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How to Automate and Monetise Your Affiliate Business

The reason for automating your online affiliate business is simple, you have more time for other projects when one business works automatically. It frees affiliates from mundane, repetitive tasks so that they can focus more on other projects that will also need to be automated to free up time for the next.

Learning how to automate and monetize your affiliate marketing business is the ultimate goal for working less and earning more if your business is automated correctly. It’s not possible to automate a business throughout but by at least automating the key elements of communication and payment systems you’re halfway there.

Testing automation is an important condition and strategy to unfold any errors that may occur. Your main aim at the point of testing is to have all your emails directed and in order of need for your campaign to work on overdrive. If your emails are sent in order to the correct email list at the right time then your automation should be fine but if your emails are not it confuses your customers.

The Invisible Selling Machine

If you synchronize your emails and standardize the campaign so you know where you can automate it you won’t have to keep going back to the same job again and again. You must work on a time scale with continuous improvement in place. You can learn a lot from a book called Invisible Selling Machine by Ryan Deiss. He mentions the five-day sequence that strikes a perfect balance between revenue-generation and relationship building.

If you automate and perpetuate your entire sales process your business will work for you. Each email we send is said to have one of five purposes to indoctrinate by introducing new leads for your niche and it’s brand to turn strangers into friends. Your email system must be set up to express and make this work for you to gain momentum in your sales campaign.

The second purpose is to get your friends engaged. Your new friends should now be listening to you so you can talk about what interests them and then encourage them to buy relevant products or services. Now you have reached this point you must ascend and welcome your customers and encourage them to upgrade experience by buying from you again.

The next step is you must learn how to segment and learn what they want to hear and what they want to buy next and then finally re-engage to bring them back when they’ve fallen out of touch of the relationship and it has gone. Each step builds on the previous step and works to seamlessly effortlessly and invisible transition from strangers into friends. You can send your automated emails to interact and work with the mentioned sequence.

A system that works combines effort with time and coincides with how your system is constructed for it to work. Workflow optimization is the improvement of an existing workflow or system, by reducing cost, improving the efficiency of work done, adding new functions to an existing workflow or system, the time is taken to complete the task at hand, and other factors to ensure the workflow or system performs as efficiently as possible. if you manage your time well and complete all your tasks you’re onto a winner.


Affiliate Business Strategies

By working hard on your systems and implementing the key factors that make it work as a business that runs on auto will reduce the time you need to spend on running it. It doesn’t mean to say you can’t continuously upgrade your business it means that once you have it working on the auto you just add a few emails for new products or create a new campaign that triggers each email to go out to sell to your friends that were customers.

Reading the above as I was writing reminded me of how I expect my business to run by turning newbies into successful internet marketing affiliates by leading them to the right place for their training once they have read the content on Freedom to Roam Marketing and learned as much as they can.

When you arrive at the door of the community at Wealthy Affiliate. My theory is if your reading this and your new to affiliate marketing please consider subscribing to Freedom to Roam first because it’s the gateway to affiliate marketing and it’s where you will get the knowledge you’ll need to make a decision later on down the line that may change your life for the better. There is no better way to automate your business than having a million emails to test it out for the results to come up positive.


How to Monetize Your Affiliate Business

Sharing my knowledge through SEO marketing through consulting my customers that arrive at the doors of Freedom to Roam Marketing gives me an immense amount of satisfaction. Now let’s talk about monetization for a while.

Monetize refers to the process of turning a non-revenue-generating item into cash, essentially liquidating an asset or object into legal tender. The item here has a name it’s my customers so excuse that expression and if you’re reading this and wish to become a part of something really big then I’m here to help you become someone special into a complete superstar if you’ll let me.

Generally speaking, if I can turn you int a great affiliate I have used a monetization strategy and turned my idea into a business. … Example: ”They needed to monetize their site in order to generate revenue and eventually make money. They had a number of ways to do this.” (advertisements, registration fees, subscription fees, etc).

You might think me telling you all this is a little strange but I want your future to be successfully organized as far as becoming an affiliate is concerned about explaining a strategy because I want your trust and I have no problem telling you then as time goes by you’ll be teaching this to someone else that’s how it works when you become an entrepreneur you become a teacher too.

