Decompress And Organise Website Files For A Faster Response

How to decompress and organise website files for a faster response. Imagine it’s been a few months and your Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster accounts are showing results that resemble a wave on Bondi Beach that keep going up and down and giving you that false feeling of satisfaction from where that feeling of success turns to failure. It’s normal and you should be proud of any traffic at the 3 to the 6-month timescale you are creating.

Search engines take some time to arrange your content so that they know your content is what suits their algorithm. Their tactics change overnight so that they can make money. Your website’s at most can be held back by paid results from Google or Bing so they may be hovering just below the paid ads. It’s hard to master Google algorithm and they make it tough to make it fair and of course, so they can make money too. Think about decompressing all your website files For a faster response.

Never Give Into The Time It Takes to Be Ranked.

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to become successful that’s why I always mention to never give in whatever is stopping you. Try to enjoy the mission to be shown above another ranking websites so you can only get better-improved results as you learn the keyword elements of content implementation through your sales funnels and marketing strategy. Study your competitor and see what they are doing to be ranked higher than you.

The mission is never impossible if you have a website and add content to it daily with a great source of information your goals will be achieved sooner or later. Affiliate websites take longer to rank it seems as there are so many of them. Don’t let this put you off your mission to be successful. Even affiliate websites can achieve a top-level position in all search engines if constructed and thought outright to your ideas and plans.

Even though my website isn’t always ranked above others it is been ranked higher and better each day as I write content. I think Bing is easier to create results with their traffic being shared between Themselves and Yahoo. It’s far lower than Google at around 33% which is combined traffic between both of them.

Most paid ads are exactly the same in Yahoo as they are in Bing because they share the business with combined search results and ads with Microsoft. This gives Google a huge chunk of the market hence harder to achieve results with them especially if you are a competitive affiliate marketer. I suggest powering up on YouTude for a really good slice of the video content results.

Many SEO firms will tell you that it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing results. That’s generally accurate, but bear in mind this is when you start seeing results, and SEO results grow over time. Whatever results you’re getting at 6 months should be considerably less than what you’re getting at 12 months.

Checking Your Website on All Devices.

Compressed PhotosWhen checking your website out on an IOS device from your mobile phone or Ipad, you’ll notice that all of your posts seem to be added to BIng’s search.

The reason for this that Bing picks up mobile-friendly websites that are accurately put together to be read on all devices.

Can you see how from my screenshot how well Bing advertises my website?

On Mobile phones, the search engine seems to have more links that have been added to the search engine via a webmasters SEO implementation of content

It looks better than it seems and you still have to work on all devices to make sure the search engines have the capability to place your website’s links as displayed below so that you get noticed on Bing and Yahoo.

Preparing and Organise You Files for All Devices

It takes a few months but as you can see looks great and if your posts read well search engines will pick them up. You’ll soon be laughing with better results in all search engine results for your hard work.

Checking on all devices is important and later as your websites’ posts become more and more popular on search engines you’ll note how well they look on all devices. I checked the speed of my mobile phone links and they seem to open up pages responsive enough to be read easily.

A great method to speeding your website up is to implement Smush that runs alongside your WordPress website to decrease the size of your online pictures and compress them to load up faster. It comes as paid plugin and a free plugin. Even the free plugin version improves your website and loads up pages with better speed for all devices.

I know what you’re thinking that looks don’t mean anything and content comes beforehand but I disagree and think to myself each day about writing. It was how I started out as a writer from where I never used pictures to describe my thoughts and meanings of what I’m writing. People these days want an example through visualizing an image of what they can see and it gives then a better understanding of the writing in front of them.

Visualise What Your Customers Want to See with Website Loadup Speeds & Learn How to Organise Website Files

By visualizing and reading it gives you audience a better idea of what you are trying to tell them. If you’re helping someone understand with graphs, pictures, bar charts and visualisations sometimes it opens up the reader’s minds to project a much better idea of what they are reading.

If I was to describe to you how happy I am that search engines are continually playing around with my content and finding my pictures supported by my content words can’t describe.

I know search engines are thinking about where to place my posts that makes me happier than ever.

At least the search engines are trying to help me get recognised through my hard work. Time is of the essence as we continuously create new content, however, this is how we will become noticed eventually.

You will continue to drive you writing forward, create fantastic keyword-rich content and become a master at your game. I’m still learning and have a lot to take on board but I know through my hard work with not just helping myself as I rise I’m helping others as we will achieve together.

As I continue to compromise my time with helping others it gives me a high state of consciousness that at least somewhere as I rise to a higher more acceptable position for myself those that read, follow and learn from me can become successful too, that’s my main ambition to help you.

Decrease Your Photo File Size With a Simple Compression Software to Organise Your Website files.

Let’s look at Smush again below Smush Pro comes with the following features that will help you resolve your Google PageSpeed opportunities and get the best optimization for your images. I’ve checked my website speeds and most of my traffic came from PC’s so I decided to play around with Smush.

It makes a lot of difference so I would consider it if your website is a picture driven website with lot’s of content to consider. The Smush plugin will change how the speed of your website acts you gain more clicks from mobile phones and changes how you get noticed to a whole new mobile phone audience.

Remember Google’s search engine took a massive change some years back to categories websites for their loading speed and being mobile-friendly. It’s these changed that compare us with others that build content and website friendly down and upload speeds.

I hope you enjoyed this post it fair to say my aim is to continue helping others as I learn and show that even though I can hold on to success I can teach for others how to be successful too.

If you wish to know where I learned all my content skills it comes from learning over quite a few years but just recently I joined Wealthy Affiliate from you can join me with other members to our platform to get training to accomplish everything I mention on this website. Please view my posts on this website and join us for free to get your Entrepreneur Certification Course and a free fully hosted website to get started today.

Come on Over to my place and learn from Friendly, Motivated Affiliates that will help you with all your questions on how to get started. For now, decompress all of your website files for a faster website response time.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Made me realise seeing results can take time but never give in, they will come just need to work harder & keep creating new content for the vast moving market
    Thank you for sharing light on this topic for me

    • Hi Matt.
      Thanks for your comment it takes time to get noticed across the whole web and with so much about as to the devices people search from we have to be internet savvy about what our website look and read like on the main stage. I think with some hard work with lot’s of research you can learn a lot from others including me to become successful In due time. It’s about starting a project and sticking with it to accomplish your life goals. I enjoy traveling so wish to take my business with around the world just like old times. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Very interesting read and a lot of useful information. I found that you have to patient… success won’t come over night. Content if king, but quality content and you’re right, images make a massive difference – people are very visual these days and masses of endless text is not very attractive. And, of course, speed is important – if your site takes too long to load, your visitor will just get bored and leave.

    • Everything takes time even just thinking about a post and to see your analytics go down it’s all about time management and how you write. Keep going is the best me method I ever knew to reach higher-end ranking and to continue to get noticed is the main thing. We could all sit there and worry about our content but what really is a professional site and how we write?


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