12 thoughts on “How to Learn Affiliate Business Setup & The Legalities

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for not getting tired when you research and bring for us this nice content always.

    I have been following many different posts from your website but this one has really caught my attention because it has provided a clear view for me.

    You have also mentioned branding, it’s really an important part when starting your online business.

    Wish you luck in all what you are doing

    I am thankful for that

    1. Hi Cybersharph,

      Thanks for commenting on my posts liking my work for WA and other projects. I’m working harder each day to get posts ranked to get more traffic to hep people that want to learn about affiliate marketing. I take breaks a lot in between writing now to come back twice as motivated.


  2. Excellent information about setting up an affiliate business. I particularly enjoyed the section on branding which is so important if you want to stand out from the crowd!

    Nice to see you’re tackling the legalities of setting up a business, something many new business owners neglect in their eagerness to get a business off the ground. Also, something that can come back to bite you if you don’t take care of it from the get-go!

    1. Hi Les,

      I do think as a business grows it’s important to think about the needs to run it. I suppose like most businesses if it grows into a profitable outfit it should regarded like any other successful online business and pay what is needed to the government in the form of taxes but if your waiting to get traffic and hits to get sales there is not much needed to do until it really picks up.


  3. Hello Stephen, with clarity of detail you have concisely passed a very wonderful piece of information across and in the light of affiliate business I say it’s a very great job you have done. Starting a business is cool and having things in place to help you get the desired goal for making that site is very wise. While reading through, I get a clear understanding of what business in a box is, but do you get that from a particular platform or what?

    1. Hi Benson,

      I think business in a box was something I looked at if your business get quite big in other words other people are working for you. I think they have an affiliate program too. I’ve really tried to keep it simple about setting up a business so that other people can follow or at least learn some key requirements.


  4. Good one… Being a business owner, an entrepreneur is not an easy task but with the right mindset and perseverance, onecan scale throughmbusiness owners face alot of challenges everyday especially when it comes to spending most time it is really difficult that is why the business account is really important, thanks for this insight, I will sure employ it, and will definitely open a business account, thanks again.

    1. Hi Alex,

      I think the hardest part is not building the websites it’s creating content and keeping the momentum up to create as many as possible. I think covering one topic is hard such as SEO so I’m thinking about moving on with other content to improve my Google, Yahoo and Bing ranking. Having a business is great but I’m thinking about other businesses when I automated this one. All I need really is for new members to read my posts and take note of what they say making the transition into Wealthy Affiliate far easier and I’m hoping more people will sign up faster as I truly believe WA is a great platform.

      IN Friendship


  5. Being formal keeps you safe and helps others to understand how seriously you are into it. Been seen from outside, you’ll need to gain your audience and customers’ trust. Business in a box is a great tool to get the required level of formality. Getting your own domain name is also very important, this will become your name (with everything that it implies) online, it’ll be your first branding tool, choose carefully!

    Getting to know the implications of the means you’d like to use as a marketing and sales platform is some times as important as delivering high-quality level products. Sustainability needs to be kept in mind all the time. 

    Thanks for having us (the newbies) and creating this post! 

    1. Hi Juan,

      Showing the authoritative approach and knowing your niche is so important and even I have made some videos to prove to myself and my audience that I know at least what I write is correct and my videos show this which is good for my motivation.


  6. If I may add, when picking a domain name, one should avoid using any words/terms that are similar to pre-existing brands. Not even when you try to be fancy with the spelling or the arrangement of the words. If the opposite party finds out, you can get into deep trouble with copyright infringement. A friend of mine found himself in this situation and he paid a hefty price learning this lesson the hard way.

    1. Hi Cathy

      So freedom to Roam means you can do what you want to gain the originality to be original to be able to travel and work from anywhere in the world with a laptop phone and an Ipad if you want. That’s what my niche is and it has never been anything different live another life other than that until now. 

      I don’t need to sell products (Maybe a few) Freedom to Roam Marketing is a Product. 

      In Friendship


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