How to Understand the Affiliate Five-Offer Funnel

Introduction to the Five Offer Funnel

Before you enter into overdrive to complete your affiliate website, think about the full-funnel marketing system because this will compliment your website far better. In this report, you’ll read about the Five Offer Funnel which is the marketing structure most entrepreneurs are using today and can mean using SEO and well-written pages, posts, articles, and web pages to give you website the authoritative touch. Let’s move on How to Understand the Affiliate Five-Offer Funnel

Understanding the concept of sales funnels is important because it’s a useful model for visualizing the customer’s journey from initial awareness of a website’s authority all the way through to a conversion. The sales funnel provides a useful framework in which you can analyze your business and identify areas for improvement. It allows your website to be Automated and Monetized and also it’s able to collect data of importance for you to collate emails and customer’s names for future campaigns.

Your Customer’s Journey Towards a Product Sale

This is a model describing the various stages of a prospect’s journey from the first interaction with your brand to the conversion rate optimization for moving people through your marketing funnel, turning them from prospects into raving, repeat customers with your funnel marketing system.

In other words, selling isn’t as simple as sending people to a landing page and telling them to buy. A sales funnel allows you to nurture leads into customers over time. To put it simply it provides you with the sophisticated sales process you need to convert sophisticated modern consumers.

A sales funnel is the marketing term for a journey potential customers go through on the way to a product purchase. There are several steps to top-funnel marketing usually known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, although these steps may vary depending on a company’s sales model.

There are multiple versions of the funnel so we’re covering the five offer marketing structure which comes in the order of the Authority Page, Opt-In, Micro Offer, Core Offer, and Continuity.

This funnel in order has an authority page from where you design content to make your audience aware of yourself, what your product is, how much it means to you and how it will benefit the customer. I know that most people who have taken the affiliate marketing journey understand the authority of a business.

Showing Your Expertise in Marketing & How to Understand the Affiliate Five-Offer Funnel

You’re pretty much the expert in this area of your content marketing, attracting customers with your authoritative website, posts, articles and blogs. By showing your authority you are guiding customers into your professionalism, an area of marketing that your confident about and willing to share as you prove your awareness for top-funnel marketing to gain the trust of your customers.

Once you’ve managed to write your introductory authoritative content to get customers to click into your funnel with your great content, then your audience will be intrigued to know more.

You’ll then guide your customers into your Micro Offer which is designed to return some of the costs from your Opt-In marketing where you guided customers into your Opt-In for free material such as eBook, a presentation or report. Remember you do all this with your funnel which runs pretty much by itself with your sequenced autoresponders and email system.

Remember can be a gift to your members, audience or customers. I personally enjoy giving away valuable free content because I like creating it and it shows to my customers that I care about their expenditure and costs making my online marketing funnel worthwhile to them especially when the Opt-In gift is free. Your list will grow if you include a great free offer. Let me break this down into an explanation of each action.


Opt-In Offer

Welcome to the Opt-In from where you have offered your customers that have hit your opt-In or subscription page and allowed you to collect their email and name from where you trigger your email system off. This is where the fun starts and you offer a free product that you have designed around your whole business so that they will purchase from you and follow your blog or website.

At this point, they’ll want to hear more about what’s on offer. Therefore the authority page is so important to get the ball rolling for you because it’s your customer’s first port of entry and allows them to get to know you, your product and what it’s all about to get your well designed and treasured free opt-in.

You will notice by the diagram below that you must think about remarketing your offers to the emails of customers you have from your Opt-In marketing campaign so each time a customer does not purchase from each offer you re-market the offer. Look at the diagram below it explains where to re-market your leads to get sales.

At this point, you’re going to need a thank you page for your Opt-in once a customer has entered your funnel because this is the first time your customer leaves and email to collect their eBook.

An Opt-in is not n expensive product a free gift something good enough for the customer to want more. You can read about this in Ryan Deiss’s The Invisible Selling Machine, a book that explains how to turn customers into friends. The Opt-in is where your customers enter into the funnel. Let me break this down for you even more.


Your writing and niche are really important for your authority to take charge of your sales funnel. It’s what gets a customer interested enough to think about staying around to see what you have in the form of an offer. It’s a good idea to revert back to SEO here in order for your website, posts, pages, articles, and blogs to get ranked to direct potential customers to your pages.

The better your writing in the form of keywords and content-driven pages will reflect on how many customers reach your funnel from where they’ll leave their details and become a part of your funnel that is fully automated for them to receive emails that are all triggered by a response. If you set up your funnel as shown in the diagram you’ll be just fine.

