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By now if you haven’t distinguished how to utilize this website you might need a hand in the navigation and what topics s are really important for you to decide if you want to be an affiliate marketer and everything it has to offer.

I’m writing this to move you close to a clear decision about how now is the right time to reach out for that motivational point where you have read my posts and understood them so that you can begin to enjoy your journey and begin the training as an entrepreneur from my subscription on the right of this page.

Affiliate Training Camp and Platform

I’ve mentioned the training you’ll get quite a lot on this website time and time again. If your struggling to remember about the training please visit: Enter into an Affiliate Platform with Unlimited Training Please sign up for my newsletter from any page on the right-hand side of any page on this website where I’ll guide you to that all-important decision, is this for you or not?

Eradicate the Myths of a Scams

Let me first eradicate the myth that seems to come up from time to time. Is this a scam or is it a real program that can change your future. I wrote an article for you about the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam but I didn’t implement this until later on in my writing as I wanted you to read my content first and leave various comments and then have you sign up for my newsletter so that I can communicate with you about an affiliate program that offers everything you need to become successful.

This is where you will get the best information and I’ll guide you on what to do next before you make a decision because I simply don’t want you to make the wrong decision. This is the main reason I’m here to help you make a decision that will change your future if you follow the training.

Living the Laptop Lifestyle

At the beginning of my post creation, I wanted to help you live the dream and get you into the correct perspective for you to find that motivation to move forward and make a decision. I introduced a post that asked you Do you want to quit your job for the laptop lifestyle?

In that post, I told you you’re going to learn about online affiliate marketing and carve your own path on the web to find success and I really mean that. Motivation and dreams are what motivates me, a beach and a life to travel are what motivates me more than anything so I want to share everything with you. I want you to read my post again and subscribe to my newsletter so that I can show you where the dream begins.

Finding a Community that has Everything a Social Media Platform Requires

In this post, I want to illiterate the importance of finding a plan, community, and social media hangout that is second to none and means that hanging around Facebook all day is a thing of the past.

I’m asking you to read about a community that I use each day for help, you can find that here with the 2 Million Membership Affiliate Marketing Community that has changed the way we use social media in 2020. This is the most amazing community for like-minded entrepreneurs to find answers to questions, make new friends and learn how to complete tasks that were far too hard to achieve alone previously.

I  then implemented content into my articles about training and where to get it, how to implement it into your daily lives to complete the tasks that each training course asks of you and where it will get you when you have learned what is asked of you.

A Training Material that Teaches You How to Utilize your New Knowledge

Please read this article to find out more: Do you want to learn from unlimited marketing material?. The training here places tasks upon you to put knowledge into practice to show you that anyone that takes this business seriously can go on to make a great living. The whole idea given by Kyle and Carson (Wealthy Affiliate Founders) is simple, follow the training and succeed just like they have.

Mastering the Code and Unlocking Keyword and Content Secrets

Mastering the code is the next step as I work backward through the posts I have written for you. Mastering the code of content writing is like mastering the code to tap into free internet traffic. about content writing & keywords to master the code.

Once you have mastered the code to keyword implementation and content writing you will become natural and you’ll be writing far better keywords and interesting articles, posts, and pages for your authority and website pages to gain momentum. All this is mentioned in training from which I hope you learn and enjoy as you build your businesses.

Place Your Training into Full Motion

The affiliate platform with unlimited training comes With excellent marketing tools and ongoing training from where your affiliate business could be earning money in weeks. If you take the training on seriously in the order of events on how each section of the training is presented your knowledge should be utilized for practice which leads to perfection.

Given the fact you have been or will at this point be familiar with the community and making lots of interesting like-minded friends, your skills will be nurtured into a more skilled in order of practice mode from where you’ll feel good about what you are learning and sharing in the community.

You should know that I’m pleased for those that have read my articles here on Freedom to Roam Marketing and subscribed for me to tell more about me and how I help others make great decisions. I’m happy to mentor you before you make the decision so please subscribe today.

Remember all of us need a niche. My niche is to live the laptop lifestyle something I’ve already done and had it not been for an illness I would still be there now but I’m here today to tell the story and work towards my next holiday abroad where the sun shines.

Creating a Niche to Find Your Audience

If you haven’t read my niche market post yet I’ll ask you a question Do you want to find your niche market to build your business around it? My answer to this in my eyes is you may have a good idea if so please Create a Niche Market To Build Your Business Around It.

Hit the training camp hard to create your pages, posts, and articles. The training will assist your future with great content writing ideas and direct you towards a great website.

