How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

I’m going to talk about affiliate marketing and how you can achieve it through hard work. commitment and motivation for you to become someone that can work from home or even on your travels as you travel from one place to the next living on your affiliate sales.

It’s a super exciting business to be in as you overcome the hurdles to conquer the race to be better than your competitors. It’s really not a simple game to be in but your dreams can come true if you utilize all the strength you have to defeat any negativity and learn from intense training designed to take you to another level.

You’ll become a super excited and motivated, fun person when you learn the needs to be a positive enough to complete your website through commitment as you challenge yourself to project all your thoughts into your business. You simply can’t lose if you take a deep breath read this post and learn as much as you can to learn about writing reviews, posts, and webpages.

What do affiliate marketers do?

Affiliate marketers earn from commission-based sales for marketing another person’s or company’s products. You will begin to research products and services that you know a lot about. This is called your niche and something you will know a lot about. t’s something you’ll learn to master and calculate in order for you to place an abundance of keywords to drive it forward with your website content.

You’ll be super energetic and proud when you find your niche. It’s time to study your niche and learn as much about it as possible opening doors for you to write fantastic reviews. You can read the list below to get a clear message about what you’ll be working on as an affiliate. You’ll be using affiliate links from affiliate programs to collate your payments to help you earn a commission.

  1. You recommend a product or service to your followers.
  2. Your followers purchase the product or service using your affiliate link.
  3. You get paid a commission for the sales made using your affiliate link.

Taking Affiliate Baby Steps to Become Successful

Taking baby steps is a term I use to explain that you’ll be taking your business to a new height each day as you build content and work towards your dream. You must take baby steps and not burn yourself out even though your commitment gets you noticing good results in designing and creating content to learn how to review products or services. Stay healthy and you will reap the rewards and enjoy your new role as an affiliate marketer.

It’s important that you love what you’re doing and don’t treat it like something you have to do more something that you want to do. Always remain positive and motivated. If you don’t feel like it one day take a break. I find that if I can’t commit myself at times I take a break.

I take a break from it to reassure myself by creating a great post, article or webpage after I have rested my mind. I work better at weekends as I remain committed to the cause of when I can create great content for my website, and I have more time to conclude reviews, grammar checks which makes my writing read well to produce sales.

It’s important meeting like-minded people that motivate you so it’s extremely important to join communities, forums, and chat rooms that cover topics such as affiliate marketing, selling services and goods online and entrepreneurship. There is nothing better than a community that works together to gain momentum in learning from each other and where you can express your thoughts and receive help for your business launch.

I would like to offer you access to a free membership to receive some free training for a week from where you can build two websites to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer. By joining my email list I’ll show you what you need to do to own an affiliate business by signing up for an affiliate program that will change how you work be it from home or on your travels.

Free Affiliate Training for Business Startup

Making money is a skill.  It can be learned. Everyone starts at the beginning. First, take baby steps to make a website free, set goals, follow a plan, and learn how the money-making process really works.

  1. Love What You Are Doing. I always keep this as number one. …
  2. You, Will, Must Learn to Take Baby Steps
  3. Learn About the Product You’re Promoting
  4. Learn from Others

Implement Consistency into Your Affiliate Business

You should demonstrate total dedication from your learning by training yourself from programs that won’t cost you too much money. Always remember to be consistent and learn something new every day to climb the ranks.

Take some notes that coincide with the implementation of website content and then when you’re ready to commit to writing a full review, post, article or webpage you can save a lot of time not checking it for errors all the time. Remember a lot of time is spent on proofreading almost as much as writing it until you learn the skills to write naturally.

Think about creating a huge reputation for your affiliate business by telling people about your services or product. Ask friends or family to review your work and make comments about it.

Feedback is an excellent method in knowing what other affiliate marketers think. You can use a platform I use called Wealthy Affiliate that has over 2.2 million members from where you can receive lots of reviews and honest business feedback.

You can improve your search engine rankings by adding great content by writing as much as you can by building a strong reputation with your niche. It’s never to later for you to begin your affiliate marketing adventure.

Make sure you’re in the right mood and control your learning by studying your keywords and make your content flow. You’ll be rewarded far more if you learn about search engine optimization, something that will conclude your work has been Successful for your business to flourish in due time.

How long Does it Take to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

How much work are you willing to place into your business and what does it mean to you to spend a lot of time on your affiliate marketing content writing to reach a position of success? Writing takes time to master and been ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo isn’t easy and takes time.

If you value your free time more than building your business this might not be for you. I don’t want you to feel uneasy about working towards an affiliate business. I would rather your prepared for it. I feel the need to be straight with you about it being a hard game to be in.

Each time you write your dreams become more real, practice makes perfect and the more practice you place into your business the more authority you’re going to create for your customers to buy.

Don’t spend time on your affiliate business you haven’t got otherwise you may find yourself rushing to complete articles and posts just for the sake of having five minutes. It’s much more beneficial to complete content when you have more time to implement great keywords and master the plan by creating a great authoritative piece of work that has been proofread by yourself or someone you know and trust.

