How to Build Bridges For Friendship & Future Business Success


I wanted to share with you the memories that remind me of the Vegas crew here at WA. We were the Bondi Beach Crew and all stuck together to run a campaign in Sydney for a cruise liner one of the most unreal party times of my life. There wasn’t one night off including weekends where we wouldn’t go out to promote the Holiday Club Australia.

I traveled to work each day over Sydney Harbour Bridge on the train from where I had to pinch myself each time in disbelief as I crossed the bridge to work but these days I would imagine it would be just another job.

Most of the people that worked for the Holiday Club in Crow’s Nest North Sydney, those you see in the photo all went on to great jobs either abroad or in the UK. If you are looking for me, I’m at the bottom of the photo with a denim jacket on and a white shirt with my hands facing up weighing up the odds. That’s in the first picture.

I was older than the rest but I had such a wild time in Bondi, Sydney that I had to think about staying there to prolong my stay to chill out on the beach and have as many parties as I could while we were there and I could afford it I manged one year in total.

I still have my cover letter for that job and can you believe it I’m doing a job now that is marketing for energy companies for the UK leading energy companies but I’m ready for a change and it’s going to have to be a big change.

I don’t want to make this a blog for learning but more about the motivation for you guys to go for it when you feel it’s right for you to take the exciting jobs that help you meet thousands of people that run on the same level as you do from where you’re going to know it’s going to be a money-making program that works for you to change your life.

If you stick with your plans I see no reason why you can’t achieve as a team you too even those here you could choose to work with even here at WA that can reach the heights one needs as we did in Sydney to make an impact on the marketing scene. This wasn’t because we were all friends it was because we loved the job we were doing and we met more and more people to employ to work with us.

Life throws you opportunities designed to test you to be successful and it depends on how you make a choice to plan to better your future where you’re going to be in ten years’ time. Design your trips, stay in contact with friends and always have a magic number for someone you can count on in the address book that can pick you up at some point if it all goes wrong. I’m hoping that’ll be me and I can tell you that this is how I did it or at least something successful in my life.

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