A Life Of Travel & Working Abroad Blog

Here’s the real story behind Freedom to Roam Marketing and how I managed to travel to over 80 cities and 30 countries around the world. Freedom has always been my choice, with words, actions and the freedom to listen and be listened to. I don’t like accepting anything if it means I am tied down. I have made that mistake on numerous occasions but never again. I know myself incredibly well so let me introduce you to some of my life.

That’s it’d had enough of doing double shifts and constantly telling people I’m going on holiday and never returning. I’d managed to do this same routine for almost ten years in a factory boring people with my continuous outrages kicking tools around the workshop shouting ”I’m never coming back either.”  You see sometimes we have to challenge ourselves to open up new doors something deep down inside had occupied my mind for a long time.

Dreams of living the Laptop Lifestyle normally come after you have travelled already and you have that instinct to leave once more time either for good or for a prolonged stay overseas. Reading my blog should help you make a decision to make a great choice and a decision about what you want to do in the future. Most people would choose to travel any day.

Deep down inside we all dream of the future and having dreams means we have to work hard at maintaining and honouring our existence to live the life we want. We need to search for what is right for us even if it is living to breathe new air far away from home.

Don’t get me wrong I went on holiday three times a year abroad. It was those kinds of holidays that I wanted to irradiate from my diary with my new “Relative Thinking”  I wanted to consider new differences and not absolute distractions to make my decisions feel positive.

I wanted to move away forever not for two weeks. Even in cases where my rational thinking dictated my plans, I knew I should consider absolute positive ideas to implement good planning. It was all about a little at a time planning a way of living my dream.

Relationships & Weekend Madness

Travel RelationshipsI had too many friends to leave behind and I was in good shape with a relationship at home with my then-girlfriend who I had ironically pursued to become my partner in Teneriffe.

I must have said something smart for us to have lasted over five years together but it worked. However, it wasn’t enough and I had enough of partying every weekend for the sake of it with constant Monday blues and another day at work.

It was a constant barrage of weekend madness that cluttered up my then diary which I maintained for some time. I can’t remember a time that I never thought that one day all this will be in the past and I will be travelling alone across the other side of the world to meet new travellers.

Now with all this in mind I had a mortgage to think about of then over a year, meaning another 24 years of payments, a long-term relationship, two cars and a really well-paid job. It simply wasn’t enough for me not to challenge what I really wanted.

I had no idea how I would accomplish and accumulate enough funds for my whole journey but I wasn’t fussed it was the adventure I wanted nothing less. I had over £5000 for my trip and no idea of how to work around that if I spent out. It did disappear extremely quickly but I’ll tell you about that soon because I had a plan.

You might be wondering about how my girlfriend coped with all this right? That was the problem the power inside of me was emotionally strong, however, there had to be a time to decide to stay or not, she had to know because I owed it all to her to tell her the truth.

You see Sagittarians are said to be the light of a party, love to travel and are born for adventures which under the circumstances from past and present events I totally agree with. This is crazy but have you ever thought that the grass could be greener on the other side? Believe me, it is and it can be for you so keep reading.

Sagittarians love to travel because travel is exciting but sometimes our lives are overshadowed by debt, relationships and all the types of things that stop us from leaving when we most want it.

Making Decisions to Travel

Here’s the kicker one night in the pub with my two best buddies we all talked about leaving abroad the next day. It was drunk talk but we really meant it, that’s how much we had had enough. So you see it wasn’t just me. One of them now lives in the French Alpes as a snowboard instructor and the other an electrician on a shipping yard in Australia, married with three kids in Perth.

Want to know the best part? I became an English Teacher in Thailand for over five years. So I’ve let the cat out of the bag and told you already that I did leave but here’s the secret I didn’t plan to leave long-term. I kept my dreams confidential even when I was at my absolute lowest. The enormous anxiety inside of me made me lack concentration until one day I watched the movie The Beach which gave me all the motivation I needed.

The Beach Movie Captured My Heart

I was hooked on living abroad at this point with a bunch of travellers somewhere in a faraway country on the beach each day. I purchased some travel books about Thailand’s islands and beaches and began my escape route. My girlfriend caught me a few times watching the DVD of The Beach movie. Suspicion arose its ugly head and whack the big question from my girlfriend. Do you want to leave me to go travelling?

I told her that I wanted her to come with me but it was clear she could not leave her family and the answer was a big no. I couldn’t really say much apart from ”I guess it’s goodbye then.” A few months later I left England. Let me tell you about my return home plan if it never worked out. I had to save all my holidays for a year at work and write a letter to my then boss. I explained that if I didn’t return home after five weeks he would advertise my job to someone else and I would never return.

Leaving The United Kingdom for Thailand

I passed over the rights to my house in the United Kingdom, bought out by my Girlfriend. The funds supported my trip to Thailand. I couldn’t stop thinking about the flight and what to expect when I arrived. Looking back my mortgage would have been paid by now, however, it never once crossed my mind that I would return or not. From the reality of it all, I had stopped worrying about it.

Leaving our loved ones can be overwhelming or upsetting but we have to think about what it means to live the dream now, not tomorrow, next week or next year. The time is now or at least when a plan is made to make it happen and happen fast.

I had read and studied as much as I could about South East Asia and booked an open return flight from Birmingham to Dubai from Dubai to Thailand. I simply couldn’t wait to hit the beaches and the nightlife.

Did I mention the FullMoon Party on Koh Phangnan in the South of Thailand? It’s a festival held each Fullmoon on the beach on Koh Phangnan? I couldn’t wait to arrive in Thailand. With my backpack all ready, money in my UK account and a prepaid visa card with some extra cash on me for my arrival and all my travel books and passport it was time for a life changer.

My Bangkok Arrival & Being an International Traveller

My First Encounter with Bangkok humidity with the hustle and bustle of people coming and going to and from the airport was immense. My life was about to change for the better, something I had often reluctantly planned over such a long-awaited time that it became real with my persistence and patience.