You could do this by learning keywords which is something your niche market and content need to drive SEO rankings. You’ll be trained up on search engine optimization from the platform with all the free training, webinars and website building tools needed right from the start which offers a free training course of ten entrepreneur lessons.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter from where I’ll explain more about what you receive in your training and what it takes to deliver your content. I also suggest reading the articles here on Freedom to Roam Marketing and leaving a few comments for me to answer any questions you may have.

I would like to offer you access to a free membership to receive some free training for a week from where you can build two websites to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer. By joining my email list I’ll show you what you need to do to own an affiliate business by signing up for an affiliate program that will change how you work be it from home or on your travels.

Free Affiliate Training for Business Startup

Do You Want to Become an Entrepreneur?

This is one of my favorite posts that I added some weeks ago about entrepreneurship and the way you can expect to achieve with the amount of time you place into your projects. I think it doesn’t matter if you think you’re an entrepreneur or not but it’s something you’ll become anyway in other people’s eyes when you succeed.

You don’t have to be classed as an entrepreneur if you don’t want to but it sounds good, right? I must admit for me I quite like the term but its hard work to juggle 50 websites that are automated to see where all your payments are going and something I try to keep away from with to much work at the start of a project.

Automation done right will smooth out your rewards and have you collecting payments like a professional. Just remember to reach out for affiliate success & become an entrepreneur and grow stronger, more professional and stick with your plan as you move forward with the training each and every day.

Do You Want to Start Your Own Affiliate Business

I think most of you wished that you had started years ago right? I’m the other way around whereas I wished I had continued to work on it years ago and never stopped like I did but I had no choice through an illness. never mind about that, I want you to think about it this way.

There is never a wrong time to start something new instead of tomorrow because there will always be someone after you so your not in the last position and never will be if you start today. Subscribe to my mailing list and I’ll send you some tips and tricks to get you ahead of the game so you can be the hustler you dreamed of. It’s a great feeling to watch your analytics grow each day.

The Fear of Failure

Everyone goes through an episode for the fear of failure in their lives at some point. I’ve not even touched on this in my posts until now. I know what failure feels like and it’s not a feeling I want you to go through. Don’t worry about your projects not working for a few months it’s your mission to make small successful training attributes as you learn how to implement the training requirements into your content for your posts to be ranked in your websites and business.

Fear of failure for some is running out of money but I’ll explain that the whole point of learning here is to learn from a system that doesn’t need a lot of money, in fact, you could run this whole project with your websites for just your subscription fee in setting it up and even that can be implemented for free if you have the know-how. Subscribe and comment below and I’ll show you how.

If you play your cards right you can succeed.  You must learn how to improve your content writing, implement great keywords, meet lots of people in the community and watch every single video and training course that comes your way and learn more and more each day.

Don’t burn yourself out, think too much or go it alone, the community is there to rid you of loneliness. There will be others that want your help too. Step aside and help others for an hour and see how your feelings change and how people’s feelings change for you. Think about how you can be an entrepreneur and reach great success by offering your views.

It’s great to help others hence I’m here to help you. I love to learn more by helping people, researching and answering comments on other people’s websites and joining in various conversations. Continue to be involved and your feelings will change for the better and that fear of failure will vanish as will any negative thoughts that arose with it.

What do You Know About Affiliate Marketing

What do you know about affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals While affiliate marketing does take a lot of effort.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a living if you follow the training to learn how to sell products through programs that need to sell their products worldwide. This is the reason most programs allow you to sell for them because these days the majority of people enjoy shopping online and businesses save lots of money on various sales needs by selling from shops.

Look at companies like Amazon who have such a massive turnover and even though their affiliates payouts are small compared to some programs if you choose the right niche and products all connected to your website and review them well you can earn a great living. If you join up today and follow the first entrepreneur training course you will be on your way to success

When writing your reviews for affiliate marketing you can leave links to your content or product review pages and make a great living that way. It’s all about linking your website really well. all this is covered in the training portal and product review website you will hopefully build. My main aim is to show you the best affiliate training on the internet and all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter and let me do the rest.

The Ultimate Goal For Success

I’m going to experiment here and test you on your thoughts about financial success  Imagine you spend five-months of your life building a business and you awake one day to see money slowly drifting into your bank account. It may not be a lot but it means your devotion, new skills, content building, keyword awareness, and motivation have all made a difference to your website and business to make it successful.

Success comes with time and motivation and even though you want to skip a few lessons on the training I’m going to show you it’s best to remain tied to each lesson to put what you have learned to test. Never miss a single training course on Wealthy Affiliate.