Well, it’s come to that time again at the end of a post and if your one of my fans, readers, customers, followers or you have just found this post via search I’ll explain that the next step is for me to ask you to begin your journey and subscribe to my newsletter on how to become a successful affiliate marketer and much more including an invite into my live conference call.


10 thoughts on “How to Automate and Monetise Your Affiliate Business

  1. Great advice and tips on how to automate and monetize your affiliate business, and you make a generous offer with the suggestion to sign up for your website and newsletter. These days there are so many products that do not perform as they promise to, and often at high prices.

    If I get started with you how long would it be until I am making money? The second part of this question would be how much could I expect to make if I were to dedicate 12 to 15 hours a week to building my affiliate business? I like to have some rough estimates so I know what I am getting into. Thanks in advance for your reply! 

    1. Hi Dave,

      If you join via here, Freedom to Roam Marketing you’ll always have me to give you advice and direction and you’ll get all the freebies I’ve got coming up with an eBook, newsletter and lots more to help people with their training in WA. As far as money is concerned it depends on your niche about how much m money you can make and how soon but in general if you take my advice and really get used to writing great posts and lots of them I can see you earning in three months. Choose me to help you I think we could do well to go the direction together and I’ll help you where I can. 

      Please think about these two options for you to take up so that we can work together if you haven’t signed up for the trial yet please signup here and get your first weeks training and collect your two free websites and enter into your entrepreneur training which should take you a couple of days yo complete. If your already on trial please think about the premium membership to get all the training pretty much unlimited and access to every single tool the platform has which you can find here.

      In Friendship


  2. Great article that you gave us once more! I would add to your article that aumating your affiliate business comes after a lot of time and hard work of developping and building your business, the harder you work in the beginning the easier your work will get in future and more profitable.

    1. Hi Victor,

      Thanks for commenting and I’ll keep delivering these posts the more motivated I get. I’m really in the right mood thee days to write a lot so there should be quite a lot coming from me. Please keep coming back to view the new posts as I won’t be sending out prompted comments out for a while I’ve done my bit for now.

      In Friendship


  3. First of all, I would like to give you thanks and respect for publishing this kind of informative article with us. I am doing affiliate marketing but when I started my business that time, I didn’t have any idea about the earning system, monetization system, like this kind of thing. After seeing your post, I started following your instructions properly. I have benefited from this post.

    Ultimately, I want to give you thanks again for such a wonderful post. Obviously, I will share this post with those who want to do this kind of business. This article can be beneficial for them.

    1. Hi mahadihassan1 

      Thanks for your brilliant comment it’s the reason I’m here to make it an easy transition in WA, I’m all for WA and those that want to learn from me. My website works like this the more you share articles the more I can learn from all of my replies and then post lots more to keep your knowledge of affiliate marketing above the rest so sharing is caring. If you ever need any help please don’t be afraid to ask.

      In Friendship


  4. Hi Stephen,  I was going to call it a night reviewing people’s posts but I see it was another post from you and you always share such good information.  Delegating I think is the word here.  This the way to becoming rich I think.  I have a couple of writers I hire at the moment about as far as it goes but there are definitely tons of ways.  It is just sticking at it for long enough I think.  But what do you mean by automated though – it still must be 50/50 at least right?

    1. Hi Alex,

      It’s impossible to 100% automate a website as there are always manual things that need doing with adding content and changing links not to mention new products. Some people prefer to sell long shelf life products that never date hence they can run a campaign for longer without doing much to the set up once it’s all set up. I’m not sure of the actual number or percentage but I think you can automate more than 50% of your selling long-life products.

      In Friendship


  5. Hello, Dave.

    I am happy that you sacrifice your time to make those beautiful content available to fulfill our searching demand. Many affiliates take long to believe that an affiliate business can be monetized and actually be made work automatically without maintaining continuous work. According to what I have read in this article, email marketing is one of the main strategies in order to be successful in your goal.

    My question is, What is the most important thing to follow in order to become successful in online business.

    Thank you!

    1. HI Cybersharph,

      I think to answer your question we must follow the system to write as many articles as we can and keep writing until we have cracked the SEO. I’m still writing each day because I enjoy and when I don’t I take a day off so we should always work on our authoritative writing to become so god at it more and more of our posts get ranked and then we get more free traffic.Thanks for commenting.

      In Friendship


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