How to Start Your Own Affiliate Business Today

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Start Your Own Affiliate Business Today

Do you want to know how to start your own affiliate business? Welcome to Freedom to Roam Marketing an affiliated business to show you about the freedom an online business can offer you in terms of freedom of choice financially. I’ve been part of an affiliate marketing network for some time now and love every minute of it.

I’ve taken my online internet businesses around the world with me and even though I wasn’t making a large amount of money with my affiliate marketing system is paid for some of my travel-based ideas.

At the beginning, it was a tough cookie on how to start my own online affiliate business to search for that ever-needed financial freedom and believe me I had a great start. I began my journey back in 2002 with an affiliate hotel booking system through a partner called Agoda Travel in the form of a hotel booking system that was aimed at Thailand’s most famous and sort after hotels.

It was my first affiliate business and gave me that edge on affiliate marketing overall and where to start. I remember my first hotel booking and the feeling that passed over me with the thought of achievement and the patience I had endeavored with the fact that my work was creating an online internet revenue.

Where to Start Your Affiliate Business

I’m going to mentor you here for a while to whet your appetite and point you in the right direction to where you need to start with the best affiliate marketing program, the exact place on where to start your affiliate business. Imagine you’re new to everything affiliate based but you’ve heard that there is a way to make money online with affiliate marketing networks and systems.

You need to find people that wish to share their affiliate marketing experiences with you so that you don’t end up going the whole journey alone, that’s no fun and believe me, there is a place and a time to share all your memories and ideas just like I’m doing for you now in this website for you to follow my success.

I guarantee that if you’re following my articles in order of events, this is article number one, you’re going to produce a great business that you can pack up into your bag and take it anywhere in the world. This term is called Laptop Lifestyle and it’s a term known by entrepreneurs around the world for working towards financial freedom to live, work and have fun wherever your dreams take you.

Research and Select the Right Affiliate Products

Remember I explained about my hotel booking system and choosing Thailand’s most sort after hotels this is called a niche. A niche is something that you choose to drive your business and create authority. I’ve explained more about this in my finding your niche market article on my homepage.

At this point, you’re looking at researching the affiliate programs that are right for your website or blog. An affiliate program is when an affiliate joins the merchant’s program, he or she is given a unique ID and a specific URL to use when promoting the company’s product.

The affiliate includes the link in their blog content and/or via their email marketing efforts and invites readers to click it to find out more. You’ll find them here on in this website to the world’s greatest affiliate marketing platform and some of the best requirements to find success my whole reason for writing for you today.

Choose affiliate programs that are exciting to your reason, the reason why you chose the niche to educate the world on something you love to talk about and educate others on. Just like I’m educating you on today for the passion to teach others about what I know works.

Consider Buying the Product Before Promoting It

When starting your own affiliate business, I don’t want you to fork out hundreds of pounds on programs, platforms, products, memberships or domains, you’ll get to grips as to why as you read my articles on this website in order.

Basically, there are other methods to create a website, monetize it (to create a constant online revenue) and write great articles as I am writing for you. Let’s face it if I didn’t believe in myself, I wouldn’t have gotten this far on a journey to another online affiliate business to secure financial freedom.

What I’m asking you to consider here with your niche, have you thought about that yet? Don’t worry, I’ll cover that in my finding your own niche article on the homepage. I’m asking you to think about being a part of a network that in itself is a product, it’s everything you need to learn how to create free online traffic, build numerous websites, enter into continuous training, meet 2 million like-minded entrepreneurs (I’m counting on you to be one)

You’ll be learning about search engine optimization, something you’ll learn about when you reach out with my plan for you. Have you noticed I haven’t told you yet about the plan? that’s because your comments mean more to me than building a website with a million links to get clicks (when someone enters through a link to a domain or offer)

So, consider having everything you need all on one platform, even your affiliate programs can be found here to create a business in affiliate marketing to monetize not one website but as many as you can build.

I’ll reduce that to 50 websites because that is what you’re allowed on the platform, I’m teaching you about. With this content on Freedom to Roam marketing, you’re going to be a fantastic addition to the world wide web and I’m sure your success will be delivered with help from me right here, the starting point. I’m in no way in ownership of the platform but deliver it for you via Freedom to Roam marketing and I hope you recommend my articles for training here to all your friends.




Build a Website on a Great Platform

We’re all good at something and not so adapted for other things in life. Building websites for marketing and sales for me is my favorite part of building an affiliate online business and I love making things look great.

However, let me explain that looks don’t mean traffic (clicks to websites) the creation of your websites depends on what you learn from your training and content lessons from the platform I’m going to introduce to you (are you excited to know?) is as important as a website layout.

