businesses as affiliates because it makes our writing more exciting, developed and helps it flow better when writing about our niche as an authoritative method to place ownership in what we want to sell or achieve. Please find time to read more of my posts and comment below to create a thread that we can all share ideas on. If you’re looking at joining me in training to become an affiliate with a week’s free training and two free hosted websites please join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. This is an amazing article you’ve got here, this is an opportunity to to learn a lot online and believe me; this is rear. I had already saved this post so I can come back to it for further reference and also show some of my friends which I think is lacking in this area. 

    Thanks for sharing this with me , it’s helpful!

    • Hi Chim,

      Thanks for commenting on my post and I’m happy you got some good advice from it please feel free to read all of my other posts for you to gain momentum in your business and website content.

  2. Thanks for these great tips on how to proper affiliate content for people. I think the two main keys I took away from your article is to be yourself when writing and to also show people what your talking about with pictures.

    I think also that talking to people in a casual tone rather than just stating facts is also very important — as you want to keep your readers engaged.

    Out of all these tips you shared what would you say was the hardest one for you to get good at ?

    • Hi Michael,

      I think for me the most difficult aspect of writing is not the actual content more the structure and implementation of keywords and competing for them against other businesses. Also thinking about things to write about takes a lot of time so I try to read a lot from books to learn and research online but again it’s about finding that perfect topic to write about. The main thing is to never give and with this being my 60th article you can see that I have no intention of doing that.


  3. I really must say ” thank you” to you for this post.

    This has been my challenge. I have alot to write about but I lack the skill, I cannot put my ideas into writing and I just want to give up but thanks to your post I will continue and apply all you have stated here, I believe I will achieve my goals.

    Thanks alot.

    • Hi Lizzy,

      It’s so easy to give up and at times so hard to succeed but being an affiliate means you are starting a new business like any other business it can work out for you or fail. The best method of approach for me is to treat it as a real business one that I am trying to make successful no matter how long it takes. Thanks for reading my post and I’m happy it gave you the motivation to move forward with your business.


  4. As a blogger one must have the possibility to create competent grammar error free contents in your blog to keep visitors glued to your blog. The ability to create this contents depend on your spelling and grammatical ability and here in this article you will be thought how to improve your grammar skills for a good content. Be sure to put these approaches in practice

    • I think a good post doesn’t have to have a full body of writing to succeed. Most of the blogs or posts I have seen have had fantastic comparison charts and diagrams that reflect change and competitiveness between two programs or businesses. Of course, been able to create such posts is another story and can take years to accomplish to get high rankings. 


  5. Very interesting article and have actually made a note of it, keep up the good work and im sure things will work out good 🙂
    The size and structure to this article I do love.
    Jason 🙂

    • Hi Jason,

      I think writing is the most difficult and time-consuming part of affiliate marketing but needs to be addressed to be able to get ranked in Google. Sometimes we think why we both writing but with each post, we are learning how to make our writing better especially if we are learning from a program. I’m on my 60th post now and although I have traffic I still have to try harder each time to make my keywords and content reach the audience I am looking for. Sometimes especially at the start affiliate marketers are misinformed about how much work must be placed into SEO but with plenty of practice, it can be done and done well.

  6. This is amazing post. I also liked your writing style 1-2 line paragraphs. Would you like to share or write a post on how to market and increase the traffic on newly created blog in minimal amount of time.

    • Hi Logan,

      Thanks for your kind words and as far as writing goes and the creation of posts and the normal structure of how posts reach our audiences I am pretty good at SEO now. let me know how you get on and thanks for popping in by to say hello much appreciated. If you wish to have a post written after revision by me please comment below and we will get to work.


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