I couldn’t go wrong and wasn’t prepared to worry about anything. I was now an international backpacker. I had only one chance at this and made it blatantly obvious that I was not going to talk about home. I wanted to look forward to each day of my new success overseas. If anyone was to ask me about my past I made a promise to myself not to mention the full story. I am writing to you today, I don’t want to mention the past

Sadness comes with the thought of loss and those losses are sometimes through a new progression to live a new life you want. Contentment comes easy when you make difficult choices to find karma in your life and depends on the path you carve to become a new person and live the life you want.

Freedom to Roam MarketingFrom Birmingham to Dubai then to Thailand. I slept the whole journey and didn’t even notice we were landing until the mother and child next to me told me that I had slept the whole journey and that we were landing.

I was ready to hit the travel scene with no jetlag at all with a fresh start to the day. In customs, the first thing I remember was the humidity and the thought of finding the backpacker mecca known as Koasan Road. I knew it was an easy step to make because my mind was made up.

I was immensely excited at the freedom that ran through my mind, no work, no western rules and Knowone to tell me what to do. It was just me my travel map and my backpack, oh and my travel money. I thought about a taxi but then decided on my budget plan and when it was about to take effect. The time was now.

Freedom to Roam Marketing Airport BusI took the bus from the airport for around B80 and I was on my way. Did I mention that I had bought some water because by the time I reached Banglampoo and Koasan Road I was dying of thirst again?

It was a good time to find somewhere to drop off my luggage and get a beer. I found a place near the temple called Sawasdee Smile for around B120 a night. I mean how do they make money at that price? Deep down inside I knew my money would last a good 3 months before I had to replan. My money lasted much longer because I managed to receive some more. More about that later.

Buying things meant bargaining to get my western rights for cheap goods just like it’s mentioned in the Lonely Planet. That’s right to bargain and get the right price was to become one of my fine arts. Enough about that later, I want you to learn from this blog so you really get the nerve to blow the cobwebs off your travel bag and try out the travel scene just like I did.

I chose a backpack that held three sets of clothes that I could change into apart my Kalvin Klein underwear and Ralph Lauren socks which had to to be packed with my Fred Perry gold rim golfing socks and a few pairs of shirts and designer t-shirts which I had seven of each. That’s something else I never gave a shit about later on into my travels. It was all about the fine art of buying some better stuff that I paid a 10th of the price for over there.

I looked out towards the crowds and said a little word to myself. ”Whatever happens from this day, you will be protected by making good decisions and choices.”

First Day in Thailand & Ready to Socialize

I’ve always been one to jump the gun, run for the finish posts and dictate my own rules even when alone. Well, it is about finding yourself, isn’t it? Let’s move on to how my first few weeks in Thailand were about to unfold and how I got to grips with my new life.

Most friends of someone that has decided to move to Thailand often think it’s to find a girlfriend. That’s what I think! And what about the many ladies from the West that travel East? Surely you have an answer for that right? I do, they are looking for paradise just like me with 99% of other travellers I met. We are different and want a stress-free life.

Let’s talk about the first day when I arrived in Bangkok in the morning and how I met some people that became best friends for over a year. I had new friends and an exciting feeling of freedom of not waking up each morning to work in a factory.

Freedom to Roam MarketingI believe it was fate, I’m not religious but throughout my days abroad I felt guided. I knew that all the new friends happened because of the frame of mind I was in. It was perfect timing for me to attract friendship with them and vice versa and I knew.

It’s all about that freedom and the huge passion for life that took over me. It was more than anything I had witnessed before in my life. I created Freedom to Roam Marketing from travel memories and how I managed to start a new life overseas and how I’m going to do it all over again to help others follow.

Also to be able to have that real unleashed feeling of not having to deal with everyday stress such as bills, family problems and general sulking about unimportant stuff at home really helped me. Planned travel irradicates the whole meaning of depression when you find a new life with new friends and a completely new direction.

Back to My First Day In Bangkok & Koasan Road

Did I mention I wanted to carve my own path abroad? I knew you would ask me that. Well, let me explain I just wanted to tell everyone about myself and how brave I was for leaving home because I was proud and I realised that this was what others were doing too. There was a hierarchy of travel dudes that had done everything and some not but everything seemed chilled and I made travel friends that were both experienced and beginner travellers.

I encountered thoughts of Philosophy from the first day to have an open mind and enjoy each day that passed me for as long as I was there. To respect and enjoy the company of others that live with the same mindset to live and learn as much as possible from each other.

Stephen’s First Day in Bangkok

I was a typical person that originated from a publican lifestyle since I was a baby so I’m always intrigued about people. I simply couldn’t wait to meet new people, it’s in my blood. I dropped my backpack off, locked the door and went out to find my new friend no questions asked. I had no lonely planet to hand. I could do this alone for now and within ten minutes there I was in Koasan Road, The world’s Asian mecca for international backpackers.

With street stands selling clothes, food vendors and even a place to get your hair done. Unlimited bars, restaurants and shops were all on one street. The smell of food was unique with the food vendors and unfortunately, some smelly lavatories punished the air but I soon got used to it. There were my first moments in Thailand and I needed a beer so I hit a bar that was busy and full of obvious backpackers.

I had two drinks and managed to strike up a conversation with a guy from Manchester called Chris. He was really positive, had just arrived with his friends that day and had a plan already. The next day there was a bus from Bangkok to Surat Thani Province in the South of Thailand.

Sawasdee SmileI asked if I may join them and we were all set for the next five weeks together down the South of Thailand. I got a ticket for the sleeper train overnight that was to leave the following evening and we were off to paradise.

I managed to get on a bunk next to Chris and Manchester lads too. let’s move back to my hostel before I take you to the South of Thailand. I returned to my hostel after a few beers and I had something to eat off the menu. There was a huge TV in the waiting area by the restaurant with a great selection of movies including my favourite movie The Beach.

I had a Western-style meal and watched Apocolypse Now a Vietnam war movie on the big T.V. Some travellers I spoke to had visas to Vietnam the next morning. I thought that was a favourable and constructive idea to honour their first day with memories of the war in Vietnam. I travelled there too but it was sometime after which I’ll share with you later.

