How to Make Money from Patreon Marketing

Learning how to make money from Patreon Marketing depends on the route you take to build your business and landing pages, how you share content, What your niche is about and how good you are at sharing content that others will love to read or watch. It’s about creating an honest audience that cares to donate let’s say a $1 to be at the front of the queue to observe your niche.

By offering content that is cheaper and accessible via Social Media or YouTube you’re throwing light on those that will pay for a subscription each week, fortnight, month or year to get the content and jump the queue.

Believe it or not, it’s something that is implemented a lot these days, especially on YouTube where Patreon is used by YouTube videographers, webcomic artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, adult content creators from all over the world. Creators who post regularly online can earn quite a lot from it. It’s all about collecting funds from fans that love your content and wish to watch or read it almost like been at the front of the queue.

Building a Patreon Marketing Business

With Freedom to Roam Marketing, you can join me on the training I have learned to build either an Affiliate Marketing or a Patreon Marketing business. If you feel you’re like me try both. It takes a lot of time in the beginning but there is no time to start like now by joining me at Wealthy Affiliate via Freedom to Roam Marketing so I can introduce you to everyone and get you ahead of the game.

By learning How to Become a Patreon Affiliate Marketer it will help you with your content and you will deliver unreal material that tells a story. Perhaps you’re a travel blogger who throws light on South East Asia, South America or Europe who uses videos to tell a story of your travels via your blog. These days people want to pay less and get more for their money and with the number of people that love to travel and learn more from you via the internet, it’s a sure bet they will be looking for cheaper or even free content that answers questions that have been unsolved about travel.

It’s more common for fans to purchase a subscription on a yearly or monthly basis but the donations under subscription mostly depend on how much reliable content you create. If your thinking, for example, to watch about a person’s adventures and shenanigans in South East Asia you could purchase the yearly subscription and get to watch the most updated videos as you do on Netflix and pay a subscription fee.

Getting to Know Your Audience

Getting to know your audience is a vital representation of your business and amounts to the very foundations of success. By offering ideal related content to your audience and customers your heading towards success.

There was a story about Big Ed And Rose who’s positive attitude comes hours after her ex-boyfriend, Big Ed, threw some comments her way with a video involving mouth wash. On the show, Ed infamously gave Rose a bottle of mouthwash and a toothbrush. He let her know her breath smelled which came across as rude and irresponsible. This might sound unfair but many people subscribed to their videos showing the relationship in its full light. It was a real good laugh and many people subscribed.

If this was created as a Patreon subscription I am sure many people would have paid a fee to watch the latest material all about their lives, the relationship and the way in Big ED treated his new girlfriend. The relationship seemed to phase out but it was a great watch and created a large audience worldwide. Of course, this is an example and your niche could be about anything your good at and perhaps something you could record on a video camera or phone.

By learning lots of Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks you could collect a grand audience to follow you around the world or watch just about anything interesting that amounts to great financial rewards. You can set these up so that patrons get something for their money, like an update only for patrons or some patron-only content. You can set them up to reflect what your patrons are paying to guide them into a further video under subscription only for those that pay.

Making Money with Patreon Marketing

I am also still trying to make Patreon work. My plan is to keep doing it for a month to see if it can still prove fruitful for me, but I am doubtful. Many Patreon creators start with a $1 subscription to video content, then $5 or $10 options for monthly content. In saying that the more you learn now as an Affiliate or Patreon marketer the more likely you will achieve later down the line. Ideally, if you have tons of travel videos and photo’s you could write a blog and use it to tell a story almost like The Adventures of Blogging for Success.

You can document your material and create a theme almost like a story that has many other stories inside. It depends on if you write a blog for your audience as I have about my travel days travelling overseas just like a personal travel book.

Here is the real story behind Freedom to Roam Marketing and how I managed to travel to over 80 cities and 30 countries around the world. Freedom has always been my choice, with words, with actions and the freedom to listen and be listened to. I do not like accepting anything if it means I am tied down. I have made that mistake on numerous occasions but never again. I know my own self incredibly well to build a lucrative business that works. This was how I created my name for my business, Freedom to Roam Marketing.

Choosing a Niche Your Love & Can Write About

Travelling is a huge niche these days but has been knocked back due to COVID-19 and the meaning of travelling safely. There are many ideas for niches in fact millions and by choosing one you love will help you create a great website.

By creating followers and gaining momentum on sign-ups for your content you are going in the right direction. If you can master Social Media and receive feedback and reviews for your hard work, you’ll soon find that your niche as a Patreon Marketer is more than likely to grow ten-fold. Here is a list of some Patriot Marketers that have made a decent income.

  1. Who are the Top Patreon Creators?
  2. Chapo Trap House – 21,400 Patrons, earning $95,000 per month.
  3. Amanda Palmer – 11,200 Patrons, earning $55,000 per month.
  4. Philip De Franco – 14,400 Patrons, earning an estimated $50,000 per month.
  5. AvE – 12,800 Patrons, earning an estimated $44,000 per month.

Patreon Marketing

People often have a desire and choice and are willing to sacrifice to travel abroad. Building a Patreon Marking business will allow you to express what others want to hear and see. Having that opportunity to share some of your life is rewarding for you and your subscribers. To add some more revenue from your videos and information or content you could also place affiliate links to make extra cash from the affiliate programs you choose.

