How to Protect Your Affiliate Business from Failure

Organizing Your Web Assets

Remember the time when all your web assets had to maintained, protected and organized by yourself. These days all the hard work is done for you and you don’t need to worry about anything even if you want to migrate your website to another server or platform. It’s made easy by internet based programs that do all the work for you. If you’re not sure about your web assets and don’t want to fail read on.

Web assets are things like CSS, JavaScript and image files that make the frontend of your site look and work great. Store your assets in the assets/ directory at the root of your project. Your designers’ and front-end developers’ lives will be much easier if all the application assets are in one central location and don’t worry there is a great platform I will introduce to you that does all this for you called Wealthy Affiliate.

Maintain Customer Records Safely with GDPR Awareness

The GDPR sets out seven principles for the lawful processing of personal data. Processing includes the collection, organization, structuring, storage, alteration, consultation, use, communication, combination, restriction, erasure or destruction of personal data.

It’s important to implement your privacy policy on your website with such cookie information and how your website collects information in general. Affiliate businesses rarely hold a lot of information apart from emails of their customers because the company’s products or services and most transactions are done offsite. Here are some things to remember:

  1. Requiring the consent of subjects for data processing.
  2. Anonymizing collected data to protect privacy.
  3. Providing data breach notifications.
  4. Safely handling the transfer of data across borders.

Laws that govern the collection of personal data from consumers have been passed by countries around the world including Canada (PIPEDA), the European Union (GDPR), and the state of California (CalOPPA).

These laws affect affiliate marketers who collect personal data from their blog/website users.

Whether or not you live in these jurisdictions, you’re still required to comply with the laws if you collect personal data from citizens of the jurisdictions. In theory for me, I’m covered by these laws by choosing a platform that has all these requirements already implemented into my affiliate business and how I collect information. However, I have added a privacy page to my websites myself.

When we are creating landing pages and email campaigns try to add a short description of what you’re going to use the emails for such as sending customers a free opt-in such as an eBook or presentation

Do you know about your competition?

Knowing your customer helps you control your awareness of the market your covering and helps you organize your campaigns and selling points to overcome the strategies your competitors use to become successful.

It’s your job is to wipe out any negativity that might arise because someone is doing far better selling products or services close to your niche. This can attract a feeling of failure or lack of motivation. Just because you have been pipped at the post doesn’t mean you have failed.

This means you need to pay more attention to what might attract the feeling of failure and get into a competitive mode to trigger an awareness that helps you create content and design for your business.

There is nothing worse than surfing the internet and coming across a website that is similar to yours but looks and reads better with all the trimmings that create success. I used to be terrible at this lacking motivation to continue with my own project.

Not these days though because my business setup mentality has changed for me to process what I read and write far better. My competition is my niche and my niche can only improve with a competitor that feels like I did when I checked his/her business out previous to me making mine far better.

Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Protecting your brand’s reputation is an important reason for you to always work hard, write great content and be honest and original. Reputation creates customers and you’ll have far more activity on your website if your hardworking at creating a good honest review that can save customers time, energy, money, and effort in choosing your product or service instead of someone else’s

Ideally, you want people to share your reviews, posts or articles. This happens to me a lot these days which in turn gets me free traffic but I get this from my website followers because they come back to read more, tell their friends and create a friendship with me. I want my readers to always feel like it would benefit them and their friends by reading my content hence sharing it.

Invest in a good internet connection.

Have you ever worked on an internet connection that keeps dropping? It’s not as common these days but please invest to protect your business from failure by not wasting time on a bad internet connection. It’s a good investment for your business to secure a fast, reliable and reputable internet connection for you to save time.

There are some horror stories from past internet businesses not adhering to good customer service but it’s all changing now with providers offering cashback for the interruption made on your business so you don’t go tell the world they are useless. These days customer service is the top priority for any business including yours if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Stay On Top of the Latest Trends

Delivering new updated trends can be a hard game to play with some websites in need of continuous upgrades of services and products to have them lead the race with their competitors. Staying aware and in tune with what is selling and what will sell is something that will keep you from failure or a lapse in traffic.

For example, I choose to teach newbies and beginners about affiliate marketing with as much updated information as I can. To achieve this I hack into various knowledge streams then review what I’m reading and test-drive a new superior and truthful version with more information. I then deliver the better more updated version with the new facts implemented that show variations of an idea or improved system for content implementation.

Tips for Staying Current. …

  1. Follow the Right Blogs. …
  2. Meet With Your Peers. …
  3. Use Industry Leading Tools. …
  4. Pay Attention to the Big Brands. …
  5. Remember: Don’t Let the Industry Surpass You.

Be Persistent with Your Business Creation

Been consistent is like having a conversation but be careful not to burn out too soon. Here’s an example of a conversation I had last week to a girl I know and what I told her.

Just talk to him. Start a conversation that’s meaningful, not just passive conversation, like “How was your weekend?” Ask questions that will help you to really get to know him and his personality.

These are questions that relate to a relationship and even though the relationship towards your customers is customer awareness-based it’s not far different. To find answers in almost anything you have to remain persistent. Be persistent with your business and keep tweaking your sales funnels and campaigns until they are ticking through time like a Rolex watch showing authority and monetization.