I travelled to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Let’s move on to my second day and my mission to Koh Samui n the South of Thailand with Chris and the Manchester lads.

Stephen’s Second Day In Bangkok, On Route to Koh Samui

I was up at the crack of dawn that morning with my rucksack ready and a nice banana, yoghurt and oat breakfast and a good chat with the group en route to Vietnam which was part of their one-year travel itinerary. This was only my second day and I already met lots of people. I smiled like a Cheshire Cat and ate my breakfast in peace.

I made my way to Kousan Road where the bus was leaving later that evening to catch the train for our trip to Koh Samui. Honest, I was so relaxed even though the heat was so intense that I just could not wait to get to paradise and have some really fun days on Koh Samui where the real holiday I planned would start.

Koh SamuiChris and the Manchester lads were all ready to get on the train. We shook hands with big hugs with Karon and Sally the two girls that were joining us and off we went.

The journey was slow on the train but it was so amazing for me to have some special new friends. These are the exact friends that have made a success out of travel. You’ll hear much more about us working together later for a marketing company in Sydney. I was a team leader because I was far older, well at least a few years older than the rest. Let’s get back on track and move to the South of Thailand.

I tried to get a few hours of sleep on the train on my bunk bed but I was far too excited and spent most of the journey speaking to Karen and Sally the two girls that joined us. I really can’t express how happy I was and never once did I reflect on my memoirs and life back home. I was in a perfect state of mind.

The best days in our lives are when we make big decisions to overthrow and follow our internal love and emotions to travel to faraway destinations. There are millions of people doing the same thing at home but until you meet new travellers life for me seems inward and held back.

The train finally arrived at Surantani, the Southern province of Thailand to catch the ferry to Koh Samui, the dream island that had pure white sands, beaches littered with palm trees and a nightlife that just can’t be beaten. The photo above is me recollecting my thoughts for the transition to a new way of life for five weeks. It never turned out that way, I’ll tell you about that later.

Thinking back we seem to often think about the nights and fun days back at home. If you do travel by blocking these memories it helps to create a new life with nothing more than a vivid memory of the past. It’s better this way not to miss home too much.

You see, living the high life and partying in a big city such as Birmingham, UK was always crazy, fun nights out. I was into clubbing in my early days and Birmingham had it all apart from a beach and palm trees. I loved those days but I was going through a change in my life that meant a complete overall of my present clubbing days. I was single and ready to explore.

Chris and the Manchester lads came over to me on the boat and issued me a beer and asked me if I was ok. I told them how I couldn’t believe somewhere this beautiful in reality. This was the first time in my life I felt total karma over me. I knew this was the right decision and I told them about my feelings.

Let’s get started on the trip. The beers started to flow at the ferry port and I was amazed at the beauty of the surrounding palm trees and people having fun, I was made. Even before we had arrived the environment was so beautiful and the boat trip was so relaxing.

We all got a song tow ( a vehicle with a backbench for about 20 people) and went to Chaweng beach from where Chris and the lads found a place called the family bungalows. I decided on a cheaper option and stayed in a beach hut down the beach with a bed, a shower and an entrance door right on the beach. I just wanted to cry with happiness at waking up each morning to the beach. It cost me around B250 a night which is as cheap as chips.

I was tired after the journey and decided to sleep and then shower and change into my jeans and t-shirt to hit the nightlife with Chris and the Manchester lads. I made friends many of them both Thai and International and all are still my friends today. My really good friends were Chris, the lads and the staff at the Family Bungalows.

Beach Bungalow Thailand
Klong Prao Beach is located in Mu Ko Chang National Marine Park, Trat

The Family Bungalow became our meeting point every single night for over five weeks. I’ll tell you why it was that time in a moment but I never left the Manchester lads for over a year. Well not for a long time anyway.

The first night was amazing we met people from all over the world. Have you ever tried Samsom Buckets? It’s a bottle of whiskey, ice and Red Bull and a handful of straws. I had many of them and to be honest never once fell over but what a laugh we had and I have to say after five weeks of them I had had enough of Thai whiskey.

I think my decision to quit the buckets was due to the morning I held on to a Thai fishing boat from the outside in the water and got dragged out to sea about a hundred meters and had to swim back. Not clever when you are intoxicated.

We all dream about the most beautiful places on this earth. It’s to push us into a reality and into a thought process that guides us to try harder to succeed with a dream we want to live to visit some of the world’s most prestige archaeological palaces, the purest mountain waters and the most incredible white sandy beaches.

When we get overpowering thoughts of karma it’s because we are almost there and ready to take that almighty decision to make the break. The reason I created Freedom to Roam Marketing was to help people build a business to travel and live a life that has no comparison to living in the West or at least for me to show you how.

Stephen’s First Full Day in Koh Koh Samui

The morning of my first day was overcast but still really hot. I showered and walked up to the beach and met Chris and the Manchester lads and also Karen and Sally our travel buddies from London. I was waiting for the bar to open and to try out the cocktails, this was going to be a messy day and I planned it the night before.

Koh SamauiI decided to make plans to visit other areas of Koh Samui so rented a jeep to take some of us there. all together we bargained a price for three jeeps to take our entourage around the island.

Off we went around the island for a new outlook of this paradise island from bars, women and drinks. It was a great day from temples to beaches, we did a lot. I didn’t drink BTW, I was driving but we met some really nice ladies that day that met us a few times on Chewang Beach Beach on nights out. We made a lot of friends during our stay.

I was older than Chris and the Manchester lads so made a lot of choices and decisions for us and our daily cocktail experiments and beach volleyball days at Family Bungalows. On the evening of our jeep trip around the island, we all showered ready to go out. I wanted to check out another part of town and the Go-Go bars need I say anymore?

It was a blast and although I had a chat with many ladies of the night I was well secure to the fact I wasn’t going to take one home, the lads did but not me. It was a great night and I was really enjoying myself but it was hard work having over 20-30 girls throughout the night sitting on my lap.

Ladies of the night are not prostitutes they work to feed their families in Isaan and other poorer regions and provinces of the north.

