How to Load Up a Website that Doesn’t Work

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Loading Up a Website that Doesn’t Work

Sometimes you may have internal minor server problems with loading your website for your new projects and that’s Marketing but Wealthy Affiliate’s platform can get you through that. This at most isn’t necessarily a problem you need to worry about it’s more a teething problem.

Think about like this a new engine for your car doesn’t start the first time but needs some work to start it up. We’ve all been there especially with new modern commodities and new items we all love like phones and media players and at most, we need to prep them to work and that’s all it takes.

Like a car, a website needs to find the engine’s pistons to make it work and link the fuel up to them to run so it can run with no worries. All cars need a check each year, but websites don’t once you have them running automated.

At first, you’ll be running on full steam at building your content like a new car and its fuel that needs time to settle with teething problems or is that just at Wealthy Affiliate. As for your website you definitely don’t want to be putting diesel into your petrol engine, it won’t work the same as website content you have to keep it to the cause and the product or services your selling has to have clear and precise content to sell them just like a car.



Close Your PC or Device

One of the simplest forms of knowing things are running fine but not updating is shut your PC or device down and start it up again it triggers a new memory to load up new content and it clears the cache of the device. I know this has nothing to do with learning affiliate marketing but believe me it’s all about the automation of a system that can run itself.

Another question tech support gets asked here repeatedly is my website won’t load up in my browser. Come on guys you can’t park your car at a cheap supermarket when you’re going to shop at an expensive one. There are terrible browsers and great ones but all work well if you try clearing your cache or load them up in an incognito mode and you can park your car where you want.

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Have you ever thought about this one? I can’t get anything done as all my messages and applications keep blocking me from using them. Anti-virus must be turned on and it’s on high alert mode. It’s not worth worrying about as long as your bank details are not saved, and you don’t share a computer with your five-year-old Mario Carts addict son who needs to top up his credit. If so hide your account details, kids these days are getting savvy believe me I was a teacher.



Anti Virus Settings

Basically, all you need to do is temporarily disable your anti-virus and then load up your website again and then see if it works. However, don’t forget to place your website on your anti-virus excepted list if it has one for future projects as the last thing you want is to be enabling and disabling your anti-virus all day when working on your websites.

Don’t close your computer just yet even though you have thrown coffee over the monitor and a brick through the patio window it’s just good karma that will get you through this. If the above, don’t work and you can’t see your website updates try turning your modem and router off and back on again or at last resort if that doesn’t work try resetting it completely.

Adult Settings

Don’t get into the porn trade it’s banned and your settings, if you have them, must disallow you from using such sites like mine do but then again, I don’t class porn as work, and I have a girlfriend. You can just not give a dam and have a VPN but make sure that doesn’t stop you from accessing work on your website.

Links Not Working

Don’t forget to check your links if they’re not directed properly which is something, I’ve done a million times. UH! where’s my page gone to my affiliate pages? we’ve all been there but just bear in mind to place a good solid link up to your affiliate page otherwise you won’t get paid and we don’t want that.

Review Analytics Data and Evaluate Attainable Objectives.

When your adding or deleting websites to your analytics be it Google, Bing or Yahoo make sure you use the correct details to load up your website’s activity it took me ages to get that done for my websites but if you don’t know how to do it just google it it’s simple that way. I’m not going to bother anyone else about this it’s like putting diesel in a petrol-driven car lol.

Remove Outdated Content from Your Site

When you have a million websites it’s easy to forget about one of them which is the one that makes the most money if you’re like me on another money-making mission. Make sure you keep all your data in date and delete the files or content that you don’t need and put them in the bin period as your website will be shiny and new and running like Ferrari if you do. Don’t be tempted to ruin what is working well as I have done lots of times so once it automated it a job done.

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