How to Understand Your Affiliate Product Launch Formula

An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula

Jeff Walker – Creator of Product Launch Formula

The Affiliate Marketing Product Launch Formula has been around for some years now and some people said it’s a technique that is outdated and bottom of the sales funnel list. Jeff walker the creator of the Product Launch Formula has been teaching it to thousands of entrepreneurs in all kinds of different businesses around the world and even though the initial idea is of age it’s still used in one way or another by millions of entrepreneurs around the world.

Jeff Walker created the formula that was to change his life from a small basement room and an old wooden desk in his home all those years ago. He figured that everyone else must be doing the same things he was doing at the start but without a true formula to apply to any business venture.

Little did he know that the results he was getting were WAY beyond normal… and the stuff he was doing would one day become known as the “Product Launch Formula”… and one day it would literally change the way stuff was sold on the Internet. since Jeff started teaching the Product Launch Formula way back in 2005 his students and clients have created more than $500 million in product launches that simply hadn’t been done from any formula in the past.

Product Launch Formula Success

Jeff Walker never imagined that people would be using his stuff all over the world… from Europe and the UK to Asia to Africa to South and Central America… and of course, in Australia and New Zealand. And obviously… in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The initial investment for the formula was a tiny fraction of what he made in revenue over the years. He knew that it worked for subscriptions because that is what he was using it for in a tiny basement all those years ago.

In his book, he mentioned that he was very blessed to be able to share his work with so many amazing entrepreneurs. He loves teaching this stuff and loves helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

I think looking back in time Jeff Walker’s ”The Launch” was the exact reason I began a new journey on the internet to start over again after a few failures back in 2002. I decided to continue many years later but the internet had evolved far more than I thought so I had to go back into training myself and even today I’m far behind others but playing catch up as we speak including writing this from some research about Jeff Walker.

The Big Picture for The Product Launchy Formula

Without going through it to much I’m going to break the formulas into lists for you so that you understand what you need to be concentrating on to become successful. I’m going to start with Your Big Picture.

Create Nearly Instant Momentum and Sales with Your Launch

  1. The Sideways Sales Letter
  2. Build Anticipation Before Your Launch with High-Value Content.
  3. Sell In a Non-Slimy, Non-Hypey but Very Effective Way.
  4. Use a Structured Sequence of Content.
  5. Banish Hope Marketing

Build a Great Relationship with Your List

  1. The Best Warmest List Ever.
  2. The Launch List.
  3. Identify and Answer Objections and Totally Forget about The Hard Sell.
  4. Build a Crushing Offer.
  5. Give Them Everything They Want it Makes Everything an Easier.

Massive Positioning Power

  1. You = Guru / Expert / Authority / Leader

Creating Raving Fans

  1. When You Follow The Product Launch Formula, They Will Love You Because
  2. You’re Delivering so Much Value.
  3. PLF Will Build an Incredibly Engaged Audience.

List Building On Steroids

  1. Best Way to Create a List = PLF.
  2. Your Prelaunch Formula Content is Extremely Shareable.
  3. No Matter Which Kind Of Launch they Are All Great for Creating Your Community.

Product Launch Parachute

  1. Screw Up Almost 80% of This and It Still Works
  2. No Single Point of Failure.

Launch Stacking

  1. Building and Sales from Launch to Launch.

PFL tactics, part 1: Mental Triggers

If you consider yourself as a people’s person and can work people out for a good purpose these mentioned tips below will trigger your mental triggers as they do mine each time I launch. It’s human nature for many of the mentioned mental triggers but can you place them in order as I have.

  1. Stories – We’ve Been Trained for Thousands of Years to Listen to Stories. They Grab Your Prospects Attention. We’ve Been Doing This for Thousands of Years
  2. Nothing is More Engaging Than A Good Story.
  3. Your Entire Launch is a Story Arc


  1. Give Great Stuff and People will Generally Want to Give Back to You.

Even Based

  1. People Love Events and Feeling Like They are Part of Something Larger Than Themselves.
  2. Going Through an Event TOGETHER With Other People is The Core Piece of ‘Ritual’ And Rituals Are Among The Most Powerful Experiences That Humans Have.