It was so cool to sit and listen to their stories and even though on occasion one came up to me with that beautiful Thai smile I made it clear I wasn’t the one for her. I must be mad but then again I did eventually settle with a Thai Girl about 14 months later.

Laptop Lifestyle

Five Weeks Later in Koh Samui

It was the most amazing time of my life and I had so many temptations but the sexy girl scene wasn’t for me. I had to think about a huge choice about my next steps abroad. I would have gone home to the United Kingdom if it wasn’t for Chris. I was sat on the beach alone and really upset and it showed. I never played volleyball that day and was really hard to speak to because I simply didn’t want to return home. There was nothing there for me anymore.

I had found a new family, I never had a close relationship with my family in the UK so found that I had found many people that liked me overseas. The next part of my story involved a hard decision to relay back to Chris but I wanted this to happen so much that I had my friend in England to sell my BMW to pay for the next trip, which he did in two days my car was sold. So where was I going now?

World Wide travel IdeasChris mentioned to me that he and the Manchester lads were all going to Australia and that they would leave in three days.

I was shocked because I was going to go to Chiangmai in the North of Thailand, which I did many times later in the following year.

Chris said ”Get yourself up to Bangkok and get an Australia visa tomorrow, we’ll meet you in Brisbane in three days.” I sat there for about three hours and then called Chris over. I told him I had sold my car and the money will be in the bank tomorrow. Chris laughed and said ” Steve, the holiday isn’t over yet, get to Bangkok and apply for your Australian visa.”

I thought about it for about another hour, went to the internet cafe and made sure my money would be placed in my bank the following day. I booked a trip to Bangkok and got my Australian work visa for a year two days later in Bangkok. I was amazed that I had made this choice. I wasn’t going back to the UK for another whole year, how cool is that?

My Australian visa was processed and I picked it up from the Australian embassy the next day. I was so excited I had to share my story with as many people as would listen to me. I got really drunk that night and had a blast. I was quite obviously overexcited that night and told as many people as I could about my future now planned trip to Australia.

Another year of travel was in my mind. I was living the dream, the one you can too if you reach out for Freedom to Roam Marketing. I am here to help you live the same but a better dream if you follow me and build my platform we’ll deliver together and make it work.

All this happened before I went back to Thailand to live and I had my best year ever in Australia which is something I want to mention to you now. If you want to know how to live in Thailand. I will share that with you soon so read on about my life in Australia it’s where I learned my first marketing skills and later I’ll tell you how to succeed in Thailand.

Challenge yourself to make good decisions and never look back once you have made them. Concentrate on delivering a future for yourself and prepare for occasional pressure. Never give in, follow your dreams.

On Route to Australia & My New Life

I booked a flight to Australia with my ever-dwindling funds. I knew that at some point the sale of my car and the funds would be in my bank. I knew that I was to meet many people that had already travelled to South East Asia in Australia.

Chris changed my mind and I was ever thankful to show my faith in them by meeting up in Sydney later that month. Due to a change of plans for both of us, it took time for us to meet. It was supposed to be Brisbane but I had things to do so the Manchester lads had moved on. We planned to meet later on when I was done in Brisbane.

Whit Sunday islandI met two English brothers Phil and Luke from London in Brisbane that worked on a building site in Brisbane. I didn’t work at that time and visited many places in Brisbane instead.

However, I knew that Phil and Luke were ready to travel to Sydney soon. We left Brisbane and drove a gas-guzzling Ford Falcon purchased by Phil and Luke to hit the beaches of Sydney and I couldn’t wait to see the Manchester lads again.

I made a stance to create an idea that we should find accommodation in Sydney but Phil and Luke didn’t agree with my plan because they wanted to drive straight on to Biron bay. I wanted to find a job in Sydney as there were far more opportunities there than on the West Coast.

We all make decisions, some are fast responsive plans and feel right and others aren’t. Don’t let one decision brandish a friendship it will become a far better friendship later. Keep your ideas close to your future. If you want to regroup with friends later and talk about each adventure and make more friends it is far better.

Meeting Up With Friends from Travels of Past

In Sydney, I met Chris and the Manchester lads and we watched the England match. I remember it so well it was England Vs Greece when David Beckham scored the last-minute free-kick. We had a great night that night and the whole of the street was aligned with English flags. I remember that night because I did my back in falling off a chair when England scored in a bar.

I was so amazed to be back with the lads and later lived in a shared apartment near Bondi Beach for around four months from where I had already secured a job in marketing in Sydney. Phil and Luke later joined for Christmas and we spent a great time together with at least five nights out of seven out in Sydney. We spent Christmas day on Bondi beach, partying all day.

Chris and the Manchester lads got jobs in data entry in Sydney and did well. I was always asking them how much they were paid but it was a secret for some reason so I just laughed it off and waited until we were drunk when they told me.

Bondi BeachChristmas day was amazing with all of us partying on Bondi Beach. We met so many friends and bought pretty much all of the local store’s beer stash.

We moved location from Bondi Beach to a new location up the road so we could use their BBQ facilities and have our own space. By then, there must have been over 30 of us that had all travelled South East Asia. I had just done Thailand as you know but I later travelled the whole of South East Asia. I’ll tell you about that later.

It was one of those times I will never forget. I wish I was there now but with Freedom to Roam Marketing and my commitment, it’s all about patience and learning while I earn and teach what I know.

My dream these days is to help as many people to live their dream abroad as possible. This is my new dream and If I have lived it once I can help others live it with me a second time. You can live the next dream with me. All you have to do is receive the training and meet me on the other side with Wealthy Affiliate as we all learn together.

If you are honest to yourself, you’ll know that being able to travel means earning money and to earn money you have to work hard at it. I’m going to reach out to you after this blog about meeting new people. The new friends you meet will be from all over the world with a new community that could mean working from home or on your travels. It’s all designed to open doors to monetize a business that you own in search of success.

