Conversational Anxiety & Conference Speaking

I am going to cover about conversational anxiety & conference speaking. So, your a great marketer won all the medals and earned that big 6 Figure income you worked hard for. Knowone can imagine earning so much money each year but does it mean more stress with open-ended events where you have to explain how you made it or does the success just drift on by without questions?

I’m Stephen, my background is teaching both adults and kids and I’ve learned from both. Always go to class organised because for one there could be a lot of Q&A’s after class especially with management training and also with parents for younger kids. I’m not different from anyone else that teaches but I do pride myself for my techniques and I always go for the higher salary by working hard.

The Huge Affiliate Reason to Sell without Conversational Anxiety & Conference Speaking

If you think back in time who do you admire the most? Steve Jobs was someone I looked up at, a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer knowledge that forwarded the apple empire. It was a battle between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Steve could weigh his corner and showed charisma. When you see what they are selling today and how much Steve Jobs & Bill Gates are worth. It completely outweighs what we should be earning as affiliates. Amazon would never have been successful without either and look at Amazon now.

Apple’s advertising was unique in this exact way Steve Jobs wanted. However, Imagine one day you walk down the shop for some aftershave which hasn’t arrived yet but has been advertised, this was apple’s problem, there was never enough to go around, more towards risk sales analysis. Don’t promise what you can’t sell. Isn’t that just a perfect way to describe it?

Speaking With An Audience

So, speaking in front of an audience wouldn’t bother you if it meant you had to speak about money and your own success and how you made it? If you’re going to be a super affiliate a lot of your time may be teaching others but the best thing about that is it’s in a time that suits you.

Can You Guess which Superstar Said This?

”It’s still in the pipeline as they say. Nothing that has been promised under such a scale for it to arrive in every single store at the same time would be normal, that would be impossible.”

I’ll leave you guessing but back to conversational anxiety and conference speaking. I know I’m good at speaking when I revise my lines and schedule from my teaching days. Teaching business English in China helped me a lot and with social classes at least once a day to strangers that wanted to test the school’s program where I had to pull off a great lesson each and every time.

Anxiety through conversational classes normally comes with one excuse that the class has not been planned out enough and has no structure. This is the real reason I studied hard with research for my students. I never really got anxious in front of the class but I was more than often surprised how much, my students placed into learning.

Conversational Anxiety at The Conference

Striking a conversation in a meeting or conference or even classroom means getting the student’s or audience interested. The aim is to strike out enough information for questions to come rolling in about the topic. It’s a two-way procedure for keeping the room interesting and less formal.

Anxiety normally comes when the room is in silence and the audience is not responding to questions or workshop requirements. It’s all about getting the audience interacting with you and finding answers to solve problems. If a room is a silence room it can sometimes be awkward and the anxiety comes in making it difficult to get people talking. I’ve listed some important tasks to improve your speaking.

  1. Plan appropriately.
  2. Practice.
  3. Engage with your audience.
  4. Pay attention to body language.
  5. Think positively.
  6. Cope with your nerves.
  7. Watch recordings of your speeches.

Knowing your topic will improve your speaking, making it more natural almost like a niche that you have studied and covered for a decade. A niche that you have studied every single element of to sell to your customers.

Conference Organisation

Also by getting organised is a great way of counteracting with your audience and balancing out your script. Always plan well ahead and give yourself time to adjust to monitor any specific changes you might need to make to your script to get the room alight, interested and running on auto.

Practice, then practice some more with the script and body language. Always pay attention to where and when you will move around the stage to include other members of the audience to get them involved. Challenge particular worries and tick them off your anxiety list and spend more time visualising your success.

Practice deep breathing and smooth out the ride of the entire conference by staying calm. With this technique, you will come across far more relaxed and in tune with your audience. Focus on your notes and prompts making them more clear and practice time management so you know when to cover topics in order and in time of need.




4 thoughts on “Conversational Anxiety & Conference Speaking”

  1. Conversational Anxiety & Conference Speaking are one of my greatest obstacles yet to overcome to be the one I aspire to be. I know there is no way I’m skipping that one so I’ll have to learn how to do it. The thing is that I love learning and teaching but I kinda froze and start trembling in front of an audience. You just triggered my learning process. I bookmarked this post but I’ll try to remember these 7 steps/tasks to improve my speaking as well.

    • Hi Ibrahim,

      I think being an English teacher thousands of miles from home for some years really gave me the courage to be a good speaker. However, I do have to know my niche and take notes about the topic. There are a few videos dotted around my website that you can watch if you want to see how I manage myself in front of my audience.

      In Friendship


  2. Hi Stephen. I have learnt several things from this post alone. Thank you very much. But I must highlight an idea I hadn’t thought in and that may be a game changer. And that is to watch recordings of my speeches. It’s so easy to record oneself these days. But I hadn’t thought in it. 

    We can coldly see what went wrong or what was a hit. Thank you!

    • Hi Ann,

      I always record my videos and place them on Youtube so I know they have to be motivational and also smooth with lot’s of Charisma shown. I quite like doing video but have to really know my niche first. There are few videos dotted on various pages on my website if you want to watch them. Thanks for posting.


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