Micro Offer

Your Micro Offer comes after your Opt-In and is something that you charge for but not as much as the main product (The Core Offer) and it can be something in the terms of In-depth eBook or various courses that you may have created for your customers such as videos and presentations or even a small product you can sell for less than $29.99. Keeping the cost down will later have you rewarded.

You can create whatever you want if the price is not too high and you’re getting lots of leads from your Opt-In. Your email subscription at this point should be set up like this. When someone goes to read your authoritative writing, for example, your blog, they read it and take note and hopefully are really interested in your free material from the opt-n and they have left their email they are now inside your sales funnel. Your automated funnel then sends out an email telling them about your Micro-Offer.

From your authority example blog, you should have a subscribe button to your Opt-in that leads them to a download for the free material which is sent to their email and once they have done that an automatic email goes out for them to visit your other offer being your Micro-Offer which as mentioned should be around $29.99 not much more than that. Then after around a few weeks, you send another automated message to your audience and customers to buy the core offer.

Core Offer

At this point, customers are inside your funnel and may have done the following opted in then followed your next email to buy the micro offer then they are sent another email to visit your Core Offer and purchase that as a more in-depth product that can be a full training course or some really updated videos, presentations and eBooks or if you’re selling a hard copy or physical product you send them the product to a mailing address taken from the signup form in the checkout.

The core offer can be more expensive but at a value, you feel the customers can afford to make it a fair deal and affordable enough to begin to make a great business for yourself. A core offer can be anything from £29.99 upwards which is much higher than the micro offer’s price, the reason being you would have put a lot of work into the core offer to make your business excellent allowing customers to return for the next offer which is called the continuity offer

Continuity Offer

Your continuity offer is a real money-spinner for your campaign from where you get customers to subscribe each month to content you have created to reach their inbox for download each month so customers can pay each month for your content.

Your product or content must be impressive to keep customers on board for paying you each month for the product or download. If you so wish you can put a timeline on the continuity such as 6 months for them to receive your training.

You can arrange this by setting up a campaign like I have done with Mail-chimp previous to joining WA and have continuity emails go out in order for customers to subscribe to your products that as mentioned could be something over a time period of 6-12 months.

This works when you have lead customers inside your funnel from authority > opt-in > micro offer > core offer and continuity. If your whole system runs smoothly with all your material set out in order of purchase or free Opt-in and the emails for your campaign to reach your customers at the right time, there is no reason why customers can’t buy your continuity if they liked you other offers the Micro and Core Offer.

I would love to read some of your comments surrounding this subject to tell me what you think about the post and also sign up for a subscription from where I can get further information such as a Newsletter and extra training material to your email to tell you much more.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this review. Though it’s my first time hearing about this site but I think it won’t be a bad idea to sign up for it as the commission rate is highly intriguing and also I’ve been able to understand how it works via this review. This looks really fascinating that will gain back in return

    • Hi Evans,

      You can surely join Wealthy Affiliate if you haven’t by hitting this link for Wealthy Affiliate Access for the free training for a week and two free hosted domains. If you want to upgrade to the premium version you can do that here. It helps me out so I can continue to write great posts for everyone to read.

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  2. Hi Stephen

    I am grateful I found your post. I am struggling to understand what is a funnel. But after reading your post, now I understand and I am ready to happy it to my business.

    I see that the great benefit of having a funnel is to make sure to sell even more to the same clients, right? And the other is to keep in touch with your clients every time you have a new offer, which is very very good.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Adyns68,

      Yes, your right about selling but it’s also about keeping customers happy with there product so you can always hit them up even more products you read the book called Invisible Selling Machine by Ryan Deis you will understand the emailing part of your business when you turn prospective customers into friends, therefore, selling to them on a regular basis. Thanks for posting.

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  3. Hi Stephen,  Once again a very insightful post.  Creating sales funnels for my sites has been on my mind ever since the start of the year.  I figured out how to do the opt in box part by registering with aweber but I never paid for the 2nd month as didn’t get any sign ups.  I think it was maybe a bit early but I will be trying again with MailChimp very soon.  Hopefully taking a more professional approach.  I tried using ClickFunnels for 2 weeks I could not get it but your right what you say with this post it’s definitely the way to go.

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for commenting. I tried Mailchimp but after I had build all my automation for emails they told me they don’t except affiliates on there platform so I had to re-think my strategy and heard that AWeber are affiliate friendly after to trying a few other programs. Once you get a few emails and your customers are in your funnel you can have a few emails in place to get them through your funnel as mentioned in the post.