You can join us in a community where you can learn how to monetize a business and make a living online to travel where and when you want. Follow me here. Get your own business with Freedom to Roam Marketing

Building businesses online help you become more motivated to follow your dreams. Travel blogs and monetised websites allow us to monetise and create income. It gives us time to do the things we love. Travelling and working overseas is easier to accomplish if you have good training and a plan with a system that works.

Working in Sydney & Adelaide in Australia

I managed to finally find a job in marketing in Sydney with 50 other UK travellers and it was a blast. I worked with travellers that had already travelled around Thailand just like me. I sold cruise ship holidays and managed to keep the job for four months while I was in Sydney. We were all known as the holiday club crew and we still talk about those days even today. We are still the holiday club crew even today and even though we have still moved on.

Nearly all the people that I worked with at the Holiday Club, later on, became extremely successful and I’m still in touch with some of them today. Travel is good I always knew that and never doubt it.

I was a team leader at the Holiday Club and saved almost all of my money to travel to Adelaide later that year. I planned to visit my aunt and uncle who lived in the Adelaide Hills. I saved all of my money to travel to Adelaide and live on a camping site while I worked picking grapes through the summer months in the Barossa Valley.

I was looking fit and healthy from carrying grapes all day in the sunshine by the bucket on a farm. I had been in Australia for about 7 months by this time and planned to return to Thailand later that year.

I met Phil and Luke AGAIN, they just Popped up from time to time. We had an arrangement to alternate who cooked each night and we lived like that for about a while.

It was unreal and as mentioned I got super fit carrying buckets of grapes to load the tractor. Camping was super cool and the weather was perfect with no rain the whole time and I met lots of people during this time from all over the world. Life couldn’t be better but it wasn’t the beach and I had enough of work.

Melbourne & Back to Sydney and Then NSW

In Adelaide, I had support from my family, with camping equipment which I returned. They live in such a beautiful home with outstanding views of Adelaide a tennis court and a swimming pool. It really was great to spend time with them and my cousin who has all grown up now.

I eventually said my goodbyes and moved on to hire a car down the Great Ocean Road towards Melbourne to meet up with Luke and Phil from London AGAIN who had been living in a rented house. It was good to share the rent and cheaper for me for a few weeks. We went to the Formula One race in Melbourne and a meeting that night for a Neighbours reunion. It’s an Australian soap opera aired in the UK.

https://siterubix.com/a_aid/8e6ab19cI left Phil and Luke to move onto Sydney to Biron Bay the surfer’s paradise from where I went to a town called Nimbin on a day trip from the hostel. have to mention that day was a blur after we smoked stupendous amounts of marijuana because that was what Nimbin was all about with a cannabis museum and lots of hash cakes for sale. I ended up in a car on the way back to Biron Bay with three Dutch guys and we smoked all the way back. I never touched the stuff again, enough was enough.

People come into our lives from time to time and it’s our duty to keep in touch for the future and not to lose contact. Being connected to people is fun, it brings joy and happiness and reunions show friendships can last.

I left Biron Bay on a bus to the north of New South Wales where I met up later with Phil and Luke. It was an amazing time after hiring a boat between about 30 of us and travelling around the islands. We travelled around the islands and moored up on Whitsunday Island. It was paradise and I’ll never forget that day on the beach. We were the only people on the beach because it is a protected nature resort for a handful of travellers at a time only.

Have you ever seen pure white sand that screeches when you walk on it? Also a sea so blue it reflects on your body? The Ocean was sublime with crystal clear waves crashing on the beach. We were told not to swim too far out because of sharks so I managed to get my ankles wet because sharks freak me out.

Whitsunday IslandNothing beats that day on the Whitsunday Island and the night on the boat with seafood and rice, beer and also a few candles.

The stars were so bright that night they lit up the sky. I remember seeing so many stars and thinking surely there is life somewhere else billions of miles away. Also, the jellyfish lit up the Ocean like an illuminating image of paint on a bright canvas. It was so amazing.

Recording With Drone Footage

These days, of course, the best images come from a high-flying drones. You can’t’ beat ariel’s images and some nice tunes in the background. It adds to drone footage and can make a great watch. If you are good at video footage and editing you’ll love owning a drone. The photos and videos they make are unreal and you can now buy a decent drone for around £799 that will get your holiday Arial footage sorted.

Andy’s drone in the video above taught me how to organise it for travel and how to make it follow us home. The signal uses a satellite signal to locate the drone’s location so that you don’t lose it when it goes out of view. The drone will just fly back to you when the battery is low and land. It follows the same path it took to take off.

It’s essential if you’re going to make a travel blog to save that little extra to purchase the best equipment. A good mobile phone, a laptop and a drone should be enough for you to make a decent blog.

My Last Few Weeks in Australia

Right now I’m taking you back to Australia to finish off on some untold stories that lead me to become an English teacher, Affiliate marketer in Thailand and how I survived the Tsunami so there lot’s more to read for you. If you are serious about travel please read my story from start to finish and you’ll have no problem making a new life abroad.

The last few weeks in Australia were amazing from when I travelled up to Fraser Island.  Fraser Island is a sand island located off the Fraser Coast of Queensland, Australia. Known for its unique landscape of dunes, rainforests, rivers and lakes, it is among the top tourist destinations in the country. It is 123 km long and 22 km wide at its widest point and is only accessible by boat.

The night before our group set off to the island we watched the England Vs Germany match from where England won 5-0 with Alan Shearer scoring a hat trick. My head was banging in the morning but due to me being older than the others, I drove the jeep. It was an amazing first day driving through the rain forest and hitting the beach from where we drove to Lake Wobbly and Lake Mc Kenzie.

Lake Wobbly Fraser IslandIt was a truly beautiful day with one lake being as clear and as blue as the ocean and the other as green as the rainforest. The scenery still stays with me today. We swan in both lakes and walked through the rain forest and then drove to our campsite further up the beach. The beach is said to 90Km long which is massive when you think how far you could drive up the motorway.

It’s a camping and ecotourism destination, with beaches and swimming sites at Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and other freshwater pools were enough for me to talk about for years. I’ve never seen so much perfection in my entire life so the trip was well worth it. It was coming towards the end of my Australian adventure and all those people I met were to be friends for some years.

