How to Become a Patreon Affiliate Marketer

Patreon Affiliate MarketerHow to become a Patreon marketer. Patreon marketer is basically when a website as in influencer marketing becomes more vital to capturing interest in a crowded online marketplace, influencers are finding new ways to capture the audience’s interest to generate revenue. It’s a selection of videos for example. It’s all about making videos on how to achieve something with perhaps something about your life.

Your choice of affiliate programs to add on your platform either your website or Youtube channel will become far more alive with many businesses wanting you to promote for them if you learn to be a great Patreon. It’s been mentioned to me that businesses that have affiliate programs will search for you personally if you succeed and create far more revenue for you with great affiliate programs.

Who Can Take Advantage of Being a Patreon?

You might be a YouTuber, An Artist or a Musician that controls a subscription through popular views and videos of interest on how to complete a task, train to become a professional at something or it could be just for fun such as travel or working from home. In theory, it’s more like a donation but if people are really enjoying your content they often donate for more views and to find out what happens next in your video shoots.

How Does a Patreon Work & How To Achieve

Patreon is a platform that allows fans or “patrons” to pay creators for their work. Many of these creators are influencers and create great content for their audience or customers. The support from fans can last for years and become the revenue for your trips to beautiful places around the world.

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While brand partnership remains a primary source of revenue for most influencers, some influencers and creators use a Patreon system to generate some or all of their income.

If your overseas, for example, sunning it up in Costa Rica you could make videos with soundtracks for each day. You create a video about your whole stay with all shenanigans included for a great view of yourself and travel friends almost like a reality T.V show. Imagine how much fun that would be on your travels?

Creating a YouTube Reality Show & How to Become a Patreon Affiliate Marketer

If you create something from a laughable reality YouTube show to a recipe on how to cook a delicious meal you can tell your subscribers that to view the next episode for video coverage it would help if they make a small donation for as little as a dollar. I mentioned it’s like a donation but because you’re giving something back it’s more like a small affordable purchase but your customers have the option.

To warm people to viewing your material you could have a countdown for the next episode of your video on YouTube to create an audience’s attention and receive more donations for the hard work you have placed upon editing and creating great content for fun all for your subscribers.

Patreon seems to work well with laughable and fun content because it triggers people minds to watch the next show for a whole new bunch of new laughs. I’ve even seen one Patreon become so good at it he created nature videos on his travels almost as good as those you see on T.V

I’ve mentioned that being a Patreon means travel-based video coverage but you could create a show at home too. It all depends on how much fun it is, what can be learned from it and how much work goes into editing to make it more professional. You can build a Patreon platform to host from anywhere as an interesting backdrop.

How Much Could A Donation Be & What Can A Patreon Give Back?

Patreon DonationThe Patreon donation could be $1 or $5 for early access to videos before they go out the following week. As I’ve mentioned it has to be extremely funny, interesting and professionally edited to achieve but that comes with practice and a lot of it can be done with phones, laptops and a decent microphone and camera. I once read about a Patreon that sends his subscribers postcards from all over the world, what a great idea that is to connect with your fans from all over the world.

The Patreon is giving subscribers and members to his platform on YouTube or from his/her website all kinds of information and naturally works hard at delivering new unique information for free or through donation. Patreon works extremely well with Social Media being that it’s fun-based and means interacting with thousands of followers and its another place to promote ideas and share information with fans.

Whether you’re creating: videos, images, podcasts, or original songs; I know your work comes in different forms. Posts are one of the most common ways that creators can share their content. Being approachable to customers, followers and your audience is a great way to keep them interested and who knows someday you might just become famous on either Social Media or if you’re lucky on T.V but only if it catches on.

If you’re looking for a platform to start your affiliate business and wanted full training you could begin with a fully hosted website and a week’s entrepreneur certification training from us at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a game-changer and you can create a great blog with the temptation of lot’s affiliate programs to choose from too.

Create Your Own Website

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  1. Hello there – Affiliate marketing is an interesting topic for me. I have had no marketing background and was completely clueless as how it all works. It was self learning that got me so interested in this topic. I really enjoyed reading about Patreon Affiliate Marketer. Very informative, thank you so much for this.

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      Thanks for reading my post which is really one that I think can reflect on those that enjoy travelling and also YouTube videos. I think if you can record some great footage you can really attract a lot of people especially if you travel and make them of your adventures. Also using a drone can make your videos much more aerial view with some laughs and footage of some nights out etc.

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