My Travel Experiences & Living In South East Asia

I’m going to cover my travel experiences and living in South East Asia. When planning to leave home it can be a hard decision to make, it’s easier for others depending on the individual mindset with planning to place aside other plans you may have at home.

To investigate and travel to beautiful places safely your dreams should be at the top of your list. Travel is the best way to find yourself without any a shadow of a doubt it’s a way to calculate if travel is really what you want.

It’s all about how you plan ahead. I had already in the past built bridges on the internet about meeting people on my arrival in Bangkok, most of the adventures I planned were to go alone but I travelled there to see Thailand, not a million other travellers but a few people I met were online friends from the UK, USA and Ireland.

I planned to meet new people with my own itinerary which I chose to follow. I wanted to accompany others in Bangkok on arrival to settle in because I was new to the international travel scene and had the anticipation at the start my journey but I was ready to fly,  I simply couldn’t wait.

My plans were to travel alone, however, to meet lots of people was a supreme slightly obvious achievement I made but I knew somewhere I was going to spring into a business. I wanted to meet people from all other nations and continents across the world which is something I managed. I met them all, some helped me some didn’t but I have great memories in Bangkok.

After Many Years of Travel

I was an international traveller after five years of travel and here’s how I accomplished my life to build many bridges with people I still class as my best friends today. I made friends so with people all over the world.

The more bridges we construct and incorporate into our travel plans the more beautiful friendships break them down as we make more friends throughout our journey. This is a journey you will share with others for the rest of your life so my advice if you want to travel go ahead and do it you won’t regret it.

You’ll be different from others because you would have made that choice. I know this is the answer for you because I have lived the dream. Even though there were struggles at most I still miss my foreign and international friends.

Bondi Beach I’ve had plenty of wonderful experiences to guide you with various ideas for your own original realistic plans to travel.

Remember to note these down because being a travel writer is unreal it opens up your mind to where others are going and where you should go next.

To travel is educational and it provides a fantastic opportunity for you in the future regardless of how it looks on your resume to get great jobs. You have gone out there to learn it in modern times in an authentic country which reads great on a travel blog or your resume.

When travelling you should learn about new places, learn to relate to people living in different parts of the world and adapt to their environment. It’s a world that may look different from ours but by building bridges for communication between our foreign friends and us is the most important lesson you can learn.

Don’t just spend time with your English speaking friends go out and learn a new language, communicate with the locals and spend time understanding more about them and their lives, their architecture, culture and lifestyle because you will learn so much more.

From my experiences, a lot of people are creating drone coverages for videos with friends who are still living abroad. Things have changed these days the local’s love it because they know it shows the real light of their beautiful country.

However, with freelance writing and blogging, there are a million directions to making money online to continue with your travelling and making money if the only way you can do this is over the internet unless you’re rich or really clever.

Most locals that run beach bars and offshore cafe’s love the fact we can take great coverage with our drones even though some are unfamiliar and won’t hesitate to stop you. Those are places that are protected through the heritage trust and don’t like drones, high-resolution cameras or even people crossing over lines they are not supposed to go to.

There are many places you can go such as North Thailand or Cambodia and live the basic life for a month or two to see the farms that are agriculturally rich and lands across the Mekong River where you can save money. Oh, and they don’t mind drones.

I’ve crossed the Mekong on my own and had a dozen old ages pensioners with pure Gold teeth laughing at me so I know it’s a happy place and I know where the gold comes from. One of the great memories that I will never forget on my way to Laos east side of the River Mekong was that beautiful golden smile from the locals.

A Decision to Leave Home Where The Grass is Greener

I’m a Sagittarius and I’ve always wanted to move away from the normal mundane life of working in an office to see more about the world we live in today. I decided after reading many travel books and watching the movie ”The Beach” to leave the UK and make a new life abroad.

I remember thinking I would love to live in a foreign community or at least become more native to my own foreign language to meet others and tell them how I live in England. It was quite frankly a dream. One that I accomplished later on in Thailand.

Leaving Work In the United kingdom

It took me three years to make a decision at work to leave my ten-year job with a fully-funded college diploma and an excellent pension. After I completed a management diploma for production management I couldn’t settle and wanted to leave so I made my decision.

Recreational WeekendIt means nothing to me to be educated and still doesn’t. I had become quite simply bored and always uttered words to workmates I was leaving but of course, none of them believed me.

For me, the grass was always distinctively greener across the other side of the world and I felt I was missing something so I made a plan to leave.

I was amazed by other cultures and architecture shown in travel books and travel magazines so left home. It couldn’t have come faster, at school I knew even at the age of 15 I would travel and then ten years later there I was in Thailand.

