How To Start An Online Affiliate Business

Knowing how to start an online affiliate business at home and being able to drive a business forward to make money is what people around the world want to achieve so where do you start? Quite some time ago I chose to build two businesses that took me some time complete.

You can decide on your own particular niche before you build your business. By researching and learning more about what your good at will help you decide about how you can become a professional at your niche. I had pretty much planned my sales funnels and content on paper and spent lots of time planning and watching training videos and live webinars.

Ranking Number One On Google

Google knows that by using great content that’s straight to the point and with a few hundred words can work extremely well but it’s also been mentioned that these days many people are writing far more with posts that are around 2000 words. I’m sure that as your writing becomes second nature you will be able to choose the number of words you choose in your posts, articles and reviews to rank well on search engines regardless.

If you’re already thinking about learning how keywords work and How to Rank Number 1 On Google that’s fantastic. It’s always great to have content and keywords in your plan right from the start. I’m a great believer that writing becomes natural as you spend more time creating content. Also with the integration of keywords, you can only improve faster.

Last year I built a business selling a platform to recruit teacher’s that wish to teach English as a Foreign Langauge. I chose each topic accordingly to what I wanted to express on my authority page. I also created an eBook and 40 slide presentation from where potential customers could learn more about the recruitment platform and its functions. The idea is to create and write great posts that reflect on what you’re trying to sell and to build a great selling point.

I had to write carefully about my recruitment platform because I wanted to sell it with a chosen domain name and tech support throughout for the business version. Some people got confused about the platform, however, It’s easy to describe now due to my improved writing skills. Back then I had to answer many questions such as do I recruit English teachers? Or, Is it a Platform I buy where I recruit English teachers for myself to run my own teaching business?

It was a recruitment business as a whole I wanted to sell with a domain name of choice and the business was to be fully hosted.

I also had a demo version from where people could begin their journey into recruitment for a much cheaper price than the business version. The demo had fewer functions for recruitment. However, there was a chance to upgrade if the customer wanted the full business version. This project helped me set up a business and write lot’s of content for training and product support and above all taught me how to create an online business selling my own product.

Here Are Some Skills to Think About

  1. Choose a subject that you know a lot about and can write freely.
  2. Choose a topic that you love and are passionate about.
  3. Write about something that you are an expert about.
  4. Choose a topic that you genuinely want to learn more about.
  5. Choose topics that you can make videos about.
  6. Choose a product that is easier to write about and easy to sell.

One lesson I learned from training on a platform for building my business was to create lots of videos. Make your videos lively and fun and don’t stress with nerves at the beginning. Use as much video content as you can and learn how to become professional in front of the camera. Even high-end businesses that create videos often have small mistakes so it’s nothing to worry about.

These days it’s popular for webmasters and entrepreneurs to create videos for almost every post written. When you have recorded a video with revised content and you have already written about a niche think about making a Marketing Funnel.  A funnel that can be created on a landing page after you have explained in words about what you are selling or the services you are providing on your content-driven pages. This is your authority and you have learned enough about it to sell.

When you have created your content for any particular page think about how you’re going to create campaigns to make customers buy from you. There are millions of examples on the internet so be creative and make sure you leave entry points that send customers to your email subscription page. When customers have subscribed you’ll also need a thank you page.

Choose a Platform For Your Business Sales Pages

Now you have a niche and you’ve been writing for some time and collating notes for your website’s content you’ll need to think about a platform. Choose a platform for your website’s sales pages where you can create, automate and monetise your business. If it’s for a blog, website, shopping cart or stand-alone landing page you need to choose a platform that performs well for your niche and the products you wish to sell.

How to Automate Your Business

There are many platforms such as MailChimp, BigCommerce and Wealthy Affiliate that will help you build your own businesses or run your campaigns. Remember that not all are Affiliate friendly so make sure you contact site support to see if your campaign is adequate for their rules and regulations before you commit to building your campaigns. Once they have excepted your niche you’re ready to go.

I have spoken to other affiliates that built their email campaign only to be told they couldn’t launch because it’s against the platform’s rules and regulations. I haven’t mentioned the email campaign provider here. I’m sure you have already learned a lesson to save you time. Creating Your Email Campaign For Online Marketing is fun and easy to achieve and you’ll master it through achievement in no time.

