How COVID-19 Caused The Internet to Explode with Lockdown

COVID-19 | The Internet Explosion & Working Online

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus. It’s a basic fact that the world should be on lockdown not just one country but all that have large cases. Of course, the reality of it is we still have to eat and drink and we need our toiletries so what does all this mean for internet shopping and delivery services. People still need to work for the system that needs to run even if it’s a skeleton shift.

Quite some years ago I was convinced that the internet was turning in to craze far past a joke but think about that now and how we can use many online solutions to try to combat this virus. The internet is going to be utilized for everything as we fight this war of the invisible virus that is so contagious it has jumped from animals to humans and from humans to other humans all over the world.

Because it’s a new illness, we do not know exactly how the Corona Virus spreads from person to person apart from tiny droplets. It’s the most widely talked about subject to man even more than Facebook at the moment and that’s saying something. I never thought a keyword called Facebook could be taken over by the keywords flying around called Corona Virus and COVID-19.

Even the movie industry could not write this script that is happening now with a virus that has come to either teach us a lesson about cleanliness, a manmade terrorist attack or a force of nature. The hard thing about it is the unknown as we try to stop it from escalating. Internet businesses will prosper in the future until this virus is taken out of the system with more and more people shopping online.

People will have to stay at home so to curb boredom there are several things that can happen. People may decide to start a business online with their free-time for people like me to mentor and maybe you to especially if you’re like me and enjoy training newbies that are just starting out in the affiliate world.

The Future and How I’m Going to Survive

It’s hard to say what will happen to the stock exchange or even the bitcoin that was once forecast to be the new internet currency which in my eyes never really took off. I personally think it’s exciting times for webmasters that sell online for at least a year until it has all died down and the stock exchange begins to recover and internet businesses will still be thriving in my eyes.

I suppose I’m lucky in some respect I sell more of a service as an entrepreneur from where I believe I am at the gateway for affiliate marketers that need to learn the ropes before they jump into full-time training to find their niche and learn the ropes from fresh. All this is done from the comfort of my own home or on my travels whichever one I choose worthy to reduce stress and gain momentum in business ventures I setup.

My Position in Assisting New Affiliate Marketers

My job is simple to mentor affiliates at the gates of programs and platforms that work. These are the training platforms that work for myself my customers that follow my path, read my posts, articles, and reviews for future success and also the owners of the programs I choose to advertise for.  After all, this is where I earn the collateral from training platforms and affiliate programs that work.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and want to learn about where to find good reviews you have arrived at a place where you can start to learn and read as much as you can. Freedom to Roam Marketing will direct you from the beginning of your affiliate business setup until your happy that you have gained enough knowledge to create your own businesses and go on to great things.

At the moment the future isn’t looking good to the external world but we must remain positive and learn from this as a lesson to always be prepared. It’s a good time for internet-based businesses and that’s not going to change for a long time so hop into training and please think about commenting on this post below and signing up to my newsletter to find out how I can get you started onto a great program that will kick start your career as an affiliate marketer.

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  1. There is no doubt that the pandemic is causing more and more problems daily and not just to health but businesses as well. The idea of everyone being on lockdown is a fine idea to save us all, but on the other, it’s causing another problem. I have a day and currently, we haven’t worked for 4days and it just makes me wonder how long we can hold up and not work. Having an online job seems great and less affected actually. 

    • Hi Benson,

      Yes, I work for a call centre and one of the departments does the 111 calls for people that think they may have caught the Coronna Virus so we get to hear all the gossip. That team are situated next door to me so I can hear when it gets busy and things are deteriorating. 

      In Friendship



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