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When you become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you’ll be able to reach out for the training courses from where your journey begins in becoming a full-time affiliate or at least an affiliate ready to kick ass with the detailed in sequence training that has been created for you to follow.

I’ve added a picture below of the training for Bootcamp where you’ll have the choice to become a Wealthy Affiliate advertiser along with all the other programs you wish to add to your pages if you want or this could be somewhere you just want to learn how it’s done. You don’t have to take this course, but I wanted you to have the opportunity to see this in sequence training.



When you want to see the training your going to watch and learn from you’ll be able to read all the training courses one at a time by clicking through on one of the courses from the diagram above. For Example if you look at the arrow above and click one of those training courses it will go to the ten videos that your going to watch. Check out the diagram below.



There is a lot of training to get through and observe, listen to, write notes about and remember so it’s a good idea to learn the ropes with the training hence this page to help you along the way.

Never feel negative about your training courses and content it will be explained over and over again from a different perspective so that you never forget it. Take a look at some more training you’ll be able to watch from the live events that occur in the form of webinars. These take place quite often and are live.



Training headquarters is where every single video you watch will be archived in this area but don’t watch them as they interest you more watch a course and follow the course where it directs you to next. It’s a massive amount of training but works 100% if followed in sequence with you having various tasks to fulfil at the end of each lesson.