Even if you have the best affiliate marketing business plan set up in a profitable niche and spend 40hrs per week on the site, it is still going to take you around 4-5 months to be ranked to really start seeing good traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Never fail to revise to implement new vocabulary into your posts, articles, and reviews. Be proud of your work as an affiliate and spend time with those that understand it.

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

It’s not easy to build a business with little or no money but it can be done. I used to sacrifice my weekends at the cinema, restaurant or nightclub just to make time for writing, learning and planning my affiliate business. My friends were out and I was at home planning my business and learning what I needed to incorporate into it for success. I still work weekends and during the night but in the days I prefer to take time off working online.

There was a time I used to work a day job from where I was in front of the computer all day which I spent reading and learning about affiliate marketing techniques in between jobs for my boss.

There is nothing wrong with researching niche markets in your day job if you work hard at the work you are paid to do. It’s important you earn a living at least for now until you become able to quit your job to become a full-time affiliate marketer. This is important because there will be small tools you may need to buy such as subscription forms and email campaign servers to get your autoresponders in place to greet your new customers when you’re ready to promote.

Don’t forget that aiming for search engine optimization success is your main objective as you work towards keyword structures and content delivery. The more your writing improves the closer you’ll be towards the ultimate achievement of having your posts, articles or reviews ranked. I know I’ve said this before many times but it’s a lesson I can’t express enough about that will decide your success.

Depending on paid ads isn’t a negative if you have mastered search engine ads from Google, Yahoo, and Bing but I want to mention you’ll be paying for this far more than SEO. It’s far better to become an excellent writer for the future of other businesses that you may want to plan. You will only have to learn once to become a competent writer to achieve far more in the future and make your business work now. Achieve the things that are important not those that can wait until you have more time.

I’ve always mentioned to new affiliate marketers that the most important area about affiliate marketing is not to quit your day job until your ready. Work hard at both jobs until your earning a double income from both jobs then make a decision which one means more to you. You don’t need a lot of money to be an affiliate marketer you just need to be careful with the money you have.

I have no doubt that if you’re smashing it with great content and your customers are buying from you that you’ll choose your affiliate business to pay for your holidays and your Laptop Lifestyle. After all, this is what you have wanted from the beginning right?

Is affiliate marketing a selling pyramid?

You pick and choose which products or services you want to sell and see if the merchant will give you a commission for selling them. You own your own content into perpetuity, even if the merchants go out of business. Affiliate marketing is not a pyramid scheme. It is a legitimate, long-term business model that has been around for a good 20 years now.

People tend to confuse MLM with affiliate marketing. In Affiliate Marketing you’re helping an entrepreneur sell his products from his website and earning a commission on sales. You’re not referring anyone to the business or recruiting them into the company or earning a commission on their sales.

Even these days recruiting people is excepted and can improve your overall skills as an affiliate marketer who signs up for the training. With legitimate programs, there is no loss and no hard sell. One excellent example is the Wealthy Affiliate’s platform for training with a community that has jumped up to 2.2 million to date.

If you stick to the list mentioned below and work hard at content building your position as an affiliate business owner will climb each and every time you create a great piece of writing, perhaps a review about a great product or a post about something your selling around the world.

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Research different affiliate programs and products.
  3. Build a site.
  4. Produce excellent content.
  5. Build an audience.
  6. Promote your affiliate product(s).
  7. Repeat steps 4–7 on a continual basis!


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  1. Wow great website. The content of this article is very rich. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is what most of us seek to achieve, and with one click we can get a precise way of achieving this. Very informative with nice and truthful advice. People most at times quit their day work the moment they enter into affiliate marketing, expecting a double to make for their lose. But its a gradual thing, build it well and enjoy the best of tomorrow. I enjoyed your reading your article. Very educative. Thank you for the post.

    1. Hi Changingworldnews,

      Thanks for commenting on my post and the advice I give. I’m writing each day now so keeping up with the hard work and trying to experiment with keywords and great content. I make my posts easy to read from where I’m sure many of them will get ranked in Google. Yahoo and Bing.

      In Friendship


  2. Thank you for publishing such an extensive review on Affiliate Marketing. The answers to many questions on how to make money online were discussed in detailed and your advice is very practical and clear. I strongly believe that if I follow the seven steps, I will defintely get the result too. I will henceforth increase my time and effort. 

    1. Hi Kingsking,

      The seven steps are extremely important especially numbers 4 and 7 where you repeat what you have already accomplished to win again and again. Thanks for writing this comment and I wish you great fortune and luck with your learning and I’m sure you will reach success if you already haven’t. If you have to keep going until you see the results come pouring in again and again.

      In Friendship


  3. Hard work is great, consistency is key. So many expectations when anyone wants to go into affiliate marketing and most time, it’s with the hope that money will come easily. Yes, it’s easy money, but working is also required to being that money home. Having a fan base is a big move to help an affiliate marketer grow and doing your homework to hold them together by having good contents would go a long way. 

