How To Condition the Mind & Improve Your Affiliate Skills

The Free Flow Writing Episode

A winning attitude involves refining and purifying one’s motivation and attitudes towards less stress for improved awareness for a new in tune momentum to continue with content building and online business construction. Learning to condition the mind helps improve comprehension skills tenfold and helps us understand when to incorporate and build more content into online businesses decreasing the possibility of staring at a blank page wondering where it all went wrong before we have even started.

When we condition the mind we ultimately prepare for a relaxed free flow writing episode that will reduce the effects that an overworked mind can lead to. Overthinking can cause a mental block when attempting to create something that is important and lead to self-blame. By conditioning the mind we can utilize far more time in thinking positively to find the correct level we need to be comfortable to work with.

Thinking too much about a project that needs completing in a time frame can increase stress when we should differentiate between ruminating and problem-solving. We should stop thinking too deeply about anything that demotivates us, something that leads to off-topic content.

It’s never a clear mind when we are thinking that we don’t know enough about a niche we have chosen to sell products or services or we lack the right skills to write about them creating a thought that perhaps we’re not worthy to continue. I’m sure this doesn’t relate to a current self-writing discipline but it could do if lacking motivation.

A Temporary Inability to Recall Information

All these thoughts are mental blocks and are the cause of a lack of motivation caused by a simple lack of focus. Mental blocks are also often used to describe a temporary inability to recall information. I’m going to explain how to condition the mind thus leading to a more positive attitude. Condition the mind and improve affiliate marketing skills to implement a reprogrammed method for learning in order for a new style of thinking and writing overall.

Give yourself the same advice you would give to a trusted friend and write about something that creates a good, honest but authoritative review. Keep writing until the content reads as if you really mean what you pass forward to your audience and feel the praise that you deserve. Here’s something that happens to me that may make you laugh. When I write something important and concentrate on conditioning my mind as I write when it’s done I feel the need to scratch my head a hundred times. I think this is my mind telling me I’m slightly overwhelmed and contented with my new skills.

When we write content we should label our thoughts and categorize them so that we feel the content flowing, running from paragraph to paragraph. Each word of description (Adjective) creates a feeling from a moment that we wish to express. This can be excellent when we implement content for blogs. Imagine writing about expensive Go-cams and the footage they take on a drone. If you’re a travel writer and have to write about views, locations and cultures I think you’re sure to create an environment for readers to feel they are actually there.

If writing isn’t working change environment, go somewhere quiet or sit outside in the garden if it’s a nice evening. All that I’ve mentioned will recall that inability to recall information and help us become a better writer. We could even try balancing our emotions with logic when we think about a review. What would other people like to hear about our review and what would the experience of owning the product be like.

Perhaps by selling high-end mountain bikes, we could cover the exhilaration the ride gives us with the newly updated shocks and the carbon fibre frame for strength and less weight.

Condition the Mind & Improve Your Affiliate Skills

  1. Give yourself the same advice you would give to a trusted friend.
  2. Label your thoughts.
  3. Creates a good honest but authoritative review.
  4. Create a feeling from a moment that you wish to express.
  5. Create an environment for readers.
  6. Recall that inability to recall information.
  7. Balancing emotions with logic.

By writing for us I feel we can share experiences in a community with my terminology of using ‘we’ which describes how we will improve together as a community of friends. I feel writing fos us also seems more personal and directed to you and I and those that wish to learn how to share experiences together or like this post improves by explaining what we can do to move on and remain in a win situation with an excellent mental strategy.

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6 thoughts on “How To Condition the Mind & Improve Your Affiliate Skills”

  1. hello dear, I’m really impressed with the way you handled and analyzed the situation at hand here especially about how to condition the mind thus leading to a more positive attitude.I also enjoyed this part in quote”When we condition the mind we ultimately prepare for a relaxed free flow writing episode that will reduce the effects that an overworked mind can lead to”. Indeed you are an expertise in this field, you are a life saver keep up with the good work.

    • Hi Wilson,

      Thanks for your positive comment and to be honest I’ve really gone to town on this post with thoughts of using what I am writing to improve my own mind which has been blank for a week but this has helped me. I knew most of it but just needed to get it out there to help others. 

      I’m changing my style of writing a little to see how it ranks in the next month and I have found that I actually have lots to write about after writing this post. Once again Thank You! for commenting and I wish you luck with your future in the hope you learned something from this post.

      In Friendship


  2. Hi!

    Just today, someone asked me what I’d recommend if I didn’t know what to write or I felt exhausted by writing. I gave him some of my tips, but now I wish I had read this article before he asked me 😉

    Sitting outside on a terrace, a change of scenery, helps me too. I would like to add the following too: give yourself some comforts, i.e. a nice cup of hot cocoa, a chocolate bar, relaxing background music, and take breaks. 

    Creating an environment is one advice that stuck with me. So true, if you create the environment, you will spark more interest in your article. And give yourself the same advice you’d give a trusted friend. I often don’t do that … I should focus on that more.

    • Hi Christine,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m sure you liked my writing. I’ve decided to write a little less about WA and some more about how to improve via improvements of our mental well-being. I have so much to write now and have turned a corner with content writing. I feel that I could get ranked more this month if I continue to research my keywords more. 

      In Friendship


  3. What a timely article this is. I have suffered from the mental blocks and would give up writing. I get awesome topics in the early morning and the moment I sit down to write, then I would only find myself writing just two lines. I will definitely now write to myself or as I offering advice to a friend until I feel authoritative. Thank you this is a quite an informative and insightful article I have read. 

    • Hi Welcome,

      I’m going to try and help you as much as I can from this day. Tomorrow I’m going to try and write two more posts and teach about other aspects of learning to write and about how we can use our mental strengths to improve our content writing. I’ve moved on from just writing about my affiliate programs for a while until I have some better programs and hope my audience keep returning to read. If you return tomorrow night there should be another post to help you with this one you should be fine.

      In Friendship



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