In England, I was bored even with a beautiful five-year relationship I just could not hold down the thought of not living abroad and to be stuck in a 25-year mortgage. It was bothering me so much I read about ten books before leaving. I’m also starting a new blog for next year about marrying and living abroad and travelling around the world, so watch out for that.

All of the books I read were travel-related so I knew my GF was getting suspicious. Now I’m a blogger, digital business owner for affiliate marketers and working on a herbal remedy business. I just can’t wait to get my joint travel blog going with my friend Mathew.

Let’s get back to me leaving the UK and making a new life as a teacher, proofreader and affiliate business owner for a hotel booking system and an international travel forum not forgetting an online silver jewellery store owner and an online candle store.

I haven’t mentioned that in this post but you will find that somewhere on Freedom to Roam Marketing Website. I had a good life in Thailand but the rules changed and I changed with them so had to come home at some point. Basically, I got totally whacked out with the temperature and my lack of sleep after working hard on my businesses.

You should see where I lived and what it looks like now it’s one of the most expensive places to live in Thailand. Check out the picture from my balcony and Bangkok in the background.

Making a Decision to Keep the Door Open for The Return Home

Thinking back I hit upon a decision to speak to my partner about my dreams and she told me one message, one I respect to this day. Whatever I must do to accomplish my dreams I must do. I followed that dream and soon I left the UK. My Girlfriend and I had some beautifully organised holidays together. I met her in Tenerfiife and spent five years with her, had bought a house, had two cars a great job but it simply wasn’t enough for me.

I wasn’t into the life of materialistic needs. I was lucky to have a great choice to move from the UK without to much hurt away from my family. The time had arrived where my decision to accomplish my dreams were now almost in my grasp. I was free to make the move.

I organised a return home trip to cover myself so that after five weeks if I didn’t return to my job someone else would take my position. My job was open so off I went to lands abroad.

That was the last time I spoke to anyone for five years in the UK. I felt proud but deep down inside it was a long goodbye, I had done what I promised to myself, to make the decision to leave work and book a flight to leave my girlfriend of five years. I had made my dream come true and she knew it and I miss her to this day, we never ever spoke again.

At least we had an arrangement that once I had left there was to be no communication with work or her. You see it’s important to know that when you have that unreal feeling to move away it’s usually for a reason and that for me was the fact that I hated living in the UK.

Read my articles for motivational methods to travel and how to make a business you’ll notice how I know always talk about travel and living a life abroad hence I always talk about the Laptop Lifestyle and affiliate based projects that can bring that dream forward for you. I mean who knows better all 90 posts I have written will help you.

Don’t be like me build a business before making money as I did before to fail many times. I have a true-life story and I can tell you the whole 7 years of it. It’s no good running out of money hence making a few dollars on the side to makes sense of what you left. You have to go back to scratch and see where you went wrong.

I was outdone and outclassed by other entrepreneurs that totally wrecked my businesses. However, living my life in Thailand was amazing I got a lift to work in a US government 4×4 and picked up each day. I proofread student’s degrees to get students through their year and I was running a travel forum, a silver jewellery business and a hotel booking system.

I never told anyone that I was sending money home to someone to run my website’s from the UK. I was making money from a hotel booking website which was one of the prime websites that I also had to stop. Now I’m starting all over again but this time it’s to help others.

Money Is Sometimes hard to Come By and Earn

I eventually ran out of money in Hong Kong, China and Thailand after I had lost all my internet businesses which you’ll learn about later. It was based on me been unwell and not caring anymore about anything, a dangerous place to be many thousands of miles away to be trapped in a faraway country.

I was bailed out once again by a friend that lived in Hong Kong. She helped me get back to the UK the next day. all them favours over time that I had lent to others were paying back thank heavens.

Remember Your Travel Friends Forever

Making plans are easier than making a duck quack backwards and it means sticking to your whole itinerary and travel plans. Make that move towards a well-planned trip that will get you around the world because that’s what you need to learn not to change to much that you have planned.

AustraliaI planned the lot over the years however that was due to many crazy ideas and my insane party head.

I hadn’t embedded world travel into my head a first. I had created a new direction because my friends from Ozz all went to Japan so I went back to Thailand. I went to Chiang Rai and Myanmar and then back to Bangkok to Koh Phi Phi and to Loas for Christmas.

I have no idea or remember where I found the money for that time of my travels. I think it was Ozz and my tax claim after working there for a year. Whatever it was it was honest cash and always has been, well kind of.