Most hosting platforms start off as an integrated learning platform where you’ll test your skills by launching great campaigns. The best platforms include tips and ideas about how to use them and above all how to plan and deliver your content as best you can with far more accuracy. Take a wander around the web and take notice of how big businesses are delivering landing pages and websites. I’ve listed some platforms below you can test before you commit.

  2. Squarespace
  3. Gator by HostGator
  5. GoDaddy Website Builder
  6. Shopify
  7. Wealthy Affiliate
  9. Weebly
  10. Constant Contact Website Builder
  11. Wix
  12. BoldGrid
  13. BigCommerce

All of these platforms can assist you at a learning pace you prefer and offer online integrated services that provide you with the tools needed to build your business with information on how to achieve on the platform. Most have full tech support upon choosing a plan and answer any questions you may have as regards to any problems or ideas that may pass your way.

Getting Started With Content and Writing Scripts

Now you’re familiar with various platforms and have an idea which one might suit your business you can think about making a start and creating great content for your customers. You may wish to take a wander around your chosen platform to become familiar with its services and tools ready for your campaign and content delivery.

Learning On One Platform

I just want to make this clear that I’ve been using a platform that has all tools needed to build a business. However, there are other areas for a business that may need to be covered, for example, a landing page or a payment system etc. You may need to choose another platform to launch various website requirements. There are lot’s of free or cost-effective trial platforms out there you may wish to look at. I do however believe in keeping as many of your website’s needs on one platform.

  1. Mailchimp for delivering email newsletter signups.
  2. Carrd for building landing pages which is less time consuming
  3. Google Sites offers a service for making free landing pages.
  4. Wix for building a landing page that you can expand on later.
  5. Unbounce for small businesses that exist on a small budget.

Writing Scripts For Your WebCam Audience

Writing scripts to implement into your content will assist you in driving forward your online business. When you’re thinking about writing a story remember to outline your story with a basic narrative outlining a sequence of events. This is a little how you would write various posts such as Writing A well-demonstrated Review for Affiliate Marketing. By demonstrating your niche and writing for your audience it’s better to create a sequence to follow.


Making scripts for recording on cam is where you’ll gain maximum confidence and by learning the content of your business is showing your authority. It’s a method that will later help you conclude your video Q&A’s you may have organised at the end of a webinar. It’s your authority where customers will ask questions so learn as much as you can by not looking at your scripts while you’re creating video content or in front of a live audience. Learn them throughout and make a blueprint in your mind.

Let’s say you’re reviewing books and want to express a story about Romeo and Juliet. For example, Romeo and Juliet tell a story about two young lovers whose families hatred for each other leads to their untimely deaths. Narration means the art of storytelling and the need to express what the actual story is about. There are several types of narrative.

  1. First Person – In this point of view, a character (typically the protagonist, but not always) is telling the story. …
  2. Second Person – In this point of view, the author uses a narrator to speak to the reader. …
  3. Third Person – In this point of view, an external narrator is telling the story.

Anytime you’re telling stories to a friend or family member about an event or incident in your day, you engage in the form of narration. In addition, a narrative can be factual or fictional. Writing for the internet and showing your authority through narrative will help you adjust and write far better.

Condition the Mind & Improve Your Affiliate Skills

Think about writing stories for blogs for example in three acts. This will reduce the time needed to relay a message and limit the time you take to write a review or promote a book.  Think about writing dialogue and capture your customer’s attention.

When it comes to dialogue, you might see two types: outer and inner dialogue. Outer dialogue is when a character talks to another character in the story or play. This is the classic dialogue you see most of the time, set off by quotation marks. The dialogue refers to a conversation or discussion or to the act of having a conversation or discussion. Often we read outer dialogue as mentioned above which outlines the techniques of how a conversation materialises between two people.

Learning  How to Improve Your English Writing Skills is important but there are millions of websites that use jargon, broken English and slang that achieve really well in search engines. Perhaps they are describing those three methods of writing and accessing great information to teach about them.

New Online Marketing Techniques for Appreciation has risen to the highest level since the internet was created. Do we appreciate our customers as much as we should and are we writing to deliver enough appreciation to win them over? I’ve always tried to accomplish by showing respect for my customers and I find it intriguing to learn from my website’s comments. In some ways, I’m lucky not to have negative comments on my website.

Cutaway the dead weight by terms of elimination by making your content shorter, more to the point and readable to a point where the audience may be international and needs to understand at a level that is easy enough to follow.

When you have learned to write great content show it to your family, friends and audience. Don’t be shy to share content on Social Media. Think about writing about something in a sequence of events to keep your content in good shape, free-flowing and understandable.

