How to Find Affiliate Marketing Success & Big Business Secrets

Do you trust affiliate marketing businesses? Let’s face it you earn a commission based on a percentage of sales and work hard through marketing someone else’s products. It sounds simple, but it’s not. Let’s put it this way there are more affiliate marketers that could quite easily fit into any internal marketing position given the chance and get paid more in sales but nothing beats working from home or on the road.

Maybe this is what large companies forget to realize how good affiliate marketers are compared to in-house sales staff. That’s right we are far better but can’t be bothered to stand there talking bullshit all day. That’s the beauty of what I’ve been teaching you over the last few months, to be honest, to sell from the heart and if the product is not worthy of trading standards to trash it.

Affiliate Marketing and BiG Business Secrets

How much do you trust businesses? Affiliate marketing was created to benefit businesses in the inside world and it made many people that mastered it grow rich from payments from massive companies not to sell their secrets but to sell their products, however, now the shoe is on the other foot and affiliate marketers have lot’s more power to grasp onto many of the inside secrets before the big companies ao we can work from home.

The big businesses I hear you say? That’s right you see them every single day marketing on YouTube. Big businesses that plough millions into keeping their secrets under lock and key but most of them are known by us. I make money out of honesty and faith to work hard and find time to be in more than one community or trining program hence I am busy.

In a good community, we can share secrets each and every day to unlock our next sales campaign used from knowledge which could be anything from a seasonal advertisement to a quick one day offer. We know it all as far as the calendar goes and what to offer and when.

basically the real internal marketers can’t even come close to compete with an experienced affiliate marketer not to mention field sales and telemarketing sales. Many telemarketers are not getting paid anywhere close to affiliate marketers from home or in office.

I have to be honest there is a lot to be learned from such jobs for confidence and to pay the bills at least for as long as it lasts for the high turn over of staff due to it sending people insane with customer complaints and continuous training that even I couldn’t take.

The Great News for Affiliate Marketing

There is great news out there for those that love to create new market funnels and sell via online marketing techniques because there are now programs where you have to prove yourself to get on them. If you do your on to a winner and can lead to a lucrative payoff for each sale you get.

With your new skills which are far more than the average salesman for Virgin Media or Channel 5 can compete with you’ll be fine. It’s a hands-on approach for businesses to generate more sales through free marketing or at least out of the pocket for the less knowledgeable.

The only time you’ll hear from the business is when you’ve generated a sale and need to get paid and sometimes that never happens. With my plan for you, you’ll be entered into a boot camp where all your training will be done and you’ll be in close contact with me so I’ll make sure you don’t lose out.

Can Your Trust Your Affiliate Programs

You are running on 100% trust with zero contract with affiliate sales but there are fantastic companies out there that pay well and on time and do have contracts and I have signed a few myself and it was 100% worth my while when I was into recruitment from home and needed to get paid.

What I’m saying is to trust affiliate businesses that pay you for clicks through to their websites you need to make sure you monitor that through your own means because many websites make businesses thousands when the owner of the affiliate sales website has gone AWOL giving the merchant or program free advertising and there is no law to stop this happening.

That’s why I believe the more I learn the more I can mentor from my knowledge and I can pass on to my customers being you for extra training from the best affiliate training websites in the world.

I keep in contact with those I send to other programs and they tell me if they have signed up just to say thanks to me for helping them find a decent program and so I get commission so I never lie about my reason for my free information and assistance in showing my customer the path or about me getting a commission.

I offer you this website as a Gateway to Affiliate Marketing to succeed for my business called Freedom to Roam Marketing before you go off and find your own method of direction but I don’t want you to lose out so please hang around and sign up for my subscription today.

What About You What Do You Want as an Affiliate Marketer?

You’ve heard the terminology entrepreneur right? Well, let me explain you don’t have to be a millionaire to be one you just have to be focused, devoted and able to follow instructions to find wealth. I’m talking from previous experience not now from where I made the money but lost it too. That’s not what I want you to do because I have a plan for you that will work.

Imagine if I told you there are a million businesses waiting for you to advertise for them and I can help you do that? Just imagine if I could get you into free training for a week to get you started and two free websites that are already hosted.

That’s right all you have to do is follow a ten lesson plan to learn how to build your business and then make a decision if the love what you are doing and it is worth your time until you make money.

I’ll throw a deal in here it’s more about trust and If you don’t trust me after you have read all my posts on this website then I give in because It has taken me a long time almost three months to write them and It’s for you a valuable information resource that you can’t turn down if you want to join me but toy could turn this information into a valuable business.

All you have to do is subscribe from the pop-up subscription form at the beginning of a page when you logged in or comment below and I’ll get back to you to show you a great program for affiliate marketing that simply can’t be beaten it’s well known but not over-exaggerated in any way.

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  1. Well! This is really a great post coupled with its eye enlightenment. I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing and seeing all these offers and opportunities attached to it, I’m delighted. Thank you so much for sharing it out. Personally! I feel that trusting affiliate marketing businesses is quite a good thing. They pay well so far the commissions are with them. I’ve never had any issues with anyone too

    • HI Angela,

      Thanks for your comment and your right if your getting positive results with programs that’s just fine but sometimes as we wait to get ranked it can take time but if we work hard at what we do with our SEO projects and keep writing we’ll be just fine.


  2. Hi! Affiliate marketing sounds interesting but it’s also challenging. I have been in sales for a couple of years and really liked it. I like connecting with people. So affiliate marketing would kinda sales online.

    Thank you for sharing some of the affiliate marketing secrets with us. I’d like to take a look at this platform you recommended, but no pop-up came up. Please tell me how I join this platform?

    • Hi Ann,

      If your already a member of WA that’s what I was talking about but when you log onto my website if you want to join my mailing list to get lots of free information in the up and coming weeks just log onto Freedom to Roam Marketing and join from the pop subscription form.

      In Friendship


  3. Russel I find your view of affiliate marketing quite captivating. Making money out of honesty and helping people? That’s what we are never told? To make more money be relevant and promote something you really know to be of use. I remember one affiliate program I was once referring people to and I didn’t even trust it myself, that we the hardest thing you could ever do. Thank you man, this is really what affiliate marketing should be about, trust and honesty and helping and value.

    • Hi Donny,

      Thanks for commenting on my post and trusting an affiliate program comes with your first sale and knowing that it all works and your hard work is showing. I still await some of my projects to start to work but I’m concentrating on ranking at the moment to see how that goes. I do however promote anyone that can read my posts enter into WA via my website after reading my valuable posts.


  4. Hi, thanks for this amazing article on do u trust affiliate marketing business. It is really a informative and educative article about affiliate marketing . I do trust affiliate marketing and reading your article has made me want to join the affiliate marketing and also participate in their program. Thanks for sharing this site once again.

    • Hi Pretty Sophia,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m happy to as many people read my articles as possible after working hard to write them for affiliates and up and coming marketers that want to learn more about marketing in general. I think these things take time but patience is a virtue as they say.



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