I taught English in Thailand for four years and got paid well, I had become head teacher over 14 Philipinos teachers and 14 foreign teachers and I had made my stance for success but I still wasn’t happy.

I was earning a lot of money for my time there but then again I made the school a lot of money with knowing that many students wanted to learn there and me getting on with parents. I was made at that school.

I miss my students like no one’s business. they were great learners and respected all my time teaching them. if I had to compare my happiest times ever it was around 2004 when I was top of my teaching career in Thailand.

I had a friend that was a famous singer, I was teaching Miss Thailand’s staff for a channel Seven show called Poa Jing Jong and I had just moved into my new apartment in Muong Thong Thani. I think I was blessed around that time even after that I taught for a  business in Lumpini Park that advertised Colgate and Heineken.

The Sites, The Smells And The Architecture

Golden Triangle

I believe in an authentically protected architecture and culture fora country and their local authentic methods of living life to protect what hasn’t really changed over the years for their people or culture. Basically, it’s something we should learn in the west to love of history.

From the Golden temples of Thailand to the sublime beaches of Australia and the hustle and bustle of Malaysia. From the agricultural lands of Burma, they all are in my memory.

I was a big part of that and in June 2006 with no money just a wealth of Thai experience I left Thailand. I had survived the Tsnarmin in 2004  and chose not to go on the Christmas holidays with my GF. We would have been dead if we had followed our plans to go to Koh Phi Phi.

From the peaceful Mekong River at low shores and Thailand’s Buddhist faith I remember more than anything even to this day, Myanmar and Laos across to the Golden Triangle and the museums that teach to us about the land that changed heroin into crops that feed the land.

There simply is nothing better than loving Thailand and what it has achieved over the years to become a tourist hotspot or central base for travel in South East Asia. I still miss the smells of Bangkok’s vendors, the food at night and the mist that proceeds over the mountain in Chaigmai and the lights over the Grand Palace that creates a true vision of Buddhism.

I have lived to understand the culture of Thailand. After fives years of living there, I can tell you it’s my favourite country above all. I find peace from the Buddhist faith even today.

Meeting People From All Over The World


Sometimes you’ll meet those that wish not to share there travel stories because they have been travelling for over 20 years. It’s called the spiritual meaning of learning through life and if you wish you to learn the same then go out and find it. Find yourself and learn from it.

Meeting people is about travelling alone for me. I meet far more people when travelling alone but that’s because I know what it takes to travel to some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Sometimes a personal account is a spiritual encounter knowing you can only accomplish alone. For me, that’s the best way to learn. I have learned the spiritual way of the Buddhist karma and I still believe in that today.

Living Abroad and the Massive Decision Not to Return Home

If your thinking about travelling away for years think about how this can affect your family, I returned home with a brand new accent and a new way of thinking. I had simply changed for the better. In some terms I became Thai. It’s perhaps something I always wanted and I’m still missing today. Soon I will return but I worry I’ll never return back to the UK.

I was in Bangladesh for a year. No drinking, in bed by 7 PM and up the next morning at 5 am. I did that for over a year but I loved it. I spent time as a Muslim for over a year and I learned a lot about myself. It was one of the best times of my life. even as a Christian. I am still in contact with my friends and miss them a lot not to be there with them now is hard work. Read on to find out about Bangladesh. >>>

Teaching English As a Foreign Language

I was in Bangladesh for over 10 months, no partying and no one to talk to apart from a few friends. I was detached from western culture. I worked as a Business English teacher and saved pretty much 90% of my salary and went to China later that year.

I worked in China for a year and went back home. I was washed out, tired and got upset about leaving so many people behind.

little did I know I was suffering from reverse culture shock and loss of real attachment to communicate at home. I was killing myself with drink and partying.

I had been a long time away from home and had worked in Thailand, China, South Korea and Bangladesh all in total 7 years, 5 months.

It’s was a long time to be away from home even if you toy with the decision to stay you have to go back home someday. However, when I’m sick and tired of building for myself what I missed I keep myself busy with writing. My plan is to help others succeed and move home to Thailand next year.

Coming home was the best chance I had after a mind-blowing experience overseas knowing I had accomplished so much over the years and to be a part of other people’s lives that I had encountered during my travels I can only mention how lucky I am to adapt to travel and start all over again.

Now I’m back in a business I love again which is taking time to build a new life but I haven’t really been online until 6 months ago. I’m here to help people learn, It’s something I enjoy and not always about money. I plan to make that with my travel blog later next year and a few decisions I have for later this year.

I hope you enjoyed my post please don’t ask me to tell you about how to make money online because all the answers are on this website you just need to hit the right links to find our where I manage to learn what I know.

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