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Remember to bullet point your script for video recording so you’re not caught reading to much content looking away from the camera from where you should be engaging with your audience. Before you go live give your bullet-pointed script to a friend and ask them to ask you some questions about it. Practice makes perfect and your videos will appear far more Profesional.

Going Through Your Business Checking All Content

Go through your whole business by asking someone how they perceive your business will run. Send out automated emails in sequence one by one to your friend or relative and ask them what they think of the email and did it feel right for them to think about the next email. You need to know if your friend felt like she couldn’t wait to receive the next email. Also, you need to know if your email delivery technique is working.

Check your website is mobile-friendly and remember that each time you create a new page to index it in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster. Ask someone to read your authority page, the page that delivers your niche to attract your customers into your funnel. Learn How to Understand the Affiliate Five-Offer Funnel Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before you launch your campaigns

  1. How can I make this product work?
  2. What weaknesses do I see in the product design?
  3. When I look at this product or services what comes to mind?
  4. What problems did I come across purchasing this product?
  5. What would keep me from recommending this product?
  6. Am I ready to consistently deliver this product, what comes to mind?
  7. Am I ready to provide proactive live chat support?
  8. Is it time to get feedback from live chat sessions?
  9. How are the dedicated feedback forms working on my website?
  10. How do I measure my customer service support?
  11. Should I contact my customers on a regular basis?
  12. How am I at monitoring social channels?
  13. Should I ask for feedback on my order confirmation page?

By asking yourself many questions relative to your website you’ll become wiser and well adapted to making any changes you previously thought unfit for your campaigns to run smoothly in the hope your sales work in your favour. The finest businesses in the world do continuous customer feedback so never worry about constructed criticism.

Get The Right Gear for Your Video Shoots

Getting the right gear for video shoots can be challenging at the best of times with large internet businesses investing in high tech recording equipment. However, if you’re just starting out you can invest in great equipment that does a great job even with less capital. You’ll need:

  1. A camera that can shoot video (Even a Smartphone can Work)
  2. A Microphone (One that is built into the camera can do a great job.
  3. Good lighting (A well-lit room with natural light is the best}

Camera for Internet Marketing

Although you’re certainly able to shoot film with the less expensive equipment you can invest in video equipment for your business when you receive more sales. On lower-end equipment, you’ll be restricted by the size of the files. Microphones like video equipment can vary in quality. The microphones that are built into smartphones are great for simple videos and for those that don’t involve demo’s or movement will be fine. If your moving around a lot the audio will be sub-par.

If you already have a smartphone think about getting a tripod for it for your video shoots at most give it a try and if you look great but sounded garbled you’ll have to think about an upgrade. When I first started I had a Logitech with a built-in camera which made great videos. You may need a lamp situated somewhere behind you to reflect the light if you’re shooting a video indoors.

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What are The Best Camcorders?

If you have a plan to shoot a lengthy video up to 45-90 minutes you’ll most likely require the need to invest in a good camcorder. My personal recommendation is to invest in a Canon Vixia HF R8. This camcorder is inexpensive and is now listed under $300 on Amazon. It’s super easy to use, takes an SD memory card that pops straight into your laptop. No wires or connection cables needed!

If you recording a seated video with little movement you could think about a webcam. I consider the Logitech C920 range exceptionally good for the price. It’s the type of camera you’ll need when recording from home. I know quite a few English teachers that use this webcam and pull off great lessons and clear well-recorded videos.

Consider Your Space

Think about your environment when doing a video shoot and what you need to improve your videos. The easiest and arguably best type of lighting for your virtual office is natural light. If you can film outside or in a room with lot’s windows then morning light is your best friend. The best strategy is to face your primary light source instead of having the light source behind you or you will appear backlit know as too dark.

Sometimes the natural light isn’t available or it’s not convenient. When you’re forced to add an artificial light source to the video shoots you want to think about the following three steps.

  1. Make the featured speaker look fabulous.
  2. Make your setting look welcoming and natural.
  3. Eliminate shadows especially on people’s faces.

To be perfectly honest anything that you can do to nail these three goals is fine. Sometimes we may struggle with videos, however, the more we improve the better our videos or written website content will become. Make sure there isn’t too much clutter in the background.

Your Own Online Business

Keep the background clean or perhaps use a nice high standing plant in the background with a nice light to give it some illumination. Feel free to improvise with the tools you have at hand. So long as your video shoots are natural and shadow-free your videos will look and sound great.