Know When to Call It Quits

The downside of any business is quitting. I wrote a report just yesterday about this which related to the Darkside of Entrepreneurship when your thoughts are not with it and your mental health is at rock bottom affecting relationships and general daily needs such as doing productive things that make you happy. When all these are gone your left with nothing.

The signs are simple, you begin to talk in riddles, your moods are negative as are your thoughts, you may blame someone or something for business failure and your debt isn’t your fault. Let me tell you how to defeat this before it happens.

I’ve designed this website to avoid all these failures and for those that comment on a daily basis on this website know that I mean well with motivational posts that talk about how to do it right.

I think I’m great at it and the search engines seem happy. I’m happy to help you eliminate any negativity you may have. Here’s a list about knowing when to call it quits or at least knowing the signs before it happens. I want you to succeed in everything you do as an affiliate marketer so let’s read on.

  1. There’s a lack of enthusiasm. …
  2. You are never satisfied. …
  3. Promises go unfulfilled. …
  4. The effort is one-sided. …
  5. Big lies have been hidden. …
  6. You feel alone by their side. …
  7. You just can’t forgive.

Please help me continue with my posts by helping me with a small reward from you. By commenting below or joining Wealthy Affiliate (one of My Affiliate Programs) I receive a commission but I consider my writing as a helpful source to make sure you can enjoy your business creation and everything it offers.

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  1. Your guide is very helpful for everyone to protecting their affiliate business. I also love wealthy affiliate. It is my best affiliate till that. I am fining everything on wealthy affiliate. I like its support system. Very helpful for everyone. I will follow your each each suggestion to keep our affiliate business safe. Thanks for this awesome guide. I hope everyone will learn something new from here.

    • Hi, Lalita 

      Thanks for reading my posts and commenting. I enjoy putting enthesis on various subjects like a failure as it places the real truth about owning an affiliate marketing business and what can happen if we are not careful with our health or see the signs that can drag us down to loose momentum to succeed. I feel it’s important to highlight these matters before they happen to you, me or anyone else.

      In Friendship


  2. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article on Protection our affiliate business. I find it very helpful for everyone. I was not aware many of these thing I find here for the safety of my business.  Now I am aware about Maintain Customer Records Safely with GDPR Awareness. Now I am working on Protecting my brand’s reputation that is an important reason for me to always work hard, write great content and be honest and original. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Parveen,

      Thanks for commenting on my posts, I’m pleased you like the post and how it directs you towards not been a failure. Even though some might not think this will happen it’s good to know the signs that are important before it happens. 


  3. You deal with interesting points here. I haven’t been paying attention to GDPR Awareness. And after reading your post, I know I should. Where should I start?

    The other point I’ve found useful is activating competitive mode! Yes, I can state from my own experience that there are periods were we just drag with our work! Being aware of competition could help us with this.

    • Hi Ann,

      I’m not sure if your member of Wealthy Affiliate or not but most of the GDPR is already done you just need to create a policy page on your homepage about what you do with cookies etc if you’re not sure to take a look at mine although it needs some more work this week it pretty much relates to most GDPR rules.

      In Friendship


  4. I think it is very important to follow the guidelines according to the country, I like the way you explained the way to keep our digital information and our affiliate programs safe using the GDPR rules, as well as tips to keep updated with the information we provide . Excellent post

    • Hi Hector,

      If we keep our customer’s details safe and make sure everything is in place we can then work on our writing and getting the websites finished or at least automated and monetized so you can earn while you sleep so to speak. This is where your business will be working for you.

      In Friendship


  5. I must say a big thank you for this awesome article as I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me…. I really like your tips and I would put them out and start to work with them as they are very necessary…

    • Hi David,

      Everything I mentioned about the WA platform is what I’ll be talking about during my conferences each week but my customers will need to sign up to join the conference and get some free training material from me at a later date including a newsletter that will educate customers about what’s on the horizon with marketing.

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  6. This is really an insightful post and i am sure that this article will be of great help to so many people just as it has really being of great help to me. This is a great article on protecting your affiliate business from failure. i think thank protecting your brands reputation comes before anything else

    • Hi Benny,

      Protecting your niche and its products is like a shop keeper filling up his shelves for his customers to come in choose his great products and walk away happy. That’s kind of what I want to happen here for my new customers to hang about here read as much as they can and then post a few comments and make a decision so if you’re looking at joining WA please do so from my website.

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  7. Hi Stephen, and thank you for this great article. It holds a lot which should be considered when doing affiliate marketing, and I think the section about how to see when the business is suffering is really an important section. I am still at the beginning of my online entrepreneurship, although I discovered Wealthy Affiliate some time ago. I suspect as there are ups and downs in business, so there are in life, and I think it both affects each other……I hope I can catch up, using Wealthy Affiliate as the main motor of my online business. I think it is quite fun to establish a website and keep on working on it! Thanks again, Fabian

    • Hi Fabi,

      I think your 100% correct it’s fun watching our businesses grow and I really enjoy looking at my analytics each morning and it’s going really well, however, I do think I’m doing far better on Bing than Google for some reason but at least one or two search engines like me. 

      I suppose with my niche actually being Affiliate marketing in general and teaching it I get to learn from it really quickly so that’s a good thing. I hope people treat Freedom to Roam as a gateway to affiliate marketing before they enter into WA that will help me out a lot and my customers will learn so much here so that they’re prepared for the future of WA training.

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