How To Analyse your SEO Competition With Jaaxy

Have you ever researched keywords to create and implement into your content pages on your website? For some of you, there must have been a time when you was thinking about it or you decided to promote via Facebook with PPC. Facebook is a great place to promote but for most, it’s the amount of time it takes to work out the platform that lets people down and of course the amount of money you can spend on it is shocking.

Businesses these days spend 1000s on Facebook ads so it really tells a story in itself that to benefit from it you’re going to have to spend the same unless you have mastered the platform and are throwing out small ads for next to nothing and getting the clicks you want.

That was the method I used until I noticed the amount of money I was spending on paid Ads. By using a keyword research tool to find a niche keyword you need to choose your niche. Choose something that interests you so much that you can sell your idea to the world and so you can create your keywords to complement your website’s content. Simply analyze your SEO Competition With Jaaxy and watch your traffic grow.

Many people say that SEO has died now most people seem to use Facebook and other social media methods for advertising but if your a die-hard fan you’ll learn far more with writing content and receiving free traffic more than you can imagine if you get it right.

There is a word about the town that a keyword program and tool has hit the market called Jaaxy that does all the hard work for you. It helps you refine your keyword search list to include tactically positioned keywords into your content for it to rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Take a look at the keyword console and make your mind up to trial or buy the Pro or Enterprise Version

Determine How Competitive Your Niche Keyword Phrases Are

The best way to WIN at SEO is to understand what your competition is doing in the form of keyword usage. Jaaxy will search for the top-ranked words and tell you what the top-ranked websites are accomplishing but only if you do your research. By reading your competitors websites you can see what keywords have been utilized and where they have been tactically placed which will give you an idea of what you need to do to play catch up.

A keyword outline is useful when giving a speech or presentation. The keywords form the skeleton or outline of a speech, and serve to remind the speaker of the ideas in the correct order he or she wants to present them. This should remind you of how you can make your website and it’s content flow in order of explanation. Using this method will help you not just make a plan but also how to launch your content for the world to read when your website is ready.

Jaaxy is the perfect tool to use for keyword usage and allows you to use the keyword research tool to find niche keywords. Before you can get started in earnest, of course, you need to choose your niche. Choosing a niche is about deciding on selling something you love to write about.

If your an affiliate marketer you could do well with the Jaaxy keyword tool because you can find and compete for all the keywords that you can incorporate into your niche so that Google knows what your website is about, allowing you to get ranked. I’ve added the price list to get you started so give it a go and tell me what you think in comments. Simply click the picture to receive your free trial.

There are literally millions of niches online, many of which have little to no competition. Having access to the Brainstorm, Affiliate Search, and Alphabet Soup platforms within Jaaxy are going to give you true insights into brand new niches…without you having to do the dirty work.

Whether you are looking for a new business idea or looking to dig into the deepest corners of your existing niche, Jaaxy is going to be your power tool.

Use Jaaxy a Keyword Research Tool


10 thoughts on “How To Analyse your SEO Competition With Jaaxy”

  1. Jaaxy is one of my favorite tools. I use it every day when I write reviews or blogging. It helped me get ranked on first page on Google several times. It helped me get more traffic to my website as well. I do not believe SEO is dead. As long as people are searching on the net it is relevant. I am a Jaaxy Pro member and I would absolutely recommend to go for Pro or Enterprise. If you learn how to use Jaaxy it is much better than using ads.

    • Hi There,

      Thanks for your comments and I agree with you about it being the best tool for keyword or phrases search. I imagine with all the other tools needed for SEO Jaaxy should be on the tops of everyone’s list for getting ranked in the major search engines hence I wrote this review.

  2. Hello Stephen, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Jaaxy. I concur with the idea of not using paid ads for your website. I spent a huge sum of money in that angle as well till i went back to get organic traffic. I used Jaaxy to search hanging key words (low key words) then write an article on that. My traffic has been amazing and I am still using the free Jaaxy.

    I am glad to have been here to read this, one most important thing i learned from your write up is ”By reading your competitors websites you can see what keywords” This i was limited about, I never looked at this angle to read other people website to check what competition words they are ranked on, its been and amazing journey through your article and i will put this into practice.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your comments, I’m keen on keyword phrases myself for the writing that I do. I think Jaaxy is an excellent tool for those that wish to come away from paid ads to test the water for SEO and learn that it does still work and work well. I think people have moved on over to FB ads but they are not affiliate friendly at all.

  3. I want everyone to know since I started using Jaaxy for my own business I have seen dramatic results, and not only in my ranking but this tool will save you time researching allowing you to find more high-ranking keywords quicker than any tool I have ever used in all my years in this business


    • Jaaxy is as good as the person that revises it and uses it to find an answer to the keywords period. It’s hard to learn and content writing changes so fast that it’s hard to catch up, stay with and learn from to be successful. When the Pharma sites were raking it in they changed the way English is written but hell even Google can’t work it out hence back in 1999 they made a lot of money and still do.

  4. Hey Stephen, Thank you for this article. Jaaxy is one of my favorite tools also. You have give a good insight.
    Can you also right a post about how select between two keywords when both have great Qsr score and both have low competition?
    What are the parameters should we give a higher weight than the others?

    • If your ranking on two separate keywords the obvious risk-free task here is to try writing two separate reviews each for one keyword and then tey using both keywords in another post. Calculate also what it might mean in Jaaxy if you place the two words together as a phrase in general to promote one product.

  5. Jaxxy is an amazing tool to use for seo. The explanation is very on point from you. I use the free version at the moment and my site has been ranked in a few short weeks. After reading your review I’m thinking about upgrading. Thank you for sharing this brilliant post.

    • NO worries I’m glad you like Jaaxy but combine that with many other tools such as AdWords or Adsense trials there is far more that you can do.


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