It’s good to always research what others are doing on the internet and grasp the thought of The Big Affiliate Marketing Secrets We All Should Know to learn more about what the leading affiliate marketers are doing. If you’re worried about secrets then please join us at Wealthy Affiliate where all secrets are uncovered. Please sign up through my affiliate link below so that I can introduce you to all members and mentor you throughout the training.

Creating Online Courses

Technology has come a long way since videos and microphones became popular where affiliate marketers now want to add them to their wish list. It’s all about time and once your business begins to make some money you can later invest in better high-tech recording equipment. To create an online course it doesn’t take a lot of high-tech equipment. Whether your budget is a few hundred dollars or less it can be achieved.

If you’re about to create your first course be it an eBook or video don’t feel compelled to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and software in order to get started. It’s more important to record or create a course with what you have, get it published and receive feedback from your customers. Once your first course is created you can circle back, re-record your niche and create an entirely new course with higher production value.

Find A Test Audience

Searching for a test audience often means involving your family and friends or at least some of those that are interested in what you’re trying to achieve. You could ask a member of your family to watch you on webcam in a webinar and get them to ask some questions.

Ask them to make a trial gateway payment on your website but don’t forget to zero your price in your payment gateway for the test run. You’ll always need to know that your payment gateway works. You need to test your business to make sure it’s viable to run perfectly, especially if you’re thinking about automating it.

Affiliate Marketing AudienceI’ve written tons of information about Building A Monetised and Automated Affiliate Website from where you’ll spend less time working on it and more time analysing the results to make alterations on pages that aren’t getting ranked. If you’re able to achieve this your website could run itself all year round with little need to spend to much time on it. This opens up doors for you to create more websites and businesses with the valuable time you have.

Now that your family and friends are all interested in your business you can analyse and target your real audience who will become your customers. Here a few points about identifying target audiences from the market.

  1. Analyse and divide the market into segments.
  2. Identify the most attractive and profitable ones.
  3. Describe the most active group of customers.
  4. Make a plan that will ensure the presence of the product on the market.

Let’s say your teaching English and have a website to search for as many students as possible. If you’re making a whole business for recruitment and teaching you have two markets there to analyse and research. It’s up to you to make a power move to prosperity. Before making an advertising campaign you should know who your customers are and where they are likely to come from.

By learning The Power Behind Your Niche You’ll learn lots about the direction of your business. In affiliate marketing, it’s more about training, knowledge and direction for customers to follow after reading your niche and understanding the authority you have on it.

This helps you gain trust right from the start. Your audience is likely to grow over time, naturally, as you write and test drive your business and then as the sales begin to arrive your audience will grow with you. Your customers will tell lot’s of other people about your website and it’s products.

Going back to having two niches such as teaching English to make money and owning a recruitment business to hirer other teachers both a big part of your business. It’s ideal to first work on your teaching niche and fill up all your spare time with lessons. Once you have people asking you to teach them you can expand into the recruitment niche and promote teachers that teach for your business.

There is nothing unfamiliar with having two niches one that complements the other and if you’re looking at filling up your spare time to teach and build your recruitment business at least you have learned how the market works. It’s a great niche if you can break the Chinese market with their exploding economy and students wanting to learn English online.

Set Your Price

If you own your own product setting a competitive price depends on quality, sell-by date, competition etc. There are four basic strategies to learn with the variations of which are used in the industry. The basic pricing strategies are as follow:

  1. Premium: Premium pricing is a strategy that involves tactically pricing your company’s product higher than your immediate competition.
  2. Skimming: Price skimming is a product pricing strategy by which a firm charges the highest initial price that customers will pay and then lowers it over time.
  3. Economy: Economy pricing is a volume-based pricing strategy wherein you price goods low and gain revenue based on the number of customers who purchase your product.
  4. Value: Value pricing is customer-focused pricing, meaning companies base their pricing on how much the customer believes a product is worth

Making Money OnlineThere are many methods of how to stay competitive and identifying your target audience. Many businesses make a mistake of considering their product to be desirable to all. By and large, this simply isn’t true with millions of other websites that sell the same for less. Don’t let this dampen your spirits because there are billions of people looking for something special. You just need to make your authority super knowledgeable and close to perfection to learn how to sell online.

I created this website from where my customers enjoy reading the content I have delivered in order to create a digital library from where you can search from the index page anything affiliate marketing associated. I even use it myself when I am researching something I need to remember. That pretty much shows how much content really is on my website.