Make sure your notes and projects all fall in place with what your learning and follow every single method that has been tried and tested for you to succeed. You can sign up today for free to get your two websites and domain names for free to try the whole affiliate platform. I don’t cast promises it’s not for everyone but the first course is totally free and I know you’ll be totally amazed at the training you get to start your business off on the right foot.

Content and Keyword SEO

You might be a web optimization company that charges for content implementation with keyword optimization, but it doesn’t mean to say that pages and posts will be ranked number one on all search engine pages due to tough competition and the time it takes to get ranked which for some is minutes and some months but never let this hold you back from writing content.

You don’t have to worry about keywords at the start of the training but it is definitely important to become aware that you’ll need to include them into content to get pages, posts and your website ranked on the big search engines at some point.  After you have written around 30 posts you’ll understand that your website is starting to take shape and natural traffic will start to arrive at your website’s door.

Don’t get trapped into paid ads there is a better person in you that will become a writer for yourself from where you will reach a stage you’ll outclass other webmasters from where you will become a website optimization consultant and online entrepreneur teaching others how to express themselves with keyword structure when you reach that point.

With search engine optimization skills your content and keywords will suit your audience far more than not learning optimization at all. Writing about what you want your customers to know such as your services or products and your niche with search engine optimization in mind is where you’ll see success.

If you want to learn far more you can join the affiliate program I’m talking about today and reap all the rewards from the training that will show you how to complete a website and business in no time at all. Subscribe to my newsletter on the right-hand side of all my pages and let me lead you into the training to become an entrepreneur as soon as you begin and complete the first free weeks training course in the starter training course.

I’m here to mentor you before you make that HUGE decision so that you know what you’re going to be achieving with the need to be motivated to be able to achieve as many goals as you can with your affiliate marketing business and training requirements to reach success.

10 thoughts on “Learn About Affiliate Marketing | Eradicate the Myth about Scams”

  1. Nice and lovely website. I like the interface and I’m impressed with the pictures as the are in high definition. Job well-done on the laptop lifestyle with respect to the opportunities that are inherent in wealthy affiliate thus clearing the myths circulating the social media that the platform is a scam. Thumbs up for a job well done 

  2. Hello there! Thanks for sharing this information about WA. For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the only internet marketing product I’ve seen that allows for a 100% risk-free trial in its truest form and also no doubt about their legitimacy as their claims are all true!

    My question is; why do one get billed if he/she decides to upgrade to premium?

    • Hi Chim

      People get billed because they are entering into a full training program that has unlimited training. There are over 70 courses available and that’s not including the community that also makes training videos and content for us to learn from. It really is an amazing platform to start a business online.

      Paying for a service isn’t the problem as such it’s getting your money’s worth by hitting into a worldwide audience by learning from the training content to reach a good point to launch more and more products over time. something that will make you feel good, financially stable and feeling successful.

      In Friendship


  3. You summed affiliate marketing in a classic manner and thank you for doing that. It can be quite difficult to find information relating to all there is to know about a business model in one place. I’m fairly new to affiliate marketing. But, the information I have acquired through Wealthy Affiliate has developed my mindset, and I now see endless opportunities everywhere.

    • Hi Sipheni,

      Your mindset is the most important attribute to find success. if you control your mind well and find that confidence and motivation you can write some amazing content and review some fantastic products online. I really believe that been close to your dreams keeps you going until that first online paycheck appears in your bank, this is when your motivation to build on that success becomes faster and more accurate with that really good feeling of success to tell others.

      In Friendship


  4. Hello there From what I know;The laptop lifestyle is needing only your computer, phone and an internet connection to make an income. It really doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, a remote employee or a freelancer – if you can do your work from any location, you qualify.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when you are considering this type of work, though. But I want to know are there other hand books or ebooks about this laptop life?

    • Hi David

      Here some books I had to read before I started my new projects. 

      1. Jeff Walkers’s The Launch – Learning about the Product Launch Formula

      2. The magic by Rhonda Byrne – Doing Something Spiritual to Reach success

      3. Invisible Selling Machine by Ryan Deiss – What is Behind your emails

      4. Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill – An American Get Rich Story of past

      5. The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss – Laptop Lifestyle

      In Friendship


  5. Affiliate marketing is an exceptional way to start your journey towards success in the online world. 6 months ago I wasn’t even aware that affiliate marketing was a thing, I didn’t know what it was until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. It has been a rough path but it has been worth it. It takes time but you will see results. 

    • Hi Stephanie

      I’m really in tune with affiiate marketing now but it took me time to get familiar with the requirement to find success. I’m kind of working myself back as I lost a business previous which was really good for a hotel booking sytem but I got ill.

      In Friendship



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