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Embark on the journey towards owning your own online marketing business and reap the rewards in commission. Learning how to expand your skills with writing is a magnificent feeling, however takes time.

Exploring your skills and creating a new level of content creation by writing is a great achievement. It may take a few months to reach a level of excellence, however, the feeling of being found by Google is an amazing achievement especially if you are new to internet marketing.

There are various steps you must think about before you start writing such as a niche and a decent level of website construction skills. To embark on the journey towards success there are various needs I am going to discuss with you today.

These days people want everything in one package. Building your business on one platform is what’s going to give you time to be creative and have all the training needed to accomplish the winning formula.

WordPress is one of the favoured platforms to build your websites. It is a web publishing software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It just may be the easiest and most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) for beginners.

There are hundreds of extras such as plugins and widgets that you can add to build your business from SEO tools to editing platforms to improve the layout of your posts.

Embark on the Journey with SEO/AIO

When you have chosen a platform to build your website start to learn more about (SEO). If you learn to create great posts that reach a large audience with (SEO) you are halfway to success. Focus keyphrase in the meta description and tell your audience what your post is all about.

If you download the SEO/AIO plugin for WordPress you will have the guidelines to reach a score out of 100. Let’s say your post is almost perfect there may be some areas that still need altering for a better score which will get you ranked better in search engines.

The journey towards success most certainly means learning how to write great content. Try to embark on the journey by writing naturally and guide your customers towards what they wish to read.

I’ve listed some needs that you must think about to launch your business from its foundations with great content. These are all SEO requirements to create better content that will improve your writing.

By focusing on your keyphrases the learning becomes easier and more achievable. With the SEO/AIO plugin for WordPress, you will need all of the improvements to be in green. Your score will be far higher than if highlighted in red.

100/100  – Focus Keyphrase

  1. Focus Keyphrase in SEO title.
  2. Focus keyphrase in the meta description.
  3. Focus Keyphrase in URL.
  4. Focus keyphrase in the introduction.
  5. Focus Keyphrase in Subheadings.
  6. Focus keyphrase in image alt attributes.
  7. Focus keyphrase length.

100/100 – Page Analysis

  1. Focus Keyphrase in URL.
  2. Focus Keyphrase in content.
  3. Focus keyphrase in the introduction.
  4. Focus keyphrase length.
  5. Meta Description Length.
  6. Content-Length.
  7. Internal links.
  8. External links.

Creating Your Website & Embark on The Journey

How to Embark on the Journey

You can build your website and create the foundations in a week. The website construction for me is the easiest part of building a business. I Use WordPress and a platform called Wealthy Affiliate for training. Having the training to fall back on is always a great advantage.

There are over 4000 themes available to test in live mode from your WordPress dashboard. The dashboard is where all the inner works of your website unfold. It is the centre of your website’s construction and allows you to add more plugins and widgets to your website.

The dashboard also allows you to create posts and pages and create headers on your frontpage. One of the lessons however with your dashboard is not to litter your website with too many plugins, only keep the ones that are essential to your business.

The addition of many plugins slows your website down. Also if you add too many pictures to your website remember that doing so could slow your website down. Google downgrade websites that don’t load up fast enough. This is the reason to build your websites with the loading speed in mind.

Embark on Your the Journey & Create Great Content

Research is by far the easiest method of learning. Try not to copy other peoples content. It is better to have original content throughout your website. Implementation of keywords is a must as shown above in the two lists. Work your content around the keywords you choose.

There is a keyword tool I use called Jaaxy which was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. If you use Jaaxy you will find the best (QSR) Quoted Search Results. Also, you can find out the average amount of searches for a particular keyphrase. You also have a score for the SEO which is out of 100. The higher the score out of 100 the better in SEO terms.

I believe that learning the core basics to embark on the journey to owning your own online business is the best way to begin. If you realise this now you will save heaps of time to work on your content and get it right the first time.

Going through all of your posts later if you have not considered (SEO) is painstaking and causes demotivation overall. Stay sharp with your (SEO) skills from the beginning and the rest will follow. Your online skill-building exercises will help you rank on all search engines.

How to Update Your Website Content

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