  1. Always try to stay competitive.
  2. Pay attention to detail with your competition.
  3. Study the pricing history of your competition.
  4. Study the availability of your product.
  5. Always remember information is the most important weapon.

Always Stay Competitive With Your Tasks At Hand

Setting your product price depends on the time, effort and nature of your business needs and the hard work you have placed upon yourself to complete tasks. Staying away from debt is extremely important. There are many methods of starting a business with as little as a hosted domain and platform to build your business. It’s hard to find a platform that has all the tools you need until now.

I’m using a platform that has seen me reach number one on Google ranking many times for my posts. In fact on all three search engines. If you’re looking for a platform that has a small monthly payment where you receive all your training, website build tools and website themes please hit the link at the bottom of this post when you have finished reading and get your free trial.

It’s hard to compete with large multi-million dollar companies without having the money to plough into projects. Don’t let this de-motivate your direction for success or let it hinder your knowledge. Learning to compete for keywords for posts, reviews and articles can easily place you above many companies that spend millions of dollars on their projects. You’ll compete by learning SEO, search engine optimisation.

You can learn How to Understand The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from my posts and even though it’s not an in-depth analysis lot’s can be learned. My posts are designed to motivate and teach the basics and nurture knowledge into your projects for you to follow.

Let me show you an example of a recent post I delivered straight to the affiliate marketing audience. It reached number one on all three search engines within three days. and there is nothing more motivating than that for me to learn even more and then work on my selling strategies.


When you’re starting out exploring the internet and researching your niche there are some other needs that you might want to think about. Start out easy and follow people that inspire you. I hope my website here inspires you to share it because it helps me help you even more. The more shared posts I get the more free training I can offer you. Think about these 7 easy steps you can take to begin your business.

  1. Find a need and fill it.
  2. Write an eBook that teaches.
  3. Design and build an easy-to-use website.
  4. Use search engines to drive traffic to your website.
  5. Establish an expert reputation for yourself.
  6. Follow up with customers and subscribers via email.
  7. Increase your income through back-end sales and upselling.

One of the most important internet marketing strategies is to develop every customer’s lifetime value. At least 36% of people who have purchased from you will return to buy again.

That’s a whole lot of business to maintain and the trick here is to always follow up with campaigns asking customers how they are finding your product and perhaps offer them more. Commit yourself to sell your niche to perfection and learn how to counteract with your customers throughout the whole process of them buying from you. Here are a few important points to learn.

  1. Offer products that complement their original purchase.
  2. Send out electronic loyalty coupons for customers to redeem after first purchase.
  3. Offer related products on your ”Thank You” Page after they purchase.
  4. Reward your customers for their loyalty and they will become even more loyal.

Your Marketing Structure

Think about how you’re going to approach your product launch whether it’s a digital product or physical. Make customers believe in your niche and throw as much knowledge as you can that will get their attention. Make people believe you in an interesting, honest and fun way. Travel bloggers have great stories that make us laugh and we of often feel we really want to travel too when reading their stories.

I want to spend time talking to you about marketing strategies and the one that suits me more than others. First, I want to talk about one of the most amazing selling machines for internet marketing strategies that are still used today called the Product Launch Formula. The system was created by a Jeff Walker who has made businesses billions from his strategy. Here’s the basic list of how it works.

  1. Learn about your customer.
  2. Write a positioning statement.
  3. Pitch your positioning to stakeholders.
  4. Plan your go-to-market strategy.
  5. Set a goal for the launch.
  6. Create promotional content.
  7. Prepare your team.
  8. Launch the product.

You can read a simple blog I’ve written that lot’s of my customers have read and shared it on Social Media. It didn’t take much time to create and gives others a chance to learn a little about my life. You can read about my travel days and learn all about travelling around the world. It was a great time when I spent time creating blogs for travel because a large part of my life has been through travel.

My Blog hasn’t been finalised yet so there’s still some work to be done in the near future. I plan to share my blog and capitalise from it when I am travelling again in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you want to help me assist you with many more posts and use my website as a digital library for affiliates please consider signing up below and spend some time with me in training.

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      Thanks for your kind words, I built this as a digital library for us all to learn from and from my point of view it’s all about motivating the right people to jump on board to build an online business that works for them and I hope you too. I sense you’re going to be a successful guy and we’ll all be playing catch up to you and for me that’s what it’s all about giving people opportunities


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