    1. Hi Benson,

      Indeed a fanbase is important and I’ve had many people post comments more than three-four times showing their content and happiness with what I am writing. I’m helping affiliate marketers from all walks that want to earn a living including myself as this is my niche. In helping people find WA my best aim is to nurture, mentor and give people an idea of what it’s like at Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. I think your post is a very fantastic one especially because you can give some very wonderful  information here about affiliate marketing. I have just joined wealthy affiliate that you mentioned in the latter part of this post and I find it just fantastic that you can poi t out the baby steps to take to become successful in this business. This is something that I think I will implement in my own business as well. Thank you for this wonderful info.

    1. Hi Henderson,

      The baby steps mode is all about spending valuable time on your business rather than looking at the monitor typing nothing, something that happens when someone is not researching what they want to write about and review. Writing great reviews is what it’s about and patience is a virtue and given time the inevitable will happen and you will start to be ranked in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

      In Friendship


  5. I cannot agree less with what you have shared here. Taking baby steps and injecting consistency into it is the sure way to achieving success as an affiliate marketer. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Making money as an affiliate marketer is not easy but with consistency and willingness to keep thriving and trying, then success is attainable. Thanks

    1. Hi Roderick,

      Consistency is by far the most important attribute that an affiliate marker can possess when reaching out to have posts, articles or webpage read in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. Thanks for commenting on my post and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

      In Friendship


  6. First of all, thank you for this article where you have presented various approaches to making affiliate marketing success. Currently to be successful online, one must know about the affiliate of a marketer. This article after you understand what an affiliate marketer can go wrong and how to succeed. Affiliate marketing and SEO complement each other.

    To be a successful affiliate marketer, SEO must know. there is no substitute for the Wealthy Affiliate platform to teach everything.I really enjoyed your article and will share it with my friends.

    1. Hi Md. Asraful,

      It’s an exciting time for me with my ranking climbing in Wealthy Affiliate and also many great comments. Its something many people find hard but learn to write and practice keyword implementation it gets easier as you begin your journey through the search engine optimization needs and ranking.

      In Friendship


  7. Hi, one of your helpful articles when it comes to affiliate marketing. I am in this business for 1 year, I can say that I have a little experience and I can confirm that you are right. Most people try to achieve the instant success which is not possible at all. I started making money with affiliate marketing after 4 months of hard effort and work, it takes time but it is definitely worth it.

    1. Hi Danijel,

      Yes, it takes time monetize your websites and reach out for authority so people take you seriously something I love about writing is that I always write for the reader the people that I want to buy from me and take an action to follow my links to what I really believe to be an excellent training program for affiliate marketing.

      In Friendship


  8. I think anyone can become a successful affiliate marketer as long as we have the right mindset and follow the process. For me, self discipline is the hardest, I am working on that everyday. I have to make myself write a post 3 times a week and catching up on training. That is hard when you have a full time job! Jest like you said baby step, one day at a time is important, you can’t build Rome in one day. The most important is to never give up. Good Luck everyone!

    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      I agree with you fully and can’t express more than making a few small steps is better than making one and three posts a week especially a couple of them eventually make it into the search engine rankings. I try to complete a post per day but sometimes have to rest my mind.

      In Friendship


  9. Thank you for this wonderful piece. It is very informative and love how you were honest about what it takes to be in affiliate marketing, instead of trying to sell an image of reaping tons of money for little effort put into it. Your suggestions are on point, and very encouraging to anyone starting out in affiliate marketing. 

    You made mention of “paying for Google adds in the long run over SEO’s,” and curious if you could share a little bit more about how it would effect you? 

    1. Hi Brandy,

      First I want to mention how happy and thankful I am for your comment. Facebook ads cost money as do other paid ads such as Google, Yahoo and Big but if you learn SEO over time you can be placed above ads in search engines but it’s not easy. 

      If you’re going to want your pages to be ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines it takes a lot of time but will save you money against paid ads. When you’re making money you can do both. If your already making money and living comfortably on your business revenue you could try PPC and as mentioned paid ads.

      In Friendship


  10. First of all thank you so much for writing this article. Really your article is very instructive. In addition to my job, I have been a member of the wealthy affiliate. I couldn’t fix my niche  and goal. But to work at Wealthy Affiliate, you need to first set goals and direction. I could not get any guidance. Wealthy affiliate members can be earned from anywhere with mobiles and laptops. Reading your article I gained a lot of experience. I will share your article among my friend’s and those interested in working at wealthy affiliate marketplace. Thank you for sharing your article.  

    1. Hi Alum.

      Thanks for your comment and I agree with your comment about finding a niche that should be top of your list. Always remember to keep writing, researching to gain authority in your posts, articles, and reviews. It’s super important to right even if it takes a long time to get listed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

      In Friendship


  11. the headway and great benefits that affiliate marketing holds makes it one of the best way to make money online. the challenge is meeting the right platform to help you with all the required set up especially with the way to get traffic down to your website. with this any one can excel

    1. Hi Benny,

      Given time and some thought you can soon become aware of SEO part of the training and excel in it to become a really good affiliate marketer. Thanks for commenting on my post and I hope your projects are all successful given the time you place upon them.

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