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How Wealthy Affiliate Membership Works

Membership at Wealthy Affiliate works well whichever membership you take starter or premium membership. Start-up is a fantastic way of familiarising yourself with the website building tools that allow you to start your business, add content to it and implement all your keywords.

It’s addictive and due to the free training courses, you’ll accomplish far more than you think even in the first week from where at the end of the week you’ll be asked to make a decision to sign up to the premium membership and even then you’re not obliged to take the premium membership if you’re not sure.

You get far more than you can imagine in the form of training and website builder tools and a totally internal platform that lets you manage everything from your admin area.

The premium price is minimal to what you would be spending on building an online affiliate business somewhere else due to the whole system it’s built on and training that has been arranged in order for you to reach and standardise each time you complete a lesson even in the start-up membership.

Below is the platform for Social Media internal to Wealthy Affiliate from where you can interact with other members, ask questions, tell jokes, general chat and learn about niche markets. Click on the picture to signup for 7 days free today. I’ve deleted the names but when you signup you’ll see all the members’ names in full display.

Start-up Membership

The start-up membership allows all your website’s hard work to be backed up so there is no threat of losing all your content or data something that will give you peace of mind when you work hard at making an online business.

knowing it’s all backed up for you to retrieve it if needed is a great motivation with technical faults being almost zero. You’ll have no problems when you begin your journey to your website construction with a search engine introduction course and how to build your website content and videos.

There is a beginner training course which is an in-depth course to help start your business so sit back and relax and enjoy. Don’t worry about getting the help you will have live help from support for the whole 7 days of your initial trial.

Inside your admin area and profile, you’ll be able to implement blogs for other members to read about your projects, courses, lessons, general chat and much more.

These blogs have affiliate links for you to start advertising on social media, a great way to start your business and build an audience. The video content for start-ups walks you through to process of business start-ups and allows you to reach a good level of motivation to begin your project on the right foot.

You’ll be able to reach out for affiliate programs and earn while you learn even as a beginner, but you’ll be better off with premium to get far more professional and ready to build that affiliated business that you have always wanted. if not maybe it’s time to give it a try, It’s free.

Premium Membership

You’ll have the chance to contact service support which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year which is incredible when you think about the time it takes to reply to all the messages. Messages are dealt with quickly and I find it amazing and have learned so much in website construction and technical problems that I now understand how to complete the tasks myself after asking for support but try not to get into this strategy that’s what the community of 2 million members is for.

When you join up for the premium membership you have the right to host up to 50 websites which is a whole lot of space if your websites have large files and run many pages but once you manage to familiarise yourself with website construction you’ll be amazed at how many you can build with the full training course.

You’ll build your websites with WordPress but don’t worry you won’t have to pop on over to WordPress each time you work on your websites it’s done from the admin area of your Wealthy Affiliate membership from the dashboard. You will be trained more and more so try to utilise your time well to put your new skills into practice as soon as you start the premium training which is almost unlimited.

You also receive a website security package from the admin area of your membership that makes sure all your websites are 100% secure with encrypted passwords that you can change daily.

There is no need to write passwords down you simply change them with one press of a button and click the login button. Just like the free membership, you’ll have website backup, beginner training courses, be able to write blogs in your admin area.

Also you can enjoy your ongoing video courses to get you going. Basically, everything mentioned in the start-up package you get with the premium membership. Sounds obvious doesn’t it but I want you to know all the information to give you a clear mind to progress.

As mentioned, I want you to know your account is private and you will have private access to all of your training, website tools and community chat and much more. Below is a picture all about what you get to create your keywords with Jaxxy and much more. Click the picture to get 7 days of free membership.

You will have all the support as mentioned above and even have the community help tool where your questions go out to a lot of members who reply and answer your questions. You can ask anything but try to keep it Wealthy Affiliate based so you don’t get trapped into wasting time answering and asking questions when you could be training and earning money.

The website feedback platform is excellent for your website to get reviews and comments as comments are search engine friendly and get your websites ranked by google and they will provide your websites with more traffic.

You’ll also get the analytics to your website’s activity, be issued with Wealthy Affiliate links, banners and much more and you’ll get to speak to Kyle and Carson the creators of Wealthy affiliate when you want. Please feel free to post this on social media if you enjoyed what you read.

Please start your journey today and learn everything affiliate marketing based for you to become successful. Also, you can start your journey today and earn revenue in a few months if you stick to the training.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a Multi-Level Marketing system and is not a scam in any way. There has been a lot of hard work with over 70 training videos for you to reach out for entrepreneurship. It’s not a scam, I’ve tried other platforms that are not even close to the membership at Wealthy Affiliate and nothing about it makes you feel you’ve been ripped off especially if you find the time to watch all the videos and read the training content.

The scheme is not a get-rich-quick scheme and it is quite obvious that the training is what you must take to be successful so watch all the videos and learn enough to become successful to empower your mind. There is no cold calling and everything about it is done on a professional basis.

There is no recruiting just a lot of community members learning to become business owners with their own affiliate websites. What better way can learn from real entrepreneurs that are already earning enough to live their lives as they wish with that freedom we all search for?

let’s learn some more about what Wealthy affiliate offers you and why affiliate marketing from this platform simply can’t be beaten for its price (free for the first week) and how we can utilise our free time to make a great income for success. I’ve added these next few pics to teach you more about what the platform can offer you and for the best reason to meet millions of others, like-minded entrepreneurs and webmasters.

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