By joining my mailing list you’ll be able to read posts first and receive my newsletter. All the information that I create will be sent to your email box immediately as soon as I have written a post. Freedom to Roam Marketing at most is to assist, teach and throw light over marketing techniques that we all deserve to know.

Deciding A Plan for Patreon Marketing

I am now realizing that as a struggling writer of past without a massive Social Media following, I am probably not a Patreon Marketer’s success story, but one thing is certain. I am learning tons of marketing techniques other than Patreon Marketing to back up my plans to conquer my inabilities. Below is a short list of how to begin your Patreon Marketing business to capitalise on earnings.

By focusing on the benefits of Patrons you are leading them into a kind of funnel from where you will have a landing page for a subscription which can be free or for a limited amount of money. You can always build your content and strategies to entertain your audience as you go but always have enough material to offer those that have already subscribed and need you to shed some light on your last video or post and what comes next.

  1. Focus on The Benefits for Patrons. …
  2. Create More Reward Tiers on Patreon. …
  3. Multiple Funding Goals Create Momentum. …
  4. Have Consistent Content and Communication. …
  5. Host Live Videos and Livestreams. …
  6. Limited Quantity Reward Tiers. …
  7. Build an Email List

Implementing a Tier System

You might wish to implement a tier system that offers customers a chance to view free content and then a $1 offer, a $10 offer and so one. The amount of tiers you create depends on how much content you have and it’s quality. For example, the free content may be snippets of a travel plan that unfolded on your famous journey and the $1 one whole video of a night out in Jamaica or any location you want to highlight. You could make five videos for the $10 and so one.

Many people believe that a niche means selling one product but this simply isn’t true as it’s not true that you can’t create a tiered campaign that highlights your Patreon Marketing products or content.

Most content from where Patrons have to pay would be worth its weight in gold and attract a large audience that wants to learn far more from you. You the creator of a website or channel must build continuous, interesting and affordable content. You must believe in yourself that all content is worth the money and also have the time to continuously include new content for your viewers.

If your website building techniques are up to scratch you’ll have fun building your business if not you can learn from my eBook from where much of marketing and website content is covered. Learning How to Create Your First Marketing Website will assist you with many ideas you’ll need to progress. In theory, you need to incorporate several funding goals to gain momentum.

Ranking Number One on GoogleYou must consider advertising and the cost on your business to be ranked number one on Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can learn SEO and become a great writer saving money on advertising and been ranked number one automatically on search engines. I’ve written a post about How to Rank Number 1 On Google for you to learn from about how I made so many posts count. You could also plan your spending in order to advertise on several advertising platforms that assist you to deliver paid ads.

You must have consistent communication with your customers to attract even more. Without these, you’ll be hitting a brick wall. For many by having two to three hundred mailing list members is an achievement and can be used for your Patreon business by offering them something from your tier system. Host your live videos and advertise yourself and show people how much you know on any given subject.

Introducing a Free Video for Subscribers

Another technique is to have a reward system based on each tier you have created such as a reduction of price for commitment or a free video for those that subscribe for the more expensive tiered content. If you want to become wiser, more adaptable and creative please consider my eBook from the below subscription. Like this particular post, there is a lot that can be read to learn the basic requirements for success.


Building an email list is how my customers learn far more in eBook form with many of the subjects I have covered here on Freedom to Roam Marketing. Many of my posts have ranked number one on all search engines and can be viewed even today and most are well ranked.

My general advice is that if you’re producing more than 10 pieces of content a month, go monthly. If you’re pumping out more than 10 blog posts, videos, learning content, or English lessons for kids that you want to charge for you should probably be a monthly creator. The list is huge as is the learning philosophy behind Patreon Marketing so take your time with a decision. At least you have two directions Affiliate Marketing or Patreon Marketing.

By learning the philosophy behind Patreon Marketing and learning to break your content into selling stages will reflect on your tired income-based marketing strategies about what you can and can’t afford with advertising.

The obvious point to make here is that after creating a Patreon page, any creator caught in the act or convicted of making credible violent threats, committing violent crimes, malicious doxing, coordinating nonviolent harm (such as fraud, money laundering and gambling), or consistent communication to do any of these activities may be banned from using Patreon.

Enjoy your journey and become a success by creating fantastically edited videos or reading content. Offer to deliver this each week, month or year straight to your customer’s inbox. By learning some of the important points I have made here on Freedom to Roam Marketing will also open your mind to ideas that work.

Improving Your Independence with Writing Naturally

By writing natural well organised content much like what is found all over this website you will improve your search engine optimisation skills and motivation ten-fold. I understand that making videos may not mean much writing but at some point, you’ll be in need to be Writing A well-demonstrated Review for Affiliate. Marketing. For example, your free Patreon content will require some work to deliver the true facts of what your business is about and what you can offer your customers and all of this can be created by learning to write online.

Social Media TipsBy offering free well-written content that describes your Patreon or Affiliate marketing ideas you’ll be reaching out to your audience with much more in the form of ideology in terms of what customers can achieve from your material and it’s content. It takes time and effort but your gain is for your brain and there is nothing more rewarding than sitting down and writing naturally.

By skimming through this website and treating it like a digital library the future for your written content will improve as mine has writing it. My digital marketing library has over 100 posts and a blog. I’ve spent 11 months writing this website for you in the hope you will learn many of the systems I have added. Thanks for reading and please think about sharing because it helps me write more in the future to give you something free to learn from.

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