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Here’s my post about affiliate marketing & laptop lifestyle. In everyday day life, we all have dreams, we work hard some play hard and we live our lives as we plan. What if you had an ultimatum to progress and achieve far more than a 9-5 job? We all have our dreams and for those that can expand into a market that is begging for professionals to take the spot, this could be you.


One of the main reasons people fail to reach their goals is because they are not being specific enough. When you ask them what they want to achieve in their lives, they will give you vague and general wishes such as they want to be rich or they want to be happy. We all wish to be happy and to be happy with money is far better to support our families and friends and of course if you like me to travel.

About 12 years ago I travelled to Asia, from Thailand to Cambodia to Laos and Vietnam all on one salary from what I was earning in my teaching job In Thailand where I ended up living for five years. I was into internet marketing then but nothing much more than a hotel booking affiliate website. The business later paid for many trips but at most I was using my teaching job money.

These days people want to earn money off the internet. My advice is to get involved with a program that will teach you how to make money without spending to much money to make it.

People in general often block success. Another reason as to why people do not want for you to succeed is because if you do, they begin to question themselves and feel “behind” in their own lives. So rather than them being inspired by your success and doing something positive, they bring you down in hopes that you don’t get “ahead” of them. It’s not about ditching your friends but more changing them if this is the case.

Getting Referrals Slowly & The Laptop Lifestyles

I’ve been a member for a program and affiliate platform for around six months now and I was told it would take me a long time to make money and it did but I had already been through the stages of building affiliate businesses so made it to the gate faster than people thought so my new travel plans are far in reach than before and I’m getting referrals a few from time to time.

Living the laptop lifestyle all sounds good which it is and also being able to work from anywhere be it a beach bar or fancy restaurant in Monoco it all makes sense to me even though I haven’t reached the yacht status yet I’ll give it a try. You see money does not come easy but learning to make it does if time is given to learning how to earn it.

There are millions of people selling nothing but ideas online claiming they have already made a million. Forgive me for asking do they not know they are getting ripped off for claiming to be rich when they are not by the program they promote often an MLM program. The Laptop lifestyle comes with them that have patience.

Technology has come such a long way and even more so, advancing the ability for people to work from anywhere. Lean on technology to keep your organized, automate tasks, track your time and communicate with team members or clients and you’ll succeed. Even if your working as a sole trader your dreams can come true by making lots of likeminded friends that see your views.

Getting Ready to Hit the Road for a Laptop Lifestyle

In this day and age, more and more people are living location-independent lifestyles where they are able to conduct business anywhere a decent internet connection exists. All sorts of jobs lend themselves to this life, from freelance writing to web design. No worries about saving up vacation days, quitting jobs to travel for extended periods or sticking to ultra-tight budgets to stretch out a travel nest egg as long as possible.

Creating a Google analytic account will keep you aware of what your business needs to do to be successful in the form of traffic on the internet. If you create an account and connect your website to Google analytics you are creating a goal. Imagine opening your laptop in a beach bar cafe in Mexico to see your Google analytics results in each morning over a fresh ground coffee.

Creating an account will give you an idea of what needs to be achieved that day and if you play your cards right with a few tweaks and some great ads your business will tick over 24 hours a day making it ultimately an automated business. The more automated your business the less you need worry about making big changes while you’re on the road.

Travel Writer and Travel Blogs

Travel writers need to have lots of video coverage and stories about the location they visit, where they are now and what achievements were made during their stay. Bloggers do really well out of marketing on the internet almost like a travel book with links, videos and photo’s of their adventure. There are some excellent travel blogs on the internet that ultimately make enough money for adventures through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Preparing for a travel blog means creating the blog beforehand and placing a story about leaving home, where they are going and what to expect during their stay. Preparation means less work on location. These days many travel bloggers have become professional with the use of drones for video coverage. Drones give great video coverage and with a good editor can really highlight a blog.

No one’s going to do it for you. It can take hours, days, months, or even years before you collect a paycheck from the online world. But if you’re patient, dedicated, and knowledgeable your hard work can pay off. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll learn a lot in the process to keep you busy and prepared perhaps for the next time you try.

Laptop Lifestyle

5 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing & Laptop Lifestyles”

  1. Sure, who doesn’t want to live the laptop lifestyle?  While some seem to be able to find the route to this lifestyle easily others keep searching.  I have to admit that this idea still is at the back of my head.  As business building is slower than I thought it would be. I have learned a lot.  I learned that there is some work to this lifestyle, not hard work, but work that must be done.  I think many have found that the online world presents a supplemental income with some work in about 6 months or so.  But the ads that scream “Fire your boss today” are just wishful dreaming.

    However, continuing to work, refining your efforts, you find that your income will grow, and you can see that with time and work, you too can entertain the ideas of becoming your own boss.  Most of us have to start with a modest investment and slowly grow our online presence and get to know what we are about and what works for us. 

    I think your advice to get into a good teaching program and find out how to make this happen is a much more sensible way to have the laptop lifestyle than to keep using your credit card for the latest newest best that you see in online ads. Those ads will bankrupt you before making you wealthy.  There is a lot of How that goes into being successful online.  Getting the basics is a part of the How. Thanks for your insight and suggestions.  

  2. I think a “Laptop Lifestyle” would be attractive to many people. You not only make a compelling case that it is do-able, but provide a viable way to launch with Wealthy Affiliate

    • Hi Glenn,

      For me, it’s all about patience and getting each step right before I move on. I think Google is clever in the way they change their marketing techniques for fewer people to earn but who would blame them as long as they are fine and earning lots. Yes, the Laptop Lifestyle is tempting for bloggers especially and making great blogs sometimes as a team of friends that go away for a year around the world. You can make coverage these days with drones and a decent camera a microphone so it’s all about planning to make that blog work.

    • The whole purpose of me doing the job I love is to make money for myself and thousands of others. It’s a lot to learn but it’s worth it and it helps me stay on top of new ideas that are bouncing around on the web. There is nothing better than staying on top of the game and being able to write each and every day. My travel bog will be the nest big thing for me to complete.

    • Thanks, Glenn,

      The whole purpose is doing something we love and finding the best methods to overcome living off the bread line all the time. By learning something new, will sometime pay off in the future that’s for sure. I think as the internet changes on a daily basis we must learn how to change with it to stay in front of our game. That’s why I love helping people so much.


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