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  4. This is an awesome and very detailed description of online marketing. I think many affiliates get it wrong because they don’t take all the steps. They may fail to provide a micro-offer or a lead magnet. They may not see it as worth their time to nurture the relationship and give up before they have made money at it. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with an email newsletter that doesn’t repeat what you’ve written in your blog posts. Do you have any advice for that?

    • HI Melinda.

      One of the methods I learned from training was not to use the same content in newsletters as the mentioned but you could skim across your posts and take the best parts and create some really good content with more research to dig deeper to create a really good informative newsletter that covers some of what you have discussed but more in depth. Maybe elaborate more to make customers want for more so keep them intrigued with your authority writing.

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  5. Hi, thanks for sharing this with information about the introduction to the five offer funnel. This is my first time hearing about this site and I think it will be a great ideas signing up for this site because l have been able to understand how it works and I think it will be of great benefit to me . Thanks for sharing once again.

    • Hi Pretty Sophia,

      Thanks for commenting, I’m happy you liked my posts and my website. Please come back whenever you want to learn more about affiliate marketing from all over my posts. There are around 40+ posts at the moment so plenty to read and learn from. Don’t forget to get your free one week’s trial to the wealthy affiliate if you haven’t yet done so or signed up for the premier membership where you get all the training and community help you need to become successful

  6. Great article on the five offer funnels to customers. Nevers though about using that in the first place and am sure that if it worked for you then it can also work on me. Many are time we just focus on Writing key word rich content for ranking and helping customs. And forget that micro offers also let customers coming back to your website before introducing them to the core offer. Thank you for sharing, this was really helpful.

    • HI Volkert,

      Thanks for your delightful comment, I’m working on anew funnel at the moment to drive my next campaign to drive more customers through my funnel to through to my programs. I’m getting far more people reading my content now so I need to get people into my funnel. I’m delighted that people ate liking my pages and commented it much easier to see which posts are more popular with the use of analytics too.

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  7. I absolutely loved that post.  You do give out quality free content as you said.  I am literally 5 weeks in doing WA training and so early doors for me.  I have heard the term funnel mentioned but wasn’t quite sure how it worked.  You have made it super clear.  Very grateful.  So, what type of core offer would you have for either a site that did movie reviews AND a site that was about self esteem?

    • Hi Louise,

      For your self-esteem, you could create a great looking eBook – Digital download that goes into detail about your authority on your website. What you could do rather than using all your content from your website is to choose the best material from your website and dig far deeper into improving self-esteem with a complete guide to how to improve and maintain it. You can get a digital eBook cover online to brand your book as it’s a digital download. 

      I think movie reviews’ core offer for me would need some more time to think but you could open a forum for movie reviews and draw people in to talk about movies and TV shows. You could use the emails for those that joined your forum to send out another eBook for movie reviews for the top 100 movies of all time.

      This is just a quick guess but it should take you some time to create an eBook it’s worth it for your funnel as for reviews most people will be reading rather than a physical product that they can actually use like a watch or something. Maybe for your Opt-In, you could scour the web and get some great pics of great movies and actors and create a poster for your opt-in which is free.

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  8. Great article with so much information. Your five offer funnel makes me understand the importance of marketing steps.

    I created a website with many contents, but I do not have many visitors to my site. After reading your article, I know now what I have missed.

    I have to look into the offer funnel to increase conversions.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Christine 

      The five offer funnel is sure to help you with the structure of your campaigns just make sure when you set it up to Aweber or another email server that you include a thank you page after each offer when they buy or sign up,

      In Friendship


  9. Very instructional and detailed post. I have been reading about funnels for a while but the information can be very confusing. You stepped it out so well that I now understand how it is done.  I like your diagrams – they really make it clear.  You have been very helpful in explaining each step so that it is more understandable for a newbie like me.  Do you use this primarily for affiliate products or have you also developed your own products?  Do you have any posts or suggestions about what types of things to include in the emails in each step?  Also – is the emailing set up automatically on Aweber or is there another way that this is done? How much monitoring do you have to do in real time?  As in – do you personally contact people or is it all pretty much done via automation?

    Thanks for sharing this detailed and thoughtful explanation or what has been a very confusing concept for me to grasp!!!

    • HI Janice,

      Previous to this business at Freedom to Roam Marketing I had recruitment website for recruitment of teachers with various training materials. I was also selling recruitment websites already made apart from content, hosted and with a chosen domain name so I had a funnel setup for that.

      You could set your email campaign up with or without a product but I would recommend having a free opt-in and sending a few informative emails out in sequenced set up to trigger one after another about the service or product your selling with link to it. I would try to not get into calling customers to much as you want you website to run on auto with to much calling.

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