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Hello!, My name is Stephen, owner of Freedom to Roam Marketing. Freedom to Roam Marketing is a gateway to affiliate marketing projects and I want you to join me to become a successful online marketing affiliate. I have lived in Thailand for five years, South Korea for one year, China for two years and Bangladesh for one year. I am now running two online businesses. Please watch the video and subscribe below to our community.

In 2002-2006 I was running three businesses from Thailand as a newbie to the affiliate marketing scene I learned a lot from this experience. I owned a Thailand hotel booking website and online teaching forum and also a silver jewellery business. 

My progression to not knowing anything about affiliate marketing to host three businesses online gave me a huge amount of motivation to make money online.

The businesses lasted a couple of years until I got sick and had to go into retreat to recover so now my business with Freedom to Roam Marketing gives me all of a smile and motivation to help others build businesses with less stress.

How to Learn from Freedom to Roam Marketing

Eliminating Doubts to Help You Decide

How to Eliminate Self-Doubt
  1. Are you sitting at home thinking about starting an online business?
  2. Do you feel challenged to learn something new online?
  3. Have you suffered failure online before and lost trust?
  4. Are you worried about the cost of running an online business?
  5. Does the thought of learning something new scare you?
  6. Are you currently struggling to make ends meet financially?
  7. Are you searching for that Freedom to Roam and travel around the world?
  8. Are you ready to learn from a community that cares about each other?
  9. Do you want to receive personal assistance to help you learn affiliate marketing?

Did You Answer ”Yes” to Any of the Questions Above?


Freedom to Roam Marketing offers an opportunity to provide great training to reflect on your future lifestyle. If you’re prepared to work hard at starting your new online business read on. Are you sitting at home feeling challenged to learn something new?

Maybe you have already experienced failure and feel less motivated to start again. Let me explain that you may not know you already have many skills to pass over to your new business given a chance. Are you worried about business start-up costs? What if I told you I could help you get started for free.

Perhaps you are struggling to make ends meet financially and feel de-motivated to take a risk. What if I told you I can help you get a website up and running in a week or less with a free week’s entrepreneur certification training course.

Are you searching for that Freedom to Roam around the world financially and able to afford your travel costs? What if I told you the more time you are sitting at home doing nothing could be the time you are spending time building a brand new online business.

Are you feeling slightly alone with no ideas to start a business watching the time tick away waiting for someone to tell you how to make a business of your own? Here I am and I’m here to assist your future for as long as it takes with a community of 1000’s of others that have jumped onboard the training.

The Training to Get You Up and Running in a Week

  1. Getting Started. (27 Tasks)
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Building Website. (35 Tasks)
  3. Making Money. (29 Tasks)
  4. Mastering Social Engagement. (35 Tasks)
  5. Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation. (34 Tasks)

The tasks beside each training module represent the tasks that will help you get your business up and running within a week. Once you have started training I guarantee you will make many friends as you build your online business with each task at hand.

Don’t forget you also receive a free website and domain name fully hosted and secure to start your business training to get your business up and running within a week.

Learn the best SEO marketing techniques

The Rise of Freedom to Roam Marketing to Help Others Succeed

Freedom to Roam Marketing is my first business that unfolded over the space of a year. It has helped many people with (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation of their website and businesses. The freedom it gives me is to learn to progress, write better, think more clearly and adapt to new training.

I save time with the skills I have mastered that once took me days which now take me under an hour to figure out and progress. Learning new skills is exhilarating and allows me to move faster with my business ideas. Imagine being able to write a post of over 1000 words in under three hours including page graphics and pictures.

Are you thinking about this as an opportunity to jump on board and giving it a go? Your future could be far more successful with the overall training plan that you will receive after signup. I haven’t even told you that you will get a free website and domain name which will be fully hosted and secured for free.

Here’s What You Receive Automatically Upon Subscription

Are you a beginner or have experience with online marketing? Freedom to Roam Marketing would like to introduce you to a platform that changes the whole ball game for those that want everything under one roof. Take your business to new heights with website design tools on the WordPress platform and choose from over 4000+ website themes.

Think about keyword implementation and the need to have a search tool and what it could mean to you to improve your writing and content skills with a tool inside the community called Jaaxy. Jaaxy was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers and is the world’s only stand-alone keyword affiliate marketing search tool on the internet.

Run your business and website on the world’s most secured platform that is fast, productive and keeps your website safe from hackers. You can view your websites speed and check the health on a daily basis right from the community and platform interface.

Setup as many private emails as you want from inside the platform and also migrate any existing websites across in a second. Have your websites hosted with a flick of the switch and keep all your eggs in one basket.

I will even include a free eBook written by me to teach you about creating funnels and much more all affiliate marketing based. I believe owning this alone is enough for you to sign up today and become a member to receive your free online training to start your business.

Learn How to Join the Best Affiliate Community

Join one of the World’s Largest Online Marketing Communities

Have you ever wanted to join a community to make new friends, money and learn how to build your own business with sound, well-structured advice from those that have already started?

Become part of our community with a chat room interface, a blog writing platform to send affiliated links to your customers or friends all over the web and become part of the vast amount of online training available on the internet today.

The community is the main solid structure of the training platform and works well for those that need express help. Get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 352 days a year via site support. There simply is no site support like it and it works well with the professional help often needed.

If making many new friends is important to your business make sure you join today. Get the ball rolling with your new training schedule that is designed to have your first website up and running in 4 days. Do not worry this is how the training is designed to help you and it works extremely well.


How to Join Freedom to Roam Community

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