My Affiliate Marketing Direction with Wealthy Affiliate

About five months ago I wanted some direction with my affiliate marketing direction, a direction I wanted to make not necessarily for now but for my future. I was sat there contemplating borrowing money and thought that wasn’t the direction I wanted to make but I was thinking at 48 years old I needed to think about a second income and needed to start now.

After a few weeks, I came across an advert for Wealthy Affiliate and decided to read some reviews, there are thousands of them but had to make a difficult decision because I had come off the rebound of a program two years ago that turned into a disaster.

The program was part of the Professional Vagabond website owned by Ryan Sletcher a great guy but his platform for building blogs failed me because his shopping cart had a platform migration every month and it messed up my funnel so I left.

Starting All Over Again from Scratch

My business partner decided we couldn’t continue with a product that didn’t follow the GDPR with the way we had set it all up to upsell. I had spent a whole year planning it but to no avail, so the product a recruitment website with 40+ functions all went down the sink.

After reading about Wealthy Affiliate I decided on the one week trial and began my business with a promised two website startup, both hosted and with a full security package that kept the content and products safe from the hackers. I entered into the well-known community of over 1.5 million and started the one-week entrepreneurship training course to teach me about implementing content into my website.

My affiliate marketing direction with Wealthy Affiliate had begun and I built a website in a  couple of weeks and tested the water. The website looked great and the content was much better than the previous attempts so I knew at that point the course learning content did work.

At the end of the first week, I was asked if I was ok and how I found the platform with a simple answer I explained that the platform for building my business was excellent and that I loved the community from where I made lots of friends in just one week.

Learning How to Use the Platform

The community has many special tools as mentioned here on Freedom to Roam Marketing Web Conference | Join Today  I included that post for you to learn before going the full course with Wealthy affiliate on how to use the platform or at least find out what functions are offered for the trial version.

Learning how to use the platform for my affiliate marketing direction with Wealthy Affiliate took a few to weeks to master and even today I still find tools that work for me to improve.

I won’t list all the functions but I’ll be honest and mention that it’s the best platform I have trialled and it’s so advanced it surprises me even today that there are still tools I need to use to improve my writing and business launches.

If your thinking about improving your writing for webpages, posts, reviews or articles there are tools to help you accomplish this and your future will be much better for it. You’ll learn so much with the tools mentioned above from the link that will help you improve, speed up, accomplish more content and become far more professional.

If you want to earn an income from the word go you can choose one of the affiliate programs listed on the affiliate page and build your business around that and all that can be found inside the platform. You can also improve your business by becoming an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate’s program.

Inside the community, there is a ranking system that is an excellent method to see who is interested in helping each other, giving great course content and helping others achieve their goals overall. If you’re ranked in the community you can win a  badge and receive various awards. It does work as a motivational method to use the community as much as possible so that people can learn from each other and in some cases not left to ponder on difficult tasks.

If you looking for a great platform choose Wealthy Affiliate because its fantastic for building your very first business as an affiliate marketer. You’ll learn far more than sat there hovering over Google, Yahoo and Bing looking for ideas. Trust me there are millions of ideas inside the community that will point you in the right direction

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