Creating Your Email Campaign For Online Marketing

An email follow-up campaign is a series of emails that you send after someone opts into your lead magnet or otherwise interacts with your business. In all retrospective back in the days of old internet marketing, there weren’t as many delightful marketing tools about like today. Let’s look at creating your email campaign fro online marketing.

Let me give you an example, My pop up on this site offers subscribers a free entrepreneur certification course and a free website that is fully hosted to start an online affiliate business. It’s an amazing offer and improves how I receive emails from customers. Take a look at the example picture below.

If you want to subscribe please do so from the popup on this site which you’ll see when you navigate around this website. I don’t send out a million emails but I will be in touch about the offer and there is a whole bunch of posts, over 80 on this website to get you going with ideas.

Email Campaign Companies That Offer A Full Service

Most email campaign servers that offer all the creativity tools have it all under one roof and often you can trial the platform for free at least for the first 100 emails, sometimes more so it’s a good way to get started. It’s also great that all your emails are congregated into one program with a program you use to build your campaign as mentioned above.

The more emails you congregate the more chance you have of offering your niche market such as products and services to your customers. I don’t recommend spamming your customer’s inbox. But do recommend crafting a high-quality email follow-up campaign that strategically targets users who need that little push to interact with your offers.

When you have collated a list of emails in your campaign and platform inbox you can begin to write follow up campaigns about your products and services. It’s as simple as that when someone subscribes you can build a funnel where your customers enter through the funnel at different times. Below is a diagram to show you about a funnel and how it works. It’s called the Five Offer Funnel.

You can read about the Five Offer Funnel from the link above from where I have constructed a post to educate people about how it works. Implementing it does take time but it will help you improve your business ten-fold. If you’re still confused try some of the books I have read that really go to town on various email systems and Product Launch Formulas.

The greatest thing to remember about funnel marketing is that it is It’s automatic and doesn’t require intervention and can nurture leads to make them more receptive. Ultimately this will improve your ability as a salesperson or team and create far more activity within your subscription and automated platform. It will all become relevant to the email recipient and direct them towards your sales.

Your email marketing will improve your brand awareness and give your customers far more to look forward to when they receive their next email. That’s how you want your customers to interact with you by excitement and wanting more of what you promise. It will create better personalisation for prospects and enlighten your new customers with the knowledge you pass onto them about your products and services.

A Carefully planned email campaign will reduce the potential for errors and help you save time so you can focus on other tasks like website content. It can help you reduce the costs of your business and boost business revenue, not to mention improve projects with better targeting and segmentation for your campaigns overall. It will keep existing customers interested and help you maintain more detailed reporting about your customers by understanding them more.

Choosing an email service provider that has all the campaign tools can vary from a customer’s needs, ease of use and overall price. Remember, however, some offer free trials so if you’re just starting out choose a free service for now. If you’re searching for an all in one email marketing platform you can choose from the list below. Check them out one at a time and choose carefully. Go to the website and trial the product and see which is easier to use or has the correct tools for your business.

  1. Constant Contact.
  2. SendinBlue
  3. Drip
  4. ConvertKit
  5. AWeber
  6. GetResponse
  7. Mailchimp

Let me explain that Aweber is more warming towards affiliate marketing but does come for a small price for the starter package but it’s one of the best long-standing email marketing service providers that work well with WordPress.

All websites that are offered for free with Wealthy Affiliate from where you will receive you entrepreneur certification training if you subscribe from my popup on this website are WordPress themed and there are over 4000 themes to choose from.

Automation of Your Email Campaign for Your Email Campaign For Online Marketing

Email automation is a way to create emails that reach the right people with the right message at the right moment without doing the work every time. When you link your website analytics with your email marketing platform, you can target people based on behaviour, preferences, and previous sales.

Automation of your email campaign is the best way to interact with your customers and it gives you a  choice to send exciting eye-catching emails that tell a story. You don’t want to send your customers the exact same follow-up email five times in a row. Instead, each email in your follow-up campaign should be carefully crafted with unique content.

If you’re like me most of my affiliate friends I hang out make businesses that are totally mobile and to achieve that we must think about business automation. Like the Five Offer Funnel,  Your campaigns must run in order for the campaign to work alongside your sales funnel. You don’t have to have a sales funnel but it’s a great way to sell online.

As you’ll notice in the diagram below you can see when the next trigger for an email is to be sent out in order. It gives your customers more time to adjust, think about your offer and purchase. With the right email program, your emails will look intriguing and awesome for your customers. There is no hard work to maintain this system and once you have one campaign running you can build another.

When it comes to a follow-up email subject lines, getting your point across clearly and quickly is the key. Your customers’ inboxes are filled with hundreds of other emails. For yours to stand out, it needs to be simple, clear and eye-catching. Try to create a story, for example, I wrote about never giving in after a near-fatal car crash and how I became far more interested in internet marketing during my time off work.

Click Funnels & The Benefits

People like to hear success stories especially when it about someone they are reading about. It changed my life for the better so I enjoy talking about it and it gives some flavour to the reason why I adopted the skills to be involved in affiliate marketing and creating email campaigns. It takes time and with the training on offer at Wealthy Affiliate but you will be in now lose situation if you keep with the training.

Another more costly but highly effective method of getting everything done under one roof with one platform is the use of ClickFunnels which is highly rated and mentioned to be one of the best platforms on the market. The price is quite high but if your already a well establish marketer it might save you a lot of time and effort getting everything done under one roof.

Remember you are not limited to one campaign and If you have more than one project or website you can utilise the tools within your email marketing platform as much as you want. Even if you have one website you could be thinking about several campaigns to nurture your sales by tweaking and observing which emails campaigns run best.

Your Workflows & Email Campaign For Online Marketing

When you start planning your email workflows, you can make sure they’re completely relevant to the recipient.  There’s nothing more annoying than several emails from a company that aren’t tailored to you. They’re irrelevant, unhelpful and clogging up your inbox. Most people will unsubscribe or send your emails straight to their spam folder.

Your email workflows will entice more people if they’re relevant to the person reading them. You can check out my workflows from the example picture above from where I have triggered them to go out a day or two apart. This will give customers time to reflect on what you’re trying to sell or offer for free be it an eBook, products or services.

Good Honest Email Campaigns

Make your campaigns and emails exciting to read and attract thousands of customers to your doorstep. Always remain true to the word and reflect on good honest reviews, posts and articles on your website.

Always remain honest to your product and sell your niche. Be a part of it and nurture that ability to be trusted, skilled and above all honest. You’ll attract far more activity if the truth is the prime reason to achieve for your future. Give your customers what they want and look after them like they are family.

I hope you enjoyed this simple but informative review about creating your email campaigns for online marketing. Please subscribe for my marketing eBook and a free invite for free training for a week, a free fully hosted website which is fully secured and an invite to a community of 1000s of other affiliate marketers.


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  1. Online marketing has really grown and developed on a very diverse ways which makes it easy for people to achieve that which they want in their online marketing business. Creating email campaign requires a bit if expertise cos what you’re sending to people to read must catch their attention. Thanks for making this really detailed, I’ve learned so much.

    • Hi Byondcol

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with you about online marketing growing and the better we write the more chance we have of survival on the web to make our businesses really content friendly. SEO for me is the best way to learn how to improve my writing so I enjoy it more than PPC. Freedom to Roam Marketing seems to have really picked up on Bing but Google for is a waiting game but I’m just happy sat here typing and helping others with my 80+ post website.


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