  1. Few Things Capture Our Attention And Imagination More Than Anticipation.
  2. This is How People Get Pulled Into Your Launch. It’s What Keeps People Reading and Watching Your Marketing Instead of Your Competitors Marketing.

Social Proof

  1. People Look to Other People on How to Act.
  2. If You Can Show Your Prospects That They Are Not Alone, Then You Win


  1. Show People That Your Stuff Works.
  2. Nothing is More Powerful Than a Demonstration.


  1. We Act Like We Think People in Our Community Are Supposed to Act
  2. Virtual Communities Can Be Really Wrong If Nor Organized Right.

Interaction & Conversation

  1. People Would Rather Talk Than Listen
  2. People Will Pay Attention to a Conversation Longer Than a Lecture.


  1. When There Is Less of Something People Will Inherently Want More
  2. Event-Based Launches Naturally Lend Themselves to Some Sort of Elements of Scarcity.


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  1. This ls very important and valuable information especially if you want success in affiliate marketing. I will need to book mark this post for reference and seeing if I am doing the things to take a real good advantage of the product launch formula. I have seen the name Jeff Walker but I need more education on his stuff and I am eager to learn more about the product launch formula. 

    • Hi Lee,

      Since you read I’ve decided to place a link upon the top of the post to Jeff Walker’s PLF so you can decide to buy it. I do get a commission but that’s not much to worry about as it’s pennies and It took me a long time to write that post after some research.

      In Friendship


  2. Nice to hear about The Product Launch Formula. I have never heard about it before, but that can be because I have not been in the online business industry very long.

    The topic is nice and I am eager to hear more about this and the Five Offer Funnel.

    All of the points that you put up in the text is true and if you want to be a good marketer you should follow them.

    • Hi Fredrik,

      Thanks for posting on my website and I just wanted to say that no matter how much you fail there is always enough time to make that failure into a lesson so you can achieve your goals. I always write a few things down in the morning to make sure they get done on that day and if not I never leave them until next week, I work until they are done. The Five Offer Funnel has been used for a long time now but some Guru’s say it’s outdated but I think not.

      In Friendship


  3. Hi, Stephen.
    Thanks for sharing your views on product launch formula. That was a comprehensive article with all the details in a clear format, step by step procedure. I understand that Stories have been a big hit among audience from generations and if we can create interest in the story then half the war is won. I would love to adopt this strategy in my upcoming project.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav,

      The funniest thing about it I never knew about the Product Launch Formula until a couple of years ago until I read Jeff Walker’s ‘The Launch’ and the Fact I was been mentored by Ryan Slletcher an entrepreneur that runs Professional Vagabond travel blog. I spent years training with him hence I am able to create this website and post so much great material. 

      In Friendship


  4. Thanks for your post.  The product launch formula is something i’ve been trying to decide on and your post helped me go for it.  Any tool or framework from someone who has studied and proven their system is worth it.  Great review of the product and its place in affiliate marketing.  Glad you got back to it after 2002, we learn even when we fail and I had a similar experience and have come back to it myself.  

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for you comment and your mention about you also had problems. I kind of try not to think about it now as mentioned if I had of kept going and was healthy back them by now I would be laughing but it wasn’t to be. The Product Launch Formula really is worth it when you design you funnel to make your customers into friends to come back for more.

      In Friendship


  5. This is extremely wonderful and I will love to know more about this product loungh formula.because this is my first time of coming across this article.and I really appreciate the fact that I was opportuned to see this article.thanks to the creator of the post it’s really thoughtful and generous.

    • HI Itobore,

      Thanks for your comments it’s great to have people talk about my posts. The Product Launch Formula was something that was called outdated a couple of years ago but I think not it you read about it Jeff Walker’s book it something that is still around and its here to stay around as long as there and funnels and email systems that send autoresponder emails out in order.

      In Friendship



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