Travelling has something about it and lasts in our minds for years. It’s something you must do at some time in your life. All of the people I worked with at the Holiday Club had moved home or to other jobs abroad. Even today all those years later most of them have become successful at jobs back home. Hannah, a friend from the Holiday Club even went on to Spain to become a DJ for Talk Radio Europe and she’s still there today. How cool is that being able to interview famous authors and singers from across the world?

The Great attraction of travel is meeting people with the same mindset to meet others, travel to wonderful places and tell fantastic stories of enlightenment for each other to learn from. The movement of people around the world travelling really should open your mind to living the laptop lifestyle. 

I had accomplished all I had dreamed of over the year with South East Asia at the beginning and Australia at the end. I had a wonderful and eventful time learning, playing and working and I didn’t want the journey to end. I had made a new decision to return home via Thailand for a week and work out a plan to become an English teacher. It was time to catch the flight from Sydney Airport en route to Thailand to visit a friend that owned a bar in Phuket.

To accomplish something as big as spending a year away from home is an amazing achievement. These days people choose to work and travel which is a great and honourable achievement. I’ve chosen to spend some months researching affiliate marketing. It’s something you can do to make money online to cover your travel fees and more.

Imagine your first-morning coffee and breakfast, then you open your laptop and see your sales already coming in for your daily sales targets. In some cases, you may have already achieved your daily target before you have even woken up from the work you put in yesterday. This is called monetizing your business to earn as you travel. This was something I worked on later down the line for a hotel booking website. You’ll learn more about this later.

If you’re thinking about travel at this point think about earning money as you travel first. You will need a business that could be a blog, a website or an online store that you utilise to sell your niche, an idea you know more about than others.

Please think about joining me to receive free entrepreneur certification training at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll meet you there and mentor you until you settle in and guess what you get a fully hosted secured website for free to begin your journey.

Sydney Airport, Bangkok City to Phuket

I packed my bags and made my way to Sydney airport for the journey to Thailand. I was amazed that I had managed to file a tax return to retrieve all the taxes I had paid during my working year for my trip. Isn’t that amazing getting all that tax ret

Thailand, The Land of Smiles & Decision Time For My Future

I had over $4000 tax returned but some of that went on a flight at least I had some for a week in Thailand and to book a forward flight to England a week later.

There I was at Bangkok Airport collecting my bags then off to Bangkok City and  Khaosan Road to book a bus trip to Phuket. It was hotter than the first time but I was smiling like a Cheshire cat, however, this time the difference was I was travelling alone. I arrived at Khaosan Road and booked in at the same guest as I did a year ago called Sawasdee Smile and had a few hours of sleep.

Later that evening I walked to Khaosan Road had a few beers and a Green Thai Curry and a few Thai side dishes and then booked the bus for the next morning to Phuket. I was looking forward to joining my friend at his bar called the Sailor’s Bar. It was a restaurant and come bar in the evening with music, a pool and karaoke.

The bus journey was long and tiring but I arrived said my hellos and had a few beers and checked into a beach bungalow which wasn’t actually on the beach but not far away so it wasn’t so expensive. I had a few nights parting and drinking plenty and then said my good bye’s for my journey home to England.

There wasn’t much to report on at this point for you so I’ve kept it short and sweet for my next part of this travel blog when I later returned to Thailand to become a teacher. I was upset but extremely happy to see my family after a year away and decided to share my plans with my family who supported me with my decision to study to become a teacher.

Breaking The Bank to Save for A TEFL Course

I found a job in England that wasn’t something I wanted to do but realised that my intentions were realistic to work, save and travel again someday soon. It took me around 6 months to save for the flight and a TEFL course to become an English teacher in Thailand. There weren’t enough funds for nights out in Bangkok during my studies but I wasn’t concerned more super excited and a little nervous because in my mind I never thought I would become an English teacher.

I booked my flight to Thailand and packed my suitcase. This time I needed more clothes and more items for my stay as I was to study for around six weeks and stay at the same location. The TEFL academy I chose after research at home was called Text-And-Talk Academy. It was situated towards Dong Muong Airport where I arrived. Altogether it took about 15 minutes from Bangkok on the BTS train to reach the school in central Bangkok where I spent the afternoon site seeing on arrival.

The training school arranged a place for me to call my home for the whole six weeks. It was all paid for by the £680 I paid for the TEFL Course. These days that’s a price to pay but I have to be honest and explain that I wanted something that was accredited by the Ministry of Education and had great reviews. I had been in contact with Leigh the school admin manager for some time and he reassured me it was the best course for those that want a great job after training.

Taking on new challenges coincides with what you wish to accomplish either overtime or immediately. When you want instant results you may search for a challenge that can be completed in less time. Teaching is a process that takes time to learn but proceed with your dream, study hard and have fun then doors will open for you as they did for me.

Teaching English Abroad

My First Day at Text & Talk Academy, Bangkok, Thailand

I was introduced to my apartment and dropped my suitcases off and slept really well that night. The accommodation was simple but super clean and had security at the gates. I remember getting to know the security guard well after a few months at the apartment. Ok, I gave it away I stopped for more than 6 weeks.

On the morning of the first day at Text-And-Talk Academy, I worked down the (Soi) Thai for road and stopped off at a small open-air restaurant. I ate a simple dish which was cooked with beautifully fresh cooked pork, vegetables and rice with fish sauce and chillies. I dined many times at this location and made friends with them for the whole duration.

I was super nervous, overwhelmed that I had taken the choice to become a teacher and nervous about the course content and learning to study again after so long. I walked into the training centre and there everyone was. We were all casually dressed and smiling. All trainee teachers on my course spent ten minutes introducing each other and talking about the school at first glance.

Learning English AbroadI mentioned this was my second time in Thailand and explained that I had a fantastic holiday the previous year. I must have told my stories a million times to the trainee teachers about my overwhelming paradise stories and travel memoirs. I was one of the younger teachers on the course and altogether there were about 15 of us on the same course. We drank coffee, chatted and watched a presentation and then we were introduced to the teacher trainer, Karmita from Canada.