Some might beg to differ my idea there, but I always go for content and navigation when building a website. Let’s face it if it also looks nice it’s more than likely going to read even better in hindsight.

Don’t worry about your website until you have taken some training for WordPress, it’s all there in the training I’m going to place you on if you wish. Imagine having two free website domains and all the tools to build your website, that’s where you headed right now, to the platform to look if you wish.

Produce excellent Content and Build Your Authority for Your Audience

That’s it! Your journey starts right here with my first training article about building a productive online affiliate business that works for you, a business that you monetize and have work for you around the clock.

If you take the training on that I offer and utilize the tools and training for your content it will become naturally authoritative and attract like-minded people to visit your websites to find out what you’re all about and what your content wants to teach them. Build an audience and treat them like your family, offer them great services through your affiliate programs and teach them about other services and offers you have coming up in the future.

This is what good affiliate marketers do, treat their customers like a family who in turn come back for more. On that note please come back or read through the rest of my article from the homepage and find out where you’ll get everything I’ve mentioned and more.

Don’t be held back by expensive programs that cost hundreds of pounds to build a business, search for the place that has everything you need in one parcel and that parcel is right here with Freedom to Roam Marketing and affiliate partners. Please feel free to leave a comment it’s great to have an affiliate family searching for the same things.

If you care about becoming successful in internet marketing please consider signing up for my subscription and don’t worry I’m not going to bombard your inbox with emails that mean nothing and I won’t sell to you. Please leave a comment in the comment section below to show me what you think and let me do the rest with my return in communication with you after you have subscribed.


13 thoughts on “How to Start Your Own Affiliate Business Today”

  1. Its so easy to spend hundreds of pounds on ‘plans’ that promise so much and yet deliver only hints. If your plan involves the platform in the logo at the bottom of your article, then it’s a great if not the perfect place to start.

    We are Blessed.

    • The affiliate based business I do it to mentor those that are not sure and guide them into the community to say hello and get to know the masses of members which is 2 million and counting. I prefer to be the first port of call for those that want to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate program and what it offers as an training camp for success.

  2. Hi Stephen. Starting an online business seems like an interesting idea. There are a few things I like: we get to choose what we want to work in, we have flexibility in our schedule and there is no roof for our income potential. I’ll check out this platform you’ve recommended. Thanks.

    • Abdel

      It’s the best platform I have worked on and I’ve been on many. I had the plan to build 25 websites on it but got stuck enjoying myself so much with my first I’m taking it on full-time. if you want to upgrade and have my full sttantion to help you please upgrade here my friend. Full-Time Affiliate Marketer

  3. Hello Stephen, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. It is good I stumbled upon your topic because I heard about Wealthy Affiliate but honestly, I was skeptical about it. It is great they are not selling some big upsells like others, I plan to upgrade yearly soon. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Danijel,

      I really recommend you sign up for the platform for the full-training it takes ages to complete but you won’t walk away you’ll have a business that is working for your future. You can access upgrade for full membership from here if you decide on this great journey with a community that cares. 

  4. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article as I know it would be of great help to the public especially those wanting to start up an online business and are looking to settle with affiliate marketing.

    I started online business some months back I first began with MLM and sometimes I would do some surveys to earn some cash because MLM wasn’t paying that much…….some months later some referred me to WA and I tell you things change in matter of seconds….I would recommend WA to everyone.

    • Hi Dave

      MLM is not worth it unless you’re at the top of the pyramid and even then you have to answer to the scam websites that write about scams that are here to protect us you would not want to be involved. you may want to read Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

      In friendship


  5. Thank you very much for sharing this informative article with us about Affiliate Business. I was thinking about affiliate business. That’s why this article is important for me. I have learned a lot about affiliate business by this article. Now it’s clear to me that how to start… It’s the best article about affiliate business than others. By this article i have learn A-Z about affiliate business…    

    Thanks Again for this informative article…                               

    • Hi Abir,

      Thanks for your comment and it sure is easy to write an article about something you love which for me is affiliate marketing and I’m learning really quickly at the moment to launch my business. I need a few things set up like a popup newsletter form and a few other things but I’m getting there. I wnt Freedom to Roam Marketing to be the gateway to WA if I can. 

      In Friendship


  6. Hey there! The article is a good summary of what affiliate marketing is and ways to get into it from a beginners standpoint. I like how the article takes you straight to the point of the different steps on how affiliate market starts and where to go from one point to the next. There are some good points to each topic covered in the article in regards to building a great website platform. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Baron,

      I use the step by step guide to writing my articles from beginning to end with a few keywords. A lot of people are saying that keywords are a thing of the past and that paid ads such as google are storming it at the moment. I wouldn’t mind but I am not a fan of Facebook ads at the moment but will put an add tonight for a trial.

      In Friendship



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