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A Fantastic Global Experience 

Imagine your bags are packed and your business ideas are flowing and your taking a break, on business or just moving around from place to place with pride for the decisions you have made to travel. It’s important to reach and be comfortable and fully-functional with a worldwide satellite service that provides a real-time on-demand service from nothing more than a life subscription and one down payment fully-guaranteed for a whole year with customer care and 24-hour customer service.

Freedom To Roam offers this service as a one-time life payment and also a nonpayment adversary department if you wish to travel and work worldwide and need advice. There is no better deal out there it’s truly global and travels with you and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Your life subscription begins today!

We simply can’t be beaten in any form or way for what we offer and you know for sure it’s all about your favorite sport, movie or game so your never going to be left behind and at FTRM we want you to be extremely comfortable with all your free-time so you can work, play or just chill with friends globally.

We are an internationally recognized business that provides a future in marketing and our real reason in communication is to uphold a 100% global connection showing our faith in our products and services for you to be globally connected.

This service is 100% guaranteed with a warranty for a year that gives worldwide coverage for everyone such as global travelers, holiday-makers, and business partners for a real-time experience from roaming where ever you wish at total satisfaction and if you remember Shin corps satellite from Thailand you will remember us. True Together!

One Purchase & Life Membership!  $499

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If you are looking for the highest standard in streaming media players then look no further than this RG6 Pro Renegade TV Box. At least, that’s what the manufacturer Renegade are insisting. But can this TV Box with no monthly or hidden fees really herald the end of Cable TV in its current form?

The Renegade media player is another Android TV box that offers Premium Channels at no extra cost. Once you buy the box, that’s it. No extra charges and to know that your buying from a registered Renegade dealer is better knowing any documentation and correspondence is accurate and on-time with full warranty straight from Renegade.

Call our communication systems department at FTR Communication Systems and quote at arrival to speak with Ryan Zorn or Stephen Peter Jones your marketing director and global support officers.

Our Fast Track Option is to complete the below form and we will take it from our top list of orders to get you connected as soon a payment is made and we get you live and kicking to watch whatever you want.

Please note for the comfort of our service all payments are encrypted and secure in live time and also be aware that various channels have adult content as any regular service has not to be shown to under 18’s. and all of our terms and complete service will be made clear upon your connection with us in the order form or direct call.

No credit card details are required at this time so just contact us and we’ll organise it for you ASAP but please be patient we are inundated with bars, nightclubs and travelers so we have to build off success for you to be proud of because we believe a new service at our price really was needed in this new entertainment world. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch right away.

For the Renegade Tv Box – Information & System Support



Freedom 2 Roam Customer Support:  44 (0) 7713733669