She previously taught English in Japan and had lots of experience. Karmita and I  became good friends during the course and I always received nice comments about my lessons. We had an induction and began our training the following day so I arrived at the school at around 9 am.

The training was accompanied and complemented by six training manuals all designed to understand the tonal voice of Asian speakers of their own language. The manuals were fantastic and well-written by the school’s owner James Parmelee. There were six manuals that covered each part of the course over the six-week period.

I was confused as to the reason why we were to learn about the tonal voice of Asian learners of English when we were to be teaching English from where Karmita explained that to learn about who we are teaching is to strengthen our knowledge about the struggles they have when they are learning English.

After all the accredited TEFL course gained us a certificate (teaching licence) to teach Asian learners so it had far more strength than a normal standard TEFL.certificate and was accredited by the Ministry of Education, Thailand so I was chuffed about that.

As time went by I made lots of friends, but never went out much in the evening apart from dining out and the odd journey to Seven Eleven, Thailand’s most popular convenience store. I was extremely happy with my studies and managed to complete the course over the six weeks. I never mentioned that due to my hard work I managed to receive a job before I completed the course teaching in-house at the training centre.

It was time for this new teacher to spread his wings and make some money. I had worked hard over the six weeks and almost spent out. The school looked after me with a little teaching work but I was ready to teach my prefered niche. I was excellent and confident at teaching Business English. After all, I did my six-week trial lessons at the training centre for a class of business English students and kids.

I was more switched on and able to communicate accordingly and accurately to give students reliable and rewarding lessons to pass the TEFL course with flying colours. I wanted to teach business English more than anything else and within a few weeks of teaching at the low intermediate level of English, I was offered a job teaching English at a Bangkok company.

It was an amazing time for me and everything was falling into place. Each day became better and better and my journey as a teacher was so much more realistic and was soon to be more rewarding as I learned all the skills to become a more confident teacher.

No matter what anyone tells you never listen to anyone that tells you that you can’t achieve, have no skills or it’s not a realistic dream for you to follow. Also, ignore people when they say you are just not the type of person for that job. I have always worked hard at any job and have always held a professional attitude. This was showing in Thailand and soon I got my first contract for a company called Illusions.

Illusions was a re-touching and advertising company in Lumpini, Bangkok for other large companies like Heineken and Colgate. It was a Thai Chinese business, super successful and secretive about their projects. My job was for two early evenings a week at the head office. I had dinner with them and taught them basic business English for around two months.

They wanted to learn about the telephone mannerism part of learning English to retrieve exhibition fees from previous advertising events. I was able to make a few calls to their customers to show them how to retrieve their advertisement charges and later they were able to communicate better with customers.

It took me about two months before they showed me the penthouse office at the top of the Lumpini office block from where all advertising and re-touching work done. It was amazing and I felt proud that they trusted me to watch their team at work.

Wonderful experiences come with a unique hard process for ideas to implement for success. If you consider hard work and learning hard for you to achieve consider jumping in and learning a crash course to eliminate worries. It’s sometimes better to jump right in.

My second Contract as an English Teacher

Working for illusions was amazing from where I learned to achieve my goal, to teach English for business English needs for students to find the ability to communicate for success on the international market for themselves.

If you have a core belief as a teacher and concentrate on the needs of others you can pass over a great skill to foreign learners for them to want to learn more which creates more business for you I became super confident and gained access to more knowledge as a Business English teacher.

I wasn’t ever concerned or worried about my ability to teach at a high level for it to leave me worried about my role as a great teacher. I knew that teaching intermediate-level students would be easy enough for me and always had a professional approach. I’m a good listener and often spent time with students after class to go over the lessons.

Success can turn to failure but that’s another story so, for now, I’m covering success until later when I cover other aspects of teaching.  Going back It was time to start a new contract but ultimately I was still working for Text-And-Talk Academy and I loved it. I was offered another work placement for a company called Abacus Solutions.

Abacus was a flight booking company at offices in Asoke, Bangkok. I had been to this location many times the year before on my first initial trip to Thailand the previous year. I knew the location and off I went to teach at one of the most amazing training offices for learners of English I had encountered. Abacus had training rooms with over 100 computers and projectors, it had training rooms with all that was needed to teach Business English.

There were two teachers assigned to teach at Abacus me and my colleague, however, my colleague was disassigned a few weeks later because of complaints from students. I was upset for my colleague, however, I now had students that loved my lessons and only wanted one teacher.

Much of what we learned was communication through email, business English writing and letter correspondence but It was a learning curb as much for me as it was for the students. Remember I was just starting as a teacher so give me time.

Have You Ever Been To Soi Cowboy?

I’m not embarrassed to mention the trip home back to my apartment was at most intriguing and exciting. I had to walk past Soi Cowboy, a street full of strip bars and live music. I have to hold myself proud during that time I walked straight past and went home but I do remember the year before when I was less professional and watched a few bands and watched a few strip shows.

Above all, I had achieved what I set out to accomplish in less than six months and then the next teaching contract came in and it was a great opportunity for me at that stage to travel over to another province which later became my home for almost 3.5 years. I grabbed hold of a contract for a company called Poa jing Jong which filmed soap operas for channel seven, Thailand’s Broadcasting Company.

I wasn’t that fussed or motivated to travel from Bangkok to Nonthaburi at that time but I had to expand and learn more for myself so I decided to go for it. I was enlightened to find out my boss at that time who ceiled the contract was the previous miss Thailand and her husband owned the business. I just got on with it and taught English. (She was Stunning)

Some People Don’t Appreciate Other’s Success

I was working on three contracts at the time for TEXT-And-Talk Academy, however, after some time I was fed up with travelling around Bangkok to other provinces’ teaching regardless of the businesses and how well they paid, and I was ready for a change.

Out came the newspapers and a search on various websites that employ teachers.  I noticed an article for a school outside of Bangkok that had an advert for a teacher so I went for it, got the job and worked there for three years or more years. It paid well, with no travelling and decent colleagues. It’s one of the best and worst decisions I have ever made and all out of fate.

