How to Utilise the All-In-One SEO/AIO Pack for 100/100

Learn the All-In-One SEO/AIO

Learning how to utilise the All-In-One SEO/AIO Pack for 100/100 combines hard work for an investigation into your post’s requirements to score higher in ranking for a great post at a 100/100.

The requirements here will all be mentioned in this post on to how to score well. Some people are worried scores are 0/100. The facts are SEO/AIO needs information to score you on so you will need to plan your posts with what I am going to explain today. As you can see after refining and checking many of my posts I was able to score 100/100 for some of them.

However, sometimes you may have completed all the rectifications accordingly and scored around 87/100 which is still excellent so if you feel you have completed a great post and scored high sometimes to much work can cause more damage such as changing your posts far too much. Personally, if I have done enough I am looking for around 87 for a great post so do not worry too much about getting 100/100. However, try to score high 80’s and work on that for an even better piece of writing.

How to Utilise the All-In-One SEO/AIO to Reach 100/100

As you can view below is a perfect result that had one of my posts scoring 100/100. I’m not saying this is one of my best posts. However digging in deep with the requirements needed to score perfect with basic SEO, title and readability took some work.

I must mention it also took some luck. Here’s the post that attracted so many people with The Freedom To Accomplish A Predictability For Success after I posted it with all the creativity on how to utilise the All-In-One SEO/AIO Pack for 100/100 to achieve more. Do not try to change to much rather change what you think is a problem you agree with.

The basic SEO, title and readability all click through to a larger list which I’m going to explain below. When you hit the perfect score there is no list available as the diagram below indicates.

How to Utilise the All-In-One SEO/AIO Pack for 100/100

Focus Keyphrase

SEO/AIO Implementation

I have listed the results of a post I wrote (How to Write with Captivating Interest)  that needed some work completed to enhance and conclude an improved SEO/AIO score, take a look and see what you think. The post required work completed on several locations of my post. Now let’s work on a post that got 89/100.

Focus Keyphrase in the Introduction 

Your Focus keyphrase does not appear in the first paragraph. Make sure the topic is clear immediately.

Focus Keyphrase in Image alt Attributes 

Focus keyphrase not found in image alt attribute(s). Add an image with your Focus keyphrase as alt text.

List of Focus Keyphrase Attributes

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. For example, if you were looking to buy a new pair of trainers, you might type something like “men’s’ red trainers ” into Google. Even though that phrase consists of more than one word, it’s still a keyword.

Here’s where I made a mistake on my Keyphrase attributes

My Focus keyphrase does not appear in the first paragraph. I needed to make sure the topic is clear immediately. I also needed to focus on my key phrase which was not found in image alt attribute(s)

  1. Focus Keyphrase in SEO title.

  2. Focus keyphrase in the meta description.

  3. Focus Keyphrase in URL.

  4. Focus keyphrase in the introduction.

  5. Focus Keyphrase in Subheadings.
  6. Focus keyphrase in image alt attributes.
  7. Focus keyphrase length

As you can see from the list above I need to work on numbers  4 & 6 and once I had done this I managed to leap to 89 points which is a far better score.

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How to Introduce SEO/AIO to Your Projects

Page Analysis

The page analysis is the other section of the posts that may need some work as listed below. You can see that I need to work on number 4 as highlighted from the list I have drawn up. It is the exact list you will have to maintain to reach a higher SEO/AIO score when to have written a post.

You maybe excellent at this and the SEO could be your niche and expertise, however if your posts do need rectification these simple steps will assist your quest to become better if needed.

Sometimes it can take seconds and other times a little more thought but do not strip your posts and ruin them after all you have worked far to hard to lose your great content and 80 or above is a great score.

How to Improve Your SEO/AIO
  1. Focus keyphrase in the meta description. 
  2. Focus Keyphrase in URL. Make sure keyphrase in your URL
  3. Focus Keyphrase in content. Implement your keyphrase in content.
  4. Focus keyphrase in the introduction. Place in your first paragraph
  5. Focus keyphrase length. Make the phrase is as small as you can.
  6. Meta Description Length. In your SEO/AIO description place your keyphrase.
  7. Content-Length. Don’t write more than 300 words under one topic.
  8. Internal links. Implement some other links from your website database.
  9. External links. Find some links that are external to your website such as Wiki.
How SEO/AIO Works

Here’s Where I need to focus keyphrase in the introduction 

My Focus keyphrase does not appear in the first paragraph. I had to make sure the topic is clear immediately and had to focus on number 4 from the list above to create a better score on-page analysis. All these lists are available to you when you have 0/100. 

The key here is not to worry, write your posts and use the list I have introduced to you above, both are active once you have your posts done. Once you have the content done enter the keyword into your focus keyphrase from the SEO/AIO interface and a score will be generated. All you have to achieve is what I have mentioned above. There will be a list of improvements that need to be rectified if any.

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