Teach TEFL in ThailandHave you ever worked somewhere and noticed that your skills of being able to educate students were affected by Stress? I think a whole school, its teachers and staff should work together to solve problems, distract problems from parents and deliver a full education to the students. It never seemed to work out like that teaching English as a Foreign language Sucks

For two years I worked hard, taught English, and improved with each lesson to make my life easy. I made friends but I was challenged for being paid more than other teachers that had been at the school longer.

I guess that move to the English program worked wonders for me in the amount of attention I received from parents, students and friends. It was an amazing time for me for a long time with many Thai program students moving over to the English program that I had taught previously.

Saint Francis Xavier School, Nonthaburi, Thailand was a great school but it lacked the real progression of employment knowledge and interview process skills in terms of who to employ for the need of student education.

My progression at the school was fine and I experienced good,  positive feedback from the school management. I got paid more than other teachers because I knew I was worth it and I worked hard for MY students to give them knowledge.

It wasn’t until a few years down the road that I noticed something that was happening in the school and its future. It was becoming over religious for me,  I had to deal with continuous complaints from foreign teachers about their pay structure and having to stand outside singing shitty songs all morning.

I had taken the role of headteacher which is something I never wanted at the school. Being above other foreign teachers annoyed me and I lost a lot of colleagues’ trust just for the sake of the school making huge amounts of money from their student enrollment. Foreign teachers gained no appraisal from the Catholic nuns or management of the school.

However, I had a great career at the school because of the students that worked so well with me to earn my trust to help them pass their grades. The ability of my students was unreal after grade 4 and I knew it as they glided past grade 5 and 6 into grade 7 but by then I had left the school for good.

If the school ever complained about me it’s because I knew about the teachers that never showed up for class, jumped the gates to make their passage away from religion and lots more. You see Saint Francis Xavier is a great school it just so happens it’s run by nuns who can’t even admit when they have done wrong themselves and never come out of retreat only for prayer.

I have a book that dropped into my pocket on my last day at Saint Francis Xavier and it reads something like this. It saddens us deeply to hear that time spent with us, often as part of a wider difficult experience, has had such a traumatic impact on the lives of other people that search for help from the truth. I travelled to Cambodia dropped the book off at a temple and walked away.

Exciting Times In Muong Thong Thani

Muong Thong Thani was my home base for almost 3.5 years and I can’t tell you how much I miss the appreciation and acceptance of the Thais that lived there and how I learned their language, I always understood Thai more than I could let on due to my job at Saint Francis Xavier School. I was never one for talking the lingo but what I learned was good.

Birthday Time In Thailand

2003 – 17th December my birthday arrived and it was a Friday afternoon from when we had all planned to meet at the local open-air market for a celebration. How could I forget it more than 40 people turned up, three birthday cakes and lots of best wishes? it was both my downfall and my best day ever for two reasons one I had a great time and two I found it all too hard to take in at that time.

I heard the message it was whispered in my ear from my girlfriend. My problem was later that year when Fridays would turn into Saturdays and then Sundays Into Mondays. Thailand had trapped me. I locked myself in for months and decided on finding something to do and affiliate marking it was from where I built a few websites and then started my first ever affiliate memories.

I was selling hotel bookings for Thailand’s hotels and couldn’t stand going to the school to teach anymore It was too stressful. I had built a paradise in my apartment. The problem was I was burning out and never noticed it. In the space of 6 months, I had built a hotel booking website, a silver jewellery store and a travel forum and a health insurance business.

The problem was I wasn’t well and even though I was getting hotel bookings I just couldn’t keep up with the pace. The school was terrible for me at that time and so was my health and I knew it. All my websites took off but I wasn’t bothered at all and my girlfriend only knew half of the story. I can’t complain I got dropped off at the school in the embassy chauffeur driven 4×4 each morning. I created that with my success and passed it over to my girlfriend that’s how she got the job.

It was all part of my ruin. I could have been so successful in my mind over all those times teaching later on and wish It could be as it was beforehand but it had gone too far. I had found something new about selling online and it was exciting to be honest if I had continued I would have been the number one affiliate for Agoda Travel.

Glad that’s off my chest it took me years to be able to find the nerve to write about that. I worked for Saint Francis Xavier at the start with long summer holidays to enable me to travel if I wished but I still have issues with them about money.

I’ve travelled all over Thailand to Myanmar from Myanmar to Vietnam to Laos and back. I’ve gone both ways clockwise and anti-clockwise. I’ve walked through Angkor Wat and walked the Killing Fields in Siem Reap.

I’ve hitched a boat across the Golden Triangle and driven through the hills of Chaing Rai. I’ve walked into the opium dens now museums to learn about Thailand’s number one past revenue before tourism and seen the hill tribe, and people’s markets in Chiang Rai.

I’ve been to the Full Moon Party many times taking an overnight bus or train from Bangkok to the town of Surat Thani. Flights from Bangkok take less than two hours and get to Koh Phangan in no time. It’s your choice, Thailand is easy to navigate.

I have visited over a hundred temples and been blessed by over a thousand monks. I’ve limped into a monastery and asked for help when was ill and was blessed and I have met quite a few famous people. I have been interviewed on Bangkok radio during a time I was supposed to be at school teaching where I was talking about my life.

The Tsunami in December 2004 in Thailand

It was Christmas break in 2004 when my girlfriend and I planned a trip to visit Kho Phi Phi. We decided against it and stayed at home that holiday. On the morning of the 26th December 2004, the Tsunami hit Thailand and many people perished on Koh Phi Phi Island.

I was shocked and so was my then-girlfriend we had been lucky to not have gone there at that time. She worked for the USA embassy back then but I told her I wanted her to stay in Bangkok and not join the rescue teams down South to help retrieve the bodies.

It was a really bad time for Thailand and my family had been on the phone all day with the Uk embassy because they thought I was on holiday down south. I had to call them later that afternoon to